136. Transfer Student and Christmas [13]

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136. Transfer Student and Christmas [13]

Ria was forced into a hard fight while Allen was caught up in the fight against Sie, Lilim, and Ferris.

「Mou… No matter how many times I cut them down, there is no end to these guys!」

In front of her there were fifty swordsmen who had been slashed numerous times, yet still stood.

「Hehe, he… We third year students will graduate this year… So, this is our last chance!」

「W-We can’t give up that easily!」

They were all third year swordsmen.

After falling in love with Ria at first sight during the entrance ceremony in April, about eight months earlier, they single mindedly waited for the『Dokidoki! Coupling Battle!』event to be held.

「If you keep going any longer, you will really die!」Ria said, pointing〈Fafnir〉’s tip at the third year students.

「Fufu, fu… you are as kind as ever…」

「That’s what’s good about you, and it’s also your『weakness』! Do it!」

When the man shouted, a swordsman jumped down from the third floor of the main academy building towering behind Ria.

「Get ready, Ria-sama!」

「Wha, eh, no way!!」

Unlike Allen, Ria was thoroughly vulnerable to these unexpected occurrences.

However, that was only natural. Allen had lived a harsh life from an early age.

Every day was a survival, and every day was full of the『unexpected』.

On the other hand, Ria is the princess of a country.

No matter where she went, strong knights were always guarding her. Even one『unexpected』occurrence per year was too many.

Ria fell into a slight panic due to the surprise attack.

「Flash Shine!」

Dazzling light temporarily blurred her vision.

「Kuh, Draconic Roar!」

She reflexively spread a wide range of flames, mixed in black and white.


The irregular-ranged attack burned a number of swordsmen.

But even so, their spirits did not falter in the slightest.

「Noise Bomb!」

Another swordsman shot three transparent spheres towards Ria.

「W-White Scale!」

Her vision had still not cleared, so she immediately deployed a huge flame shield in front of her.

The moment Noise Bomb came into contact with White Scale, it burst. Producing ultrasonic waves which enveloped Ria entirely.

「W-What is this!?」

The ultrasonic waves damaged Ria’s semicircular canal, causing her to lose her sense of balance.

As she stumbled a few steps forward,

「This is the end, Impact Wave!」

A huge hammer was swung down on the schoolyard, causing Ria to lose her balance.

「Eh, wah, kyaa!?」

With her vision still blurry, and her sense of balance thrown off, she fell on her backside on the spot.

The three third year students who launched the triple attacks,

「「「We did it!」」」

They desperately charged at Ria’s Santa hat.


The moment her scream echoed,

「Sorry, but I can never let you have that.」

Evil darkness fell from the skies and squashed the three swordsmen.

「「「Ka, ha!」」」

The third year students who received a strong blow from high in the sky lost consciousness instantly.


When Ria’s vision finally cleared, she jumped to his back.

「Ria, I’m really glad that you’re safe..」

After confirming that her Santa hat was still safe, Allen breathed in relief.

And then.

「Senpai, I’ll be your opponent from here on out.」

Allen gripped〈Zeon〉with an ever so slight rage oozing out, which was very unusual for him.

As many as fifty men ganged up against Ria.

He was angry about that fact.

「A, Allen Rodore…!? Oi Oi, that’s a lie, right…!? You defeated that number of swordsmanship club members… all alone!?」

「And what happened to the president and others!?『I’ll definitely win today!』is what they declared, didn’t they!?」

「Are you saying, those three and the entire swordsmanship club were done in!?」

The third year students, who were overpowered by Allen’s intense intimidation, retreated back, as colour drained from their faces.

「Shit! Like hell I’m gonna give up on Ria-sama at this point!」

「D-Don’t be stupid… He’s a『devil』without a shred of mercy! You will be killed!」

Allen’s atrocities have already long since spread throughout the whole of Thousand Blade Academy.

In truth, it was all baseless rumours, but…

His accolades that don’t match a first year student. In addition to that, the『darkness』which can be discerned as evil at a single glance, enhanced the credibility of those rumors.

「S-Shut up! I have also devoted myself to swordsmanship for three years! Like hell I’m gonna lose to a first year boy!」

The swordsman shook off the warnings from the surrounding students, and ran towards Allen bravely.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu」

「Ga, fu!」

Eight slashes showered on his body and scattered into the black of night.

