122. Senior Holy Knight and Sunny Land [13]

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122. Senior Holy Knight and Sunny Land [13]

All of a sudden, Ria and Rose brought out their soul dress.

「It’s alright, Allen. Because we are together with you!」

「I’ll do my best to back you up!」

They said, taking a step forward.

(I… see…)

Apparently, I was mistaken about it.

『I』have to do something about it.

『I』have to find one way or another.

『I』have to do my best alone.

I, who had no friends since I was little, tended to think of everything as『I』.

But the lonely days are now gone.

Ria Vesteria and Rose Valencia – I have two such reliable comrades now!

Not alone, but together with my friends.

It’s not『I』but『We』.

We’re going to fight together from now on!

「…Thank you, both of you.」

And when I gripped the Black Sword tightly,

「Hey, don’t forget us, Allen.」

Ben-san, dragging one leg, patted on my back.

「B-Ben-san…!? Are you all right!?」

「Hehe… Well, somewhat. Besides, the newcomers are being so gutsy. We old-timers can’t afford to keep sleeping. Right, you guys!?」

When he shouted so,

「Ou, obviously…!」

「Let me show you the pride of a senior Holy Knight!」

「I-I am still full of energy!」

The senior Holy Knights slowly stood up, saying so.

Seeing them, Ben-san nodded with satisfaction.

「We might be a little unreliable, but… let us act cool sometimes too!」

「Thank you. It’s very reassuring!」

I, who received everyone’s courage and power, looked up and faced the Red Drop, the incarnation of destruction.

And then,

「Onii-chan! Good luck!」

A familiar voice of a child sounded from behind.

「Mi, Millie!?」

Turning around, there was Millie, holding a small shovel, and Lao villagers carrying farm tools such as hoes and spades as weapons.

「P-Please, Allen-dono! Save Lao village. Save this country!」

When the village chief said so, and bowed his head, the other villagers followed.

「Yes, leave it to me!」

As our morale reached its climax,

「Yoshi, now I will deliver the final operation! You guys, listen well!」

Ben-san raised a loud voice.

「Our target is that huuuuuge Red Drop falling from the sky! The details of the strategy are very simple! Throw your long range attacks at it and smash it to bits, that’s all!」


After taking command of the unit, Ben-san finally tapped me on the shoulder.

「We will keep attacking till the last second and try to whittle it down as much as possible. So, can I entrust the last strike to you?」


When I nodded, full of confidence,

「Alright! Well then, let’s end this with a boom!」


Ben-san and his colleagues deployed their soul dress simultaneously.

「Blast Seed!」

「Dragon Breath!」

「Sakura Blizzard!」

Ben-san’s seed, Ria’s flames, and Rose’s sakura blossoms.

A number of long range attacks danced through the sky.

Then, two minutes passed since the start of the all-out attack. One by one, they dropped to their knees.

「Haa, haa… Sorry, Allen. I’ve already… run out of spiritual power…」

「Allen… the rest… Can I leave it to you?」

「S-Sorry… Actually, I wanted to cut it down more, but… this is the limit…」

Ben-san, Ria, and Rose said, while gasping for air.

「Aa, thank you.」

This was enough.

I was given enough power from everyone.


I exhaled deeply and took a step forward.

Looking up at the sky, the Red Drop filled my entire field of view.


Due to the all-out attack from everyone, it surely has become smaller, but…

The Red Drop seemed even larger now, perhaps because the distance was getting closer.

「…This is a grave responsibility.」

If that thing falls, this country will surely perish.

Of course, we’re not safe, too. Probably almost everyone will die instantly.

Gripping the black sword, I quietly closed my eyes and concentrated my mind.

(…I haven’t completely taken control of the power of〈Zeon〉yet.)

However, I have crossed swords over and over again with the ultimate『role model』ever.


That darkness of his.

That extraordinarily thick darkness which made every cell in my body tremble with fear.

(…Imagine it.)

An image where I wield that power.

An image where I rule that absolute power.

(And resolve yourself.)

Everyone’s life is now entrusted to me.

Ria, Rose, Ben san, Millie and the lives of the people living in Dagrio.

(I attained this power in order to protect everyone…!)

Then, I opened my eyes and poured all my spiritual power into〈Zeon〉.

And the next moment, darkness at a scale of dimensions apart, wrapped all of Dagrio.

Darkness, like a turbid stream, crawled across the earth as though having a will of its own.
The『Red』magic circle on the ground was dyed『Black』,

Everyone’s breath was taken away by the surreal spectacle, and silence ruled the world.

And then, I fired my strongest long-range attack.

「Sixth Sword – Dark Roar!」

A maximum black slash soared towards the heavens, clashing violently with the Red Drop.

Thunderous shock waves hit the whole of Dagrio a second later. Screams rose in various places.

In such a situation, I single-mindedly continued to send forth darkness to Dark Roar.


An immense shock that I have never experienced before was transmitted through both hands.

(Damn it… At this rate, I’ll be pushed back…)

The ultimate attack built up over several years by one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle.

The colossal spiritual power, in addition to the energy from the free fall, contained an unprecedented destructive power.

「Fuha, no use! Red Drop is the ultimate attack which will destroy everything! This country will be wrapped in rain forever! It will be troublesome for me if it doesn’t!」

Rain’s cry, who was convinced of victory,


Was drowned out by Ben-san’s bold roar.

「Onii-chan, do your best!」

Millie’s loud voice added to Ben-san’s voice.

「Allen, you can definitely do it! I believe in you!」

Rose made a strong statement.

And finally–

「Allen… Please! Don’t lose!」

Ria’s heartfelt push.

(With this… Even if I die, I can’t lose…)

As I received everyone’s cheers, I recalled…

About that time.

About the feeling at that time.

(That’s right! A sword is, by nature, a thing that cuts!)

That is why I can definitely cut this Red Drop!

No! The notion that I can’t cut it is more ridiculous!

Yes! Just like that『Prison of Time』!


Further darkness was released from my body, which had already been driven to an extreme state.

It was warm and gentle, unlike the cold and evil darkness until now. Darkness with a hint of nostalgia.

(…I can cut it!)

The two kinds of darkness merged with Dark Roar and began to push back the Red Drop.

I found the first and last chance of winning, and roared.


At that moment, the maximum『Black』devoured the『Red』 Red Drop. The incarnation of destruction was blasted away.

The thick, black clouds that hung over the sky cleared up, and bright, gentle sunshine poured down.

「I… I did it…」

The moment I whispered so,


From all throughout Dagrio, voices of joy broke out.

「Amazing…! You are too amazing, Allen!」

「Fuu, you’re truly an incredible guy!」

Ria jumped into my chest and Rose patted me on the shoulder.

「Ahaha, thank you. It was all thanks to everyone’s support.」

Immediately after that,

「Teme, Allen! Are you really human like the rest of us!?」

「I-It was an unbelievable output! Even I was frightened for a second!」

「Anyway, this is a glorious achievement! Be more happy! In the end, you saved the entire country!」

I was swallowed up by the Senior Holy Knights.

In any case, I was able to prevent the destruction of the Sunny Land, Dagrio, and saved everyone.


  1. Ohh that’s sad development.

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  2. So there shouldn’t be anyone that can face him anymore right?
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    • digimaster6662000

      That depends. Yes that was an attack accumulated over about 5 years, but it was also a large-scale indiscriminate attack.
      There could be others amassing power like Rain, but who are able to compress and wield that power with their bodies, that could make it overwhelming more powerful depending on their skill.

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