12. Thousand Blade Academy and The Big Five Holy Festival [2] – part 2


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12. Thousand Blade Academy and The Big FIve Holy Festival [2] – part 2

10minutes later.

(Gu…h, to think it would be this delicious…!)

I was losing consciousness in front of a mighty enemy.

A friend who fought valiantly was… already done.

In such a situation,

「Nnー! How nostalgic!」

Ria, who sucked Ramzac like a beverage, looked just like the heroes from those legends.

(…Yeah, this is impossible)

There are things that humans can and cannot do.

(I’ll entrust the rest to her…)

I honestly gave up on the Ramzac subjugation.

This is by no means deserting under enemy fire – it’s a strategic withdrawal.

When I abandoned the meal and drank the water, my eyes met Rose-san’s who just got up.



Because our eyes unexpectedly met each other, the silence continued, staring at each other.

To be honest… I feel a little uncomfortable.

Unexpectedly, she opened her mouth as I wracked my head to see if there was any topic.

「Hey… why do you use honorifics for only me?」

「…Well, I wonder why?」

I realised, now that she mentioned it.

Speaking of which, I only use honorifics for Rose-san in year 1 class A.

(…I wonder why?)

Is it because Rose-san acts mature?

Or because our encounter was at a special place called the Sword Festival?

Maybe both are true.

「I want you to quit the honorifics.」

Certainly, if only one person in the class is addressed with honorifics, you will feel alienated.

「…Understood, Rose-san.」

I honestly complied with her request.

「Discard it already.」

「U-Understood… Rose.」

「Un, good. Allen.」

Rose smiled, while staring at my eyes.

When my consciousness seemed to be sucked into her beautiful red eyes,

「–Thank you for the meal!」

Ria slammed both her hands together producing a loud clap.

As I looked at the plate, there was not a single Ramzac left.

It was a complete destruction.


To think she ate that many all on her own…

As I stared in wonder,

「Alright already! Let’s go to the next store!」

For some reason, she suddenly lost her mood, and proceeded quickly to pay the bill.

「W-Wait, Ria!」

「…Tch, almost.」

After enjoying Ramzac in Vesland, we strolled around the aquarium, candy shops, general stores, and more.

The girls looked lovely as they acted like teenage girls.

At present, we were at the most famous luxury jewelry store in the capital.

「Wow… beautiful! Nee Nee, look here, Allen!」

Ria stuck out her finger with a diamond ring on it.

「A-Aa, yes… It suits you…!」

I praised her with a stiff smile, while being careful not to touch it.

「Hey Allen, look. This is also pretty.」

Rose, who wore a platinum necklace on her neck, asked for my impression this time.

「Aa, it’s lovely! It suits you very much, so make sure not to drop it, ok?」

Yes, these are both for sale, and the employee happily recommended trying them on.

Surely the employee here knows that Ria is the princess of the neighboring country and that Rose is the bounty-hunter.

The jewelries were frequently recommended to these two, so it was quite obvious.

I followed after the two of them slowly and quietly, while paying attention to the jewelry displayed around me.

(If it is the financial power of Ria and Rose, it might not be of concern at all.)

If I break any one of these, that’s the end of the road for me.

I will end up with a tremendous amount of debt and, in the worst case, drop out of the academy – and have to immediately get a job.

The most terrifying thing is that there is no price tag on the jewelry.

(I’m sure the amount is at a level where my eyeballs would pop out…)

I was so worn out, that I called out to Ria and Rose from a safe area where there was no jewelry.

「S-Sorry. I’m a little tired, so I’ll rest at this bench for a while!」

As I did,

「A-Are you alright!?」

「What happened suddenly!?」

They came up to me with the expensive jewelry still on.

(G-Give me a break…)

I can’t stomach any more of this.

「I’m all right! Just a little dizzy! You both have a good time over there, calmly, composedly and while having fun!」

I stuck out my hands forward and asked them to stand still.

「A-Are you really alright?」

「You don’t have to worry about us at all, you know?」

「Aa, don’t worry! A little rest would do the trick!」

As they were convinced, they quickly spun on their heels, they started to chat merrily.

「Hey Rose, how many months do you want? Is it the standard three months?」

「Ideally three, but the most important thing is the feeling. It might be alright even if it isn’t the worst.」

「Uwaa…You are surprisingly devoted.」

「I see?」

I have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, but they seem to get along pretty well.

(Anyway, both of them have great stamina…)

They’ve been standing and walking around for a few hours already now, but they’re still so energetic.

Although I was mentally enduring that out-of-place feeling in this place, I never thought I would go down first.

(Maybe I’m not used to shopping …?)

While thinking about that, I was looking at both of them absentmindedly – suddenly the window glass of the shop broke into pieces and the crime prevention bell rang.


When I hurried and looked towards the window, there were ten men with black masks stepping into the store with a sword in one hand.

「Don’t move! Everyone silently raise both hands!」

It was a jewelry robbery.

(Shit, for it to happen at this exact time… so unlucky)

I exchanged glances with Ria and Rose, and for the time being, I decided to raise my hands and do as the robber said.

There are a lot of non-swordsmen in the shop such as the employees and customers.

Making a poor move and causing confusion, must absolutely be avoided.

After that, the robber confirmed that everyone in the store obeyed the order, handed a large leather bag to one employee, and pointed his sword at the same time.

「Oi, you! Pack as much jewelry as you can in this bag! Right now!」

「Eh, ah, p-please spare my life…」

The young employee, was frozen in fear and unable to move due to the sword tip being pointed at his throat.

「…Tch, useless!」


The jewelry robber slashed the back of the employee who was frozen due to fear.

At that moment – the air around us changed.

(If you had stolen only the jewels, I would’ve let you escape as safety of the people is the top-priority…)

If the other side is going to harm the people, then we must also react accordingly.

I and Rose pulled out our swords at the same time, and Ria manifested her soul dress.

「Invade – 〈Fafnir〉!」

A beautiful crimson sword with beautiful black and white flame dancing along the blade appeared in mid-air.

「W-What is that !?」

The moment when the attention of the robbers moved to us.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

「Sakura Blossom One Sword Style – Sakura Flash!」

「High King Style – Strong Strike!」

The waves of attack was unleashed and all the robbers were suppressed at once.


「What… is… this…!」


We already brought down 9 men.

Only one man left.

「W-Who… are you guys…Sh-Shiiiiiit!」

The last one grabbed some scattered jewels in the store and ran away.

「Hey! Don’t run!」


When Ria and Rose tried to chase the robber,


The groans of the employee who was cut on his back, stopped their feet.

「T-This takes priority.」

「…It can’t be helped.」

They sheathed their swords in frustration but,

「No problem – he’s still within my range」

I was already holding the sword in position.

Punishment for crime – can’t let such a man escape so easily.

「First Sword – Flying Shadow!」

And the slash flew through the air in a straight line,


It hit the robber directly on the back of the head and managed to bereave his consciousness safely.

The next day.

In the morning paper,「Students of Thousand Blade Academy stopped robbery!」 , the article was decorated with a photo.

It was a wonderful photo with a pair of beautiful girls, Ria and Rose, valiantly holding their swords.

And on the right back,

「S-So small…」

I, who was alert of the surroundings with my sword, looked about the size of a bean.

In addition, it was written in the article that the students, 『two people』of Thousand Blade Academy played an active role, and I was completely absent in the story.

(But… I guess it’s fine)

At the end of the article, it was written that the employee who was wounded, was able to leave the hospital on the same day, so for the time being I was relieved.



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