12. Thousand Blade Academy and The Big Five Holy Festival [2] – part 1


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12. Thousand Blade Academy and The Big Five Holy Festival [2] – part 1

The day after I was officially recognized as a participating member in the Big Five Holy Festival, it was a day off due to the anniversary of the founding of the Thousand Blade Academy.

Although it is the founding anniversary, all the school facilities are open.

For this reason, many students will crowd into the training and exercise areas today.

The time is 7:00 in the morning.

I ate a simple meal with Ria, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and got ready in the morning.

In the meantime, she sat on a dressing table chair and tied her long beautiful blonde hair with an elegant wine red ribbon into the usual twin tails.

When I was changing from sleepwear to academy uniform in the dressing room, I heard Ria humming. Apparently, she’s in a good mood today.

When I looked out of the window, I could see warm sunlight illuminating the ground.

(…Nice weather. It’s the perfect weather for training)

It feels like it’s been a long time since I wasn’t disturbed by anyone and quietly swung my sword.

Recently, I had a duel with Ria, a mock fight with the trio, and the practical test.

For that reason, I had little time to swing alone and felt a little stressed.

(Fufu, should I just swing straight from morning to night?)

Then, when I fastened the sword to my waist, I realized I had forgotten the water bottle in the refrigerator.

(Oops, don’t forget)

As I picked up the water bottle that has been cooled overnight, for today

「Nee nee, Allen. Are you free today?」

Ria asked with a happy smile.

(… Honestly, it is very difficult to answer when she asks such a question)

That’s because whether I’m free or not depends on what she plans to do.

If possible, I would like her to ask me after stating what she plans to do first.

(How should I answer this…)

Guessing from her good mood… this is definitely an invitation to go somewhere. I don’t know if it’s to a training center or shopping in the city…

(…just how should I answer)

While I was racking my brain,

「…S-Sorry, are you perhaps busy?」

She apologized with a dispirited look.

(Surely, swinging is important, but… Spending time with Ria – with my friend is also important.)

If you have a sword, you can swing anywhere anytime.

But hanging out with Ria is not always possible.

(In the first place she is a princess… I don’t know when she will return to her home country, Vesteria)

After considering everything, I said tenderly to blow away her anxiety.

「-I’m free. My schedule is open for the whole day.」

She heard the response and clapped her hands together.

「Yay! Well then let’s go eat Ramzac together today!」


I’ve heard that name before…

「Did you forget it already? Hey, I told you about it a few days ago. My home country – Vesteria’s traditional food!」

Ah… I remember now.

Speaking of which, we did talk about it a few days ago.

「There’s a delicious Ramzac restaurant nearby, so let’s have lunch there!」

「Sure, I don’t mind.」

Thus, today’s lunch schedule was decided.

After lunch, we would probably go shopping somewhere together.

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to train today.

(But… it might be good to enjoy a holiday like this)

As I fleetingly looked at Ria with a sidelong glance – she looked very happy.

So we lay back and spent time alone in the room until noon.

About three hours later.

The time is 12pm.

We ventured out into the town to eat Ramzac.

We were both wearing Thousand Blade Academy uniforms.

This is not to say that it is troublesome to change to personal clothes, but Five Academy students are basically encouraged to go out in uniform.

Recognizing ourselves as a member of Five Academy, and being an example of a fine swordsman at all times in society – seems to be the meaning behind it.

As expected, the Five Academy which values tradition and formality, it is quite strict.

(Well, it is ultimately『recommended』and not『duty』)

Therefore, wearing plain clothes wouldn’t have been a problem, but…

「Allen, let’s go in uniform today!」

It was a strong request from Ria, so both of us went out in uniform.

She said「Because there isn’t much time in life, when we can wear a uniform and walk around in public unreservedly.」

Certainly, that sort of perspective also makes sense.

Then while we were walking on the main street together,

「Yeah…it’s very good weather today!」

Ria said with a smile, holding out her right hand towards the sun.

「Aa, perfect for trai- an outing.」

For a moment my『training desire』overflowed, so I hurriedly rephrased.


「…Just now, didn’t you say training?」

Ria, who didn’t miss my slipped word, stared straight at my face.

I don’t avert my gaze and looked straight into her eyes too.

「It’s just your imagination. I don’t even think about swordsmanship when I go out together with Ria.」

This was not a lie.

I really didn’t have a single thought about『swordsmanship』.

Just that,『swing the sword』movement, crossed my mind for a brief moment.

I’m wondering if it’s an after-effect of unconsciously swinging the sword for over a billion years, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I end up thinking「let’s swing the sword.」

This might already be something of a sickness…

Then, for 4 to 5 seconds, we looked at each other straight.

As we did,

「I-I see… sorry for doubting.」

She blushed and looked away.

It seems that she believed me.