「「「N-Not a shred of mercy!?」」」

Such murmurs sounded greatly underneath the wintry sky.

「Well then, who’s next?」

Allen, who made quick work of that swordsman, assumed Seigan no Kamae with a gentle smile on his face.

「…There’s no opening.」

Seigan no Kamae which was repeated over and over again for over a billion years.

Its degree of perfection has long since transcended the dimension of『master』.

「T-This is impossible… No matter how much we struggle, we can’t beat such a monster.」

「B-But… If we miss this opportunity, then it’s truly over, you know!?」

「…That’s right. We third year students will graduate this year and can’t participate in next year’s event. This is the last chance to get Ria-sama as a lover!」

「I-If so, resolve yourself to death! We’re gonna pierce through!」

The third year students aligned their minds, raised a war cry of desire, and they charged simultaneously.



「Dark Shadow!」

Allen’s unyielding darkness mowed them down effortlessly.

Less than a minute later, fifty third year students lay unconscious on the ground.

「As expected, Allen…」

Ria, who was hiding behind his back and watched the mowing unfold, let out such an impression.

「Ahaha, thank you. Well then, shall we take this chance to hide somewhere? It will become troublesome if we are found again.」

「Yes, that’s right.」

Then, they disappeared under the cover of the night.

Trapping many of the senpais in Dark Box, I moved with Ria to the rooftop of the academy building.

It won’t be so easy to find us up here.

「Even so, it’s a really crazy event.」

「I agree with you. Thousand Blade Academy is a truly ridiculous academy.」

Taking a look at the clock tower, the time was 20:55 at night.

The incredibly chaotic Christmas party of Thousand Blade Academy will finally come to an end in five minutes.

(Well, it was quite stressful, but… If we kill time here, we can get away…)

As I stretched my body,

「Allen, thank you.」

Ria laughed happily, with her hands behind her back.

「Err, why?」

「You know, because you helped me a while ago.」

「Aa… You don’t have to worry about that.」

I just did what I wanted to do, so there is no need for thanks.

It’s just that… I didn’t want Ria to be taken by some random senpai.

Then, when about one minute passed since the brief conversation ended,


Ria pulled on the sleeve of my uniform

「Do you… want my hat?」she asked something unbelievable, tilting her head.

「Eh… No, no, it’s just that…」

I felt my face getting red.

(I… I want it!)

I want it very, very much.

I want it so much to the point of desperation.

(But, is that really ok!?)

Shouldn’t I tell something important like that directly with my own mouth?

As I was wracking my brain faster than ever before,

「Fufu, I’m kidding.」

Ria laughed happily, with a slight sense of emptiness.


Lately, she has that empty expression like she did now, from time to time.

(Maybe there’s something causing her distress?)

When I was wondering about what to do,

「Nee, Allen… Close your eyes.」

Ria requested something which didn’t make sense.

「Eh, why?」

「S-So you’re not going to?」Ria asked, with her puppy eyes.


There’s no way I can refuse.


I did as she said, and slowly closed my eyelids.

「Y-You must never open it!」

「A-Aa! I promise!」

I made that promise, in that strange high tension situation.

Ten seconds after that… No, perhaps even a minute has passed.

Her hands were placed on my right shoulder, and I felt the heat from her body on mine.

And then, a warm, soft『something』brushed on my right cheek.

(This is!?)

My heart started beating rapidly at that moment.

「You can open your eyes now.」

With Ria’s permission, I immediately opened my eyes.

In front of me stood a flushed Ria.

「Ri, Ri, Ri, Ria!? W-What… was that?」

「Fufu, secret…」

With a slightly mature smile, she turned around.

The reason why her ears were a little red was probably not just because of the cold weather.

(I’m sure that was… No, undoubtedly it was a…)

When I was caught in a whirlpool of thoughts,

「Ah… Look, Allen! Snow! It’s snowing!」she said, pointing to the sky.

「…It’s beautiful.」


White snow falling from the sky under the moonlight was truly beautiful.

(…Let’s keep this feeling in my heart for now.)

When I become a more respectable swordsman and a man who can be a good match for a princess of a country, I will open my heart then.

Instead of relying on these events, I will convey it directly with my own mouth. That–

I love Ria.

(And for that reason, I will swing my sword tomorrow as well…!)

Thus, the slightly awkward, but warm Christmas came to an end for me and Ria.


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