134. Transfer Student and Christmas [11]

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134. Transfer Student and Christmas [11]

After a long time, I called out Zeon. The surge of power was overwhelming.

(An enormous power as usual…)

Blade, Hilt, Guard – a sword which was dyed absolute jet black.

A tremendous amount of darkness was forcibly compressed into the form of a sword. It was simply a colossal amount of power.

(…My body feels light.)

As though wings have grown on my back.

(And from the depths of my body, more and more power is surging out!)

Power seethes up in continuous succession, to the point where it feels like, if I don’t release the darkness, my body will explode.

(Well then, let’s begin!)

The first person to aim for is Ferris-senpai.

(It will be troublesome if she uses those threads and chains like before and interferes with my darkness.)

After setting a target, I kicked the ground lightly to close the distance.

In that instant, my view changed, and when I noticed, I was already standing behind Ferris-senpai.

「He d-disappeared?!」」

Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai were astonished.

Judging by their reactions, they probably lost sight of me.

In that situation,

「Ferris, behind you!」

The president, the only one who reacted to my movement, quickly warned.

But it was way too late.

「First person down.」

I hit Ferris-senpai hard in the back of her head, with the hilt of the Black Sword.


She simply lost consciousness, not understanding what happened.

Then, I kicked the ground again, and stood on Lilim-senpai’s side.

「Eh, ah?!」

She stood in a shocked manner, as though unable to grasp what had just happened.

「And second person down.」

「Lilim, dodge!」

A roundhouse kick containing my entire body weight caught her side, rendering the president’s warning pointless.

「Ka, ha!」

Lilim-senpai flew horizontally, like a ball, and crashed into the wall of the academy building.

(D-Did I overdo it a little?)

I kicked lightly with the intention to render her unconscious, but…

The current roundhouse kick was several times more powerful than I expected.

(I messed up. In this state, I can’t control my power well, after all.)

I’ll treat Lilim-senpai’s injury secretly later.

In this way, I rendered Ferris-senpai and Lilim-senpai unconscious within a few seconds.

「Now, finally it’s one vs one.」

I faced the last one, Sie Arcstria.

「Allen-kun, you’re a good actor, after all. I never thought you’d be hiding that much power.」

「Ahaha, I didn’t particularly try to hide it. I just didn’t find the right time to use it.」

「Hmm, I doubt that.」the president said.

(Yoshi, it’s about time to finish this…)

Quite a while has passed since this crazy event began.

To be honest… I’ve been worried about Ria for a while now.

(I can’t tell this to Ria directly, but she is a bit of a scatterbrain.)

She boasts overwhelming strength in direct swordsmanship matches, but she is very weak to attacks from blind spots and surprise attacks.

(There is a chance it might happen.)

I’d better hurry back to her.

I decided so, and held the Black Sword in front of my navel, assuming Seigan no Kamae.

「Then, here I come.」

「Yes, come. I’ll settle this with you today!」

At the same time the president said so, I closed the distance in one step.


When I unleashed a diagonal slash containing my body weight,


The president caught the blow head on.

(I see. That’s an amazing skill.)

When sword and sword collide, you should muster all the power you can, and push back, however, the president released the power from her body.

From arms to shoulders, from shoulders to foot, from foot to the ground.

With a fearsomely precise body control, she flowed the shock of the Black Sword to the ground.

「Hmm, are you surprised?」

「Yes, that was impressive. How about this, then?」

From the locked sword state,

「First Sword – Flying Shadow!」

I forcibly shot a long distance slash.

「At zero distance!? Kyaa!!!」

A black slash while our swords were locked.

The president could not stop the shock and was blown far away.

(Now is the time to attack!)

I started sprinting towards her, in order to exploit the opening when she landed.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

「Don’t underestimate an『Arcstria』!」

The president focused her eyes and warded off all eight slashes.

By flowing her sword blade along the slashes, she changed their direction. A fearsomely delicate skill.

(…But it’s strange.)

Her movements were too precise.

The reaction rate was higher than that of Sid-san, and Idol using Flying Thunder God.

It was as if she knew in advance where my slashes would fly.

(There is some kind of a trick here.)

Coming to that conclusion, I surveyed the surroundings carefully and soon found the answer.

「I see, so that’s what it was.」

「…Whatever do you mean?」

The president stiffened for just a brief moment, and she immediately pretended not to know and looked away slightly.

「I am really surprised. Only you can use water like this, president.」

「…I-I don’t understand w-whatever strange thing you’re saying…」

To her, who was feigning ignorance to the very end,

「It’s『water vapor』, isn’t it?」I put forth a solid point.


With her secret being seen through, she pursed her lips frustratedly.

Looking really closely, there was slight water vapour in the air around me.

This water vapour was brought forth with her ability, thus it is something similar to a clone, so to speak.

(The president must have learned the movement of my muscles, the location of my center of gravity, and the angle at which I swung the sword, through this water vapor.)

From that information, she read my next move and perfectly defended my slashes.

It is a feat only possible due to the president’s intellect and sharpened swordsmanship.

However, you can easily overcome it if you understand the mechanism behind it.

「Well then, how about this?」

I stretched out ten darkness high into the sky and slapped them onto the schoolyard simultaneously.


Clouds of dust rolled up together with a thunderous roar, and the fine grains of soil absorbed the water vapor.

It will be impossible to read my movements after this.

(It’s about time to settle this!)

I kicked the ground strongly, and closed in on the president within a single breath.

「Sakura Blossom One Sword Style Secret Technique – Mirrored Sakura Slash!」

Like a mirror match, four slashes from left and right each, eight unstoppable slashes bared its fangs.


She warded off four slashes with superb reaction speed and reading, and evaded three more slashes, but…


The last slash gouged deep into her left shoulder.


The president, with an expression of anguish, jumped back greatly.

(It is apparent even at a glance, that is not a shallow wound…)

As proof, her left arm dangled loosely and she held her sword with only the right arm.

Honestly, it would be tough for her to continue the fight.

「…President, why don’t we end it here?」

In the current situation where she can’t use one arm, continuing the battle will only bring more pain.

In that case, it is better to put an end to this already.

「…I am Sie Arcstria, the student council president of Thousand Blade Academy! I absolutely can’t lose to a student of the same academy and that too, an underclassmen!」

The president shook her head sideways and rejected the proposal. And she raised her beautiful soul dress high in the sky.

「Aqua Feast!」

When she roared, the『steel water』contained in〈Aqua Queen〉overflowed, creating a huge greatsword.

(…She’s probably pouring all her spiritual power into it.)

I felt a tremendous『pressure』from that sword.

It looks like she’s planning to settle the match with the next attack.

「…I’ll admit. It’s frustrating, but Allen-kun is far stronger.」

She continued to talk, with fighting spirit dwelling in her eyes.

「But you see, no matter how strong you are, if you take the next attack, you won’t walk out in one piece! Nee, Allen-kun, do you have the courage to take this head on?」

…An obvious provocation.

It seems that she has a lot of confidence in that attack.

(Haa… I have no choice but to go along with it.)

However, if my goal is to simply『win the match』, then I should dodge the president’s attack.

(But then, this selfish president will never accept that.)

She will cook up a more elaborate and careful plan, and request for a rematch again.

In order to win in the “truest sense of the word”, I have to break her all-out attack from the front and achieve flawless victory.

「…Sure. I accept.」

I reluctantly went along with the president’s provocation.

「Fufu, that’s the spirit!」

With a belligerent smile, she gripped her soul dress tightly, which had transformed into a huge greatsword.

「Here I come, Allen-kun!」


This is how the final battle between me and the president began.


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