133. Transfer Student and Christmas [10]

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133. Transfer Student and Christmas [10]

The president and senpais, who activated their soul dress abilities, took the distance where they excel.

The short-distance Lilim-senpai, took a step forward to close the distance, the president who excels at both, assumed her stance on the spot, and long-distance Ferris-senpai, leapt to the back.

「Hehe, here I go!」

Lilim-senpai closed the distance at once.


The sword covered in gray-brown clay approached with tremendous force.

(Burst Sword – An indefensible blow that causes a directional explosion the moment contact is made.)

In close combat, it is a troublesome technique that boasts an overwhelming superiority, but…

(Regarding that… I’ve already made counter measures!)

I unleashed a diagonal slash in response to the looming slash.

The instant both our swords came into contact,


Burst Sword produced a huge explosion.

The blast was only directed towards me. A scorching heat wave surged in.


「Dark Box.」

Spherical darkness wrapped Lilim-senpai’s sword blade, and forcibly suppressed the explosion.


I guess she never imagined that the burst sword could be incapacitated.

Her eyes widened in shock.

「It’s dangerous to look away in a fight…」

I unleash a slightly strong upwards slash aimed at Lilim-senpai’s sword.

「Oh no!」

The soul dress『Burst Clay』spun through the air, flicked out of her hand.


Lilim-senpai turned her back towards me and immediately moved to retrieve her sword.

I can’t overlook this opening.

「Dark Shadow!」

I shot three darkness and tried to knock her unconscious.


「I know, though…! Psychic Thread!」

The president’s sharp voice echoed, and Ferris extended countless threads woven with spiritual power.


The thread made of spiritual power twined around the darkness and slowed down the movement slightly.

「It is too heavy… though…!? Lilim, hurry up…」

「I know!」

Lilim=senpai ran at full speed and reached out to the sword stuck in the schoolyard.

(I won’t let you!)

I have ten darkness that can be manipulated at the same time.

Even if three are interfered with, there are still seven left!

I shot seven darkness toward Lilim-senpai who desperately extended her right hand.

The next moment,

「Aqua Trick!」

Swords, Axes, Spears, Shields, Sickles – water that has changed into various weapons descended like rain.

The water that the president manipulates is not simple water.

It is『steel water』kneaded with dense spiritual power, which is harder than iron.


I had no choice but to pull back the darkness that was stretched out to Lilim-senpai, and defended Aqua Trick.

In the meantime, Lilim-senpai, who succeeded in retrieving her sword, immediately joined the president.

「My bad, I let my guard down for a moment.」she said, with cold sweat beading on her forehead, and a bitter look on her face.「But to think it can even suppress the huge explosion of my Burst Sword… That darkness, every single one of them has a ridiculous output.」

「But I don’t think he can maintain that strong output for that long, though… Should we aim to exhaust his spiritual power?」

「I think that’s impossible. Allen-kun’s spiritual power seems to surpass “Black Fist” Leia Lasnode’s. I can’t even imagine him getting exhausted in the first place, though.」


The president and senpais were discussing deep in whispers, with their eyes focused on me.

「Next, we will attack simultaneously. And… You remember your positions, don’t you?」

「Aa, of course!」

「Of course, it’s perfect, though!」

「Yoshi, then… Let’s do it!」



At that moment, the look in their eyes changed.

(It looks like they will make the first move this time…)

I don’t know what the president and senpais were doing behind the scenes of the Christmas party, but…

That hardcore sore loser prepared a『set up』… I should assume it wouldn’t be too simple.

I have to be more focused than ever.

「Here I come…〈Burst Clay〉!」

Lilim-senpai swung her sword with a side sweep, spreading muddy gray-brown clay into the air.

「Psychic Thread!」

Hundred swords manipulated by Ferris-senpai rushed towards that semi-solid clay.

(This is…)

One hundred swords were coated with the exploding clay – all of which transformed into Burst Swords.

(…How troublesome.)

A hundred burst swords floating in the air.

That will not be easy to endure.

As I become more cautious of Ferris-senpai,

「Aqua Blade!」

The huge mass of water floating above the president’s head was absorbed into her blade.

Looking really closely, there was something like water flow on her blade.

(Judging from appearance… It looks similar to Rain’s sword, the ultra high pressure water current.)

Aa I was analyzing it,

「Eat this! Aqua Slash!」

The president unleashed a sharp slash of water.

「A long-range slash, huh… HA!」

I cut off the looming water slash.

At that moment,

「Fufu, spread!」

The slash of water diffused into the air, creating a thick fog which enveloped the surroundings.