「Aa, don’t worry. More importantly, is this the right way?」

「Y-Yes, I have already been there a few times!」

「I see, that’s reassuring.」

After that, while we were having a pleasant chat while heading to the Ramzac shop,


We unexpectedly came across Rose-san in uniform.

「Allen, and Ria…?」

「Good morning, Rose-san. What a coincidence to meet here」

I raised my right hand and greeted her.

「…Why are you two together?」

Perhaps she wasn’t in a good mood today, as she looked alternately at me and Ria with a reproachful look.

「U-Umm… We plan to go eat a dish called Ramzac.」


Rose-san tilted her head confusedly.

Apparently, it seems to be a dish that even she doesn’t know.

「Ramzac is a traditional dish from Vesteria, Ria’s home country. -Oh right, Rose-san, why don’t you come too?」


For an instant, Ria cried out bewilderedly.

「I’ll come.」

As soon as Rose-san answered, she lined up next to me.

As she did,

「…This way. Follow along.」

For some reason, Ria began to walk quickly while pouting.

After that, as we navigated right and left with the guidance of Ria, she stopped in front of a certain store.

「Alright, we’ve arrived. This is my favorite shop – Vesland.」

It was a brick building with a large chimney on top of it, and it felt like a retro atmosphere.

「Wow, this store looks nice!」

「I like stores with this kind of exterior.」

「Fufu, let’s enter」

When we entered the store with Ria at the front, who seems to have cheered up a little,

「Welcome, is it alright for three people?」

A waiter wearing a white cook hat welcomed us immediately.

Ria nodded on behalf of us three.

「Certainly. Come this way please.」

Fortunately, there seemed to be vacant tables and we were immediately taken to a table for four.

Ria sat right next to me, and Rose-san sat opposite me.

The waiter quickly set up glasses of water for three people,

「Please feel free to call out to us once your order has been decided.」

After saying so courteously, he returned to the kitchen.

Then I simply looked around the store.

There were many guests with families due to it being the daytime, and there was a pleasant and lively atmosphere.

(The waiter was polite and the customer base is not bad… This is a nice store…)

While thinking about that,

「Hey hey, look here, this is Ramzac!」

Ria excitedly pointed to the picture of Ramzac on the menu.

「Oh, this surely looks delicious!」

「Yeah, this doesn’t look bad.」

As far as I can see in the picture, Ramzac seems to be a bite-sized triangular puff pastry filled with beef stew with plenty of beef.

Beef stew with lots of beef in puff pastry – there is no way it can taste bad.

This seems quite promising.

「There are various side menus… This is the first time for both of you, so Ramzac alone should be fine, right?」

「Aa, that’s enough」

「No problem.」

After confirming my and Rose-san’s order, Ria raised her right hand and called for the waiter.

「Excuse meー!」

The waiter who heard Ria’s voice, immediately came from the kitchen.

「-Sorry to keep you waiting. Are you going to place your orders?」

「Yes, Well, please give me one Ramzac platter.」


Then the waiter courteously lowered his head, and quickly returned to the kitchen.

「The『Ramzac platter』comes in an amazing amount! Let’s see… even three adults, could barely finish it all!」

「Really? Even though it’s only one serving?」

「Yup! The first time I ordered, I barely finished it!」

…… At that time, did Ria eat it all alone? Or did she have any other friends and ate together with them?

To be honest, I was really interested, but I didn’t ask because it was something I would get to know eventually.

After waiting for 10minutes.

「Sorry for making you wait. Here is one Ramzac platter.」

The waiter placed a large plate with Ramzacs piled in it on the table.

「T-This is…!?」

「Finish eating it all…!?」

At a glance, there seems to be at least 30 Ramzacs which were bigger than the size of a clenched fist.

Even if it is divided into three equal parts, it is at least ten.

(It’s quite a bit bigger than the picture…?!)

Usually, dishes like this are a little smaller than the picture, but…

To be honest, I’m not confident that I can eat all ten of these.

「Fufufu, it’s amazing rightー?」

While I and Rose-san were stunned, Ria alone had a happy smile plastered on her face.

「T-There is quite a lot… But it certainly does look good.」

「Yup, the smell is so delicious …A bit too many though.」

「Right!? Come now, let’s start digging in while it’s still hot!」

Then we placed our palms together and,


And we filled our mouths simultaneously.

「Nnー… this is what I’m talking about!」

「Uu! ……So delicious!」

「Hamuu…! …Tasty」

Moderately crunchy and sweet tasting beef.

A hot and rich flavoured beef stew.

Crispy pie dough that creates a crisp texture.

Ramzac had a certain volume and was as tasty as it looked.

「I knew you’d say that! It’s a very popular dish in my country!」

Ria cheerfully stuffed Ramzac one after another into her mouth, as the traditional dish of her home country was praised.




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