140. Invitation and Demonkind [4]

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140. Invitation and Demonkind [4]

That guy’s bloodlust dominated the space in the blink of an eye. It was dreadfully dense, to the point where I almost couldn’t breathe.


Tenshi-sama’s soul dress shattered to pieces, as she fell off the bed.

At the same time, the four guards who were hiding jumped out at once.

「What a dreadful bloodlust!?」

「So the rumours appear to be true!」

「Causing dismay to Tenshi-sama… This insolence cannot be forgiven!」

「Pay for your sins with death!」

They gripped their soul dress tightly, and rushed at me with tremendous speed. Most likely Senior Holy Knights appointed by the government – elites who were entrusted with the escort of Tenshi-sama.


I haven’t completely escaped Tenshi-sama’s〈Love Slave〉yet.

Swaying vision.

Hazy consciousness.

Disadvantaged position of lying on my back.

To put it bluntly, I couldn’t be in a worse situation.

Still, when I desperately raised my upper body,


A total of four sharp slashes were unleashed from all sides.

(Evasion is… impossible! I can’t defend in time, either… If that’s the case, the dark robe!)

When I tried to clad myself in darkness, Dark Shadow activated on its own.


The jet black darkness that started moving without my will, instantly crushed the soul dress of the guards.


And in a sweeping motion, it penetrated the abdomens of the four very easily.

「Ka, ha!」




With their soul dress shattered to pieces and fatally wounded, all four collapsed on the spot.

(W-What power!?)

My Dark Shadow couldn’t even be compared to it. The destructive power was literally magnitudes apart.

(It’s definitely that guy’s Dark Shadow!)

When I gasped at the overwhelming violence, darkness began to move on its own again. Moving like a whip, it aimed at the neck of the four collapsed on the floor.


I cut off his interference by concentrating on my consciousness.

And the next moment, Dark Shadow disappeared, together with the dense bloodlust.

(That was too close…)

As Leia-sensei said, his actions seem to be strongly restricted while my consciousness is clear.

(Anyway, I have to hurry up and heal them…)

The four men, who were pierced through their abdomens by Dark Shadow, lay unconscious in a critical state.

If I leave them as is, they will most likely die in less than a minute.

I concentrated my consciousness, which was still hazy, and stretched out darkness onto their abdomens.


Their wounds were plugged up in no time, and their body quickly returned to a normal state.

They’ll probably wake up in a few minutes.

(Fuu… That’s a relief for now…)

As I exhaled loudly, my hazy consciousness gradually became clear.

Then, I calmly looked around. Dusky darkness covered the whole room.

At that time, I didn’t realize that his darkness had leaked out over a vast range.

The dresser, the bed, the ceiling, the wall, all of which were dyed in abyss black darkness.

(But, this is intense…)

To think that guy couldn’t stomach someone stepping into the『world of the soul』to this extent…

I sensed a tremendous anger from the darkness that stuck to the walls like sludge.

(If I remember correctly, even the ruined Thousand Blade Academy was dyed black like this…)

As I was recalling that incident,

「W-Why won’t this open!」Tenshi-sama cried, frantically turning the doorknob.

(That doesn’t show any signs of opening…)

The door was smeared with darkness, completely assimilating it with the surrounding walls.

If that’s the case, it’s probably faster to cut the wall.

「Please, someone! Somebody, help me!」

Perhaps Tenshi-sama was in a slight panic, as she frantically hit the jet black door over and over again.

Her hands were covered with cuts, and every time she hit the door, fresh blood oozed out.

That guy’s darkness still seems to be dangerous even after being separated from his body.

(Anyway, I have to calm down Tenshi-sama.)

「Tenshi-sama. There’s nothing to be afraid of, so please calm down for the time being.」I called out gently, and took a step forward.

「N-No… Don’t come closer…」

Colour drained from her face, as she froze in fear.

I seem to have frightened her instead, apparently

I stopped on the spot, so as not to frighten her further, and continued talking from a little distance away.

「Alright. I won’t move from this spot. Instead, at least let me heal you please. If you leave those cuts as it is, it will fester.」

I extended darkness towards her to cure the cuts on her hands.

However, Tenshi-sama, seeing the darkness approach her,

「N-No… Stop it… I am so-sorry… I was wrong…」

She trembled, as she expressed her apologies, with tears in her eyes.

Looking at her… it seems that the darkness that rampaged earlier has caused a huge trauma.

(W-What should I do?)

As I was scratching my cheek,

「Te-Tenshi-sama!? What was that scream!?」

「Are you all right? Please reply!」

I heard multiple male voices coming from outside the room.

Most likely the Senior Holy Knights who heard the commotion inside.

And that’s when I finally realised the hopeless situation I was in.

(Isn’t this… pretty bad?)

The room was dyed in jet black and ruined.

Four guards lying unconscious and their abdomen stained red with blood.

And Tenshi-sama, who was begging for forgiveness with tears in her eyes.

(No matter how you look at it, I completely come off as the bad guy!)

The moment the guards outside come in, it’s over for me.

In this state… I can’t imagine Tenshi-sama will tell the『truth』.

I’m sure she’ll instantly order the guards,「Capture Allen Rodore!」

If that happens, I will be charged with treason and wouldn’t be able to escape the death penalty.


My whole body turned pale.

Even if an ordinary citizen like me struggled and screamed, “It’s a false accusation,” I’m sure no one will believe me.

On one hand, the farmers of Goza village.

On the other, the Ruler of Ringard Imperial Kingdom.

Whom will the people of the country believe? Whose testimony will hold in court? You don’t even need to waste energy thinking about that.

(What on earth do I do!?)

As I was greatly perplexed about that, the sound of an explosion came from outside the room, accompanied by a great number of screams.


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