(I see, it’s a smokescreen…)

I don’t know what their target is, but it’s dangerous to stay in this spot.

Just when I was about to move away, the Burst Swords in the air descended like rain.


Every time a burst sword came into contact with the ground, a huge explosion occurred.


I immediately clad myself in the dark robe and softened the impact a little.

I took considerable damage from the hot wind and shock surging in from all directions.

Carpet bombing in reduced visibility. This is bad…


I stretched darkness in all directions and blew up the burst swords in the air.

The moment when the dark robe cladding my body was stretched thin,


From behind – the blind spot – the president lunged in, tearing through the thick fog.

A honed, sharp thrust aimed at my torso.

Perfect timing.

Perfect stepping in.

Perfect thrust.

(But it lacks decisive speed.)

The moment the president’s thrust touched my abdomen, I sidestepped and evaded the thrust.

Sid-san’s fearsome physical abilities and Idol’s explosive speed from the Flying Thunder God… Compared to their swords, the president’s thrust was not fast enough.

「No… way…!」

「This is the end.」

The diagonal slash that I unleashed caught her in the chest.

At that time, however, a strong sense of unease ran into both hands.

「This is… a water clone!?」

The president’s body collapsed and became water.

「Fufu, over here.」Her freezing voice came from directly behind me.


I quickly turned my body and defended against the slash that was already right before my eyes.

「Your reaction speed is as I expected!」she said.

The president’s sharp middle kick pierced my side.

「Ka, ha…」

And I was blown sideways.

(Damn, I never thought she would create a clone!)

As I bit down the pain and calmly performed ukemi, the president’s sharp voice rang.

「We got him! Now, Lilim!」

「Ou, leave it to me!」

The moment Lilim-senpai thrust her sword into the schoolyard, the surrounding soil suddenly exploded and a huge pitfall was created.


Having lost my footing, I fell, pulled down by gravity.

And at the bottom – a large amount of burst clay was laid.

(Kuh, this set up…!?)

It seems that the president and senpais were getting this prepared all this time during the Christmas party.

「Fufu, the final blow!〈Aqua Trick〉!」

A wide variety of weapons of water rained down like a lid over the pitfall.

(T-This is no laughing matter!)

From the top, a rain of weapons, and the bottom, a blanket of burst clay.

I doubt all my limbs would still be attached if I took that head on.

「Kuh, Dark Shadow!」

I immediately extended ten darkness and tried to protect myself.

「I won’t let you, though. Psychic Chain!」

Ferris-senpai’s sturdy chain interfered with the movement of darkness.

(This is…!?)

It is not a thin『thread』like before, but a thick and sturdy『chain』.

Perhaps she was pouring in her full spiritual power.

For a fraction of a second, my darkness was completely stopped.

A fraction of a second does not mean anything under normal circumstances. However, it means everything in this desperate situation.

(Damn, I can’t defend in time!)

The miniscule time where Ferris-senpai interfered was fatal.

「This is the end!」

「It is our win!」

「We perfectly brought you down, though…!」

The voices of the three who were convinced of victory echoed in the dark pitfall.

(…As expected of them.)

A perfect combination which covered each other’s weaknesses.

A splendid strategy that complements each other’s ability.

If I was still past me, I would have lost.

Yes, if I was still the past me.

(Can’t help it. Let’s do it…)

I sheathed my sword and reach out my hand into the empty space.

「Destroy -〈Zeon〉!」

At that moment, a storm of darkness swept everything away.

The rain of weapons, the tenacious chains, the burst clay – the trinity of attacks was swallowed by the darkness of abyss.


I, who crushed their set up from the front, escaped from the pitfall safely. Gripped in my hand was the『True Black Sword』.

The embodiment of that monster’s power, a supreme sword.

「No, way…!」

「Oi, oi, oi.. I didn’t hear about this…」

「…This is extremely bad, though…」

The president and senpais turned pale, and staggered back.

「A-Allen-kun… W-When did you get… a soul dress?」

「Just a little while back. I was involved in a big incident, you see… Well, there were a lot of things there, and I manifested my soul dress.」

Due to the promise with Clown-san, I referred to the case of Dagrio as a『big incident』.

「…Sie, Ferris. I know you already know, but that black sword is no joke…」

「C-Completely of a different magnitude, though…!」

「But we can’t admit defeat here…!」

They took a defensive stance that clearly lowered their center of gravity, but still held up their swords.

「Well then… Now, I’ll begin the counterattack.」

With the True Black Sword in my hand, I faced the closing act of this battle with the president and senpais.


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