141. Invitation and Demonkind [5]

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141. Invitation and Demonkind [5]

Loud screams were raised along with the sound of explosion. And I heard a number of footsteps running up the stairs immediately after that.

(What the hell is going on?)

An explosion at the Ringard Palace would no doubt be an extreme state of emergency.

(Is it perhaps the Black Organization!?)

They’ve been relentlessly targeting Ria for the phantom spirit dwelling within her. So, it would be a very likely scenario.

(No, calm down. I am worried about the situation outside, but… right now, I have to do something about the pressing situation in front of me.)

I shifted my gaze to Tenshi-sama, who was frozen in fear.

She paid no heed to the explosion outside, and just intently stared at me whilst trembling. Her confident attitude up until a while ago had completely quietened down.

She seems to be the type that becomes weak if you push back in return.

(Well, what to do?)

If she is this frightened, it will be difficult to hold a proper conversation.

(Let’s see…)

For starters, it would be good to clear up the misunderstanding about the darkness.

I decided that, and slowly unsheathed my sword, so as not to frighten Tenshi-sama, and cut my palm slightly. Slight pain ran, and blood oozed out from the cut.

「W-What are you doing?」she whispered, looking at the scene dumbfoundedly.

「Tenshi-sama, please take a good look at this.」

I concentrate the darkness on my right index finger and slowly slide it onto the wound on my left palm.

Then, the recovery effect of the darkness activated, healing the cut on my left palm in an instant.

「N-No way… Is your soul dress a recovery type? Even though it has such offensive power!?」

「Err… Yes, that’s right.」

Actually not, but I decided to lie to calm Tenshi-sama.

In general, recovery-type soul dress is thought of to be low risk, so I relied on that reputation to reassure Tenshi-sama.

「Tenshi-sama, if you don’t mind, I would like to heal your wounds. May I?」

And she nervously held out her bruised up right hand. It seems that she has come to trust me a little.

「Excuse me, then.」

With those brief words, I extended darkness to her right hand.

The moment my darkness came into contact with her hand, Tenshi-sama shut her eyes for a brief moment. When she slowly opened her eyes, her hand was back to its beautiful state.

「…Warm darkness. It is completely different from just now.」

Her impression was probably in comparison to that guy’s darkness.

「I’m sorry about that “embarrassing darkness” just now, haha…」I jokingly said.

「Fufu, it’s your ability, isn’t it?」Tenshi-sama unintentionally chuckled.

(Yoshi, this is going good.)

Her breathing has calmed down, and she seems to be gradually regaining her composure.

「Ahaha, unfortunately, it’s a『dropout swordsman』thing… I’m still struggling to control it.」

「Dropout Swordsman… Come to think of it, there was such bogus information, too. If I remember correctly, you were too talentless, and as such, no school would accept you or something like that..」

「I-It’s a painfully-true story.」

To be honest, I don’t want her to mention that too much.

(Well, it’s about time to settle this.)

Tenshi-sama’s fear of darkness should have been somewhat cleared.

If we dally too much, the guards outside will rush in soon. It’s time to get down to the issue at hand.

「By the way, Tenshi-sama, about that thing just now… How about we both let bygones be bygones?」

When I brought up a humble proposal,

「Y-You will forgive me? Even though I did such a horrible thing?」she whispered, staring blankly at me.

「Yes, I don’t mind.」

What Tenshi-sama attempted to do was actually quite nasty. However, her attempt resulted in failure. And there was no real harm done, so I’m not going to drag it out any longer.

「W-Well, then… You’re fine with letting bygones be bygones, right? You won’t do any more scary stuff, will you?」

「No, of course not.」I gently answered.

「T-Thank goodness.」Tenshi-sama exhaled in relief.

「Instead I’d like you to forgive me for retaliating against your guards, please?」

「Fine. It couldn’t be helped, so I’ll forgive you.」

Tenshi-sama, who judged that I was not a dangerous man, slowly stood up, and said so in a pompous manner.

「Ahaha. Thank you very much.」I bowed, feeling relieved in my chest..

(Thank goodness.)

This incident is pretty much the『biggest crisis of my life』to date.

To be honest, I’m not that good at the art of conversation. If anything, I’m a slightly poor talker.

(It’s a real miracle that I was able to settle the situation smoothly.)

When the problem with Tenshi-sama was solved, the door blocked by darkness was cut down by a slash.

「「「Tenshi-sama, are you all right?」」」

At the same time, three swordsmen with their soul dress in hand rushed in.


「Roddy, Ganso, Evans, Tris!?」

「Damn… Were you the one who killed them, bastard!?」

When they saw the four collapsed, bloodstained guards, they released a terrible bloodlust.

And then,

「Stand down. No matter how much you try, you can’t beat him. And I have already resolved the problem.」Tenshi-sama said, calming down the three guards who lost their temper.

It seems that she will keep her promise.

「More importantly, what’s going on out there?」she asked.

「T-That’s right. Actually, we received a message from the Holy Ronelia Empire! The video is projected on the LCD on the first floor, so please come this way!」One of the guards said so in a panic.

「A message from the Holy Ronelia Empire… That doesn’t sound good.」

The Holy Ronelia Empire is a ruthless superpower country that competes with the Five Great Powers and are also the backers of the Black Organization.

「Allen-sama, will you come with me?」

「Yes, of course!」

Thus, I went to the first floor of Ringard Palace with Tenshi-sama.


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