148. Invitation and Demonkind [12]

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148. Invitation and Demonkind [12]

In the forest located near Orest.

Zerey Grazario, who was on the verge of death, was moving by pulling himself across the ground.

「Haa haa…」

Having failed to eliminate Allen Rodore, he clenched his teeth in humiliation he had never experienced before.

(Damn, I’m in such a sorry state…)

His recovery ability was unable to heal him even in the least bit. Flaming hatred flared up within when he saw his body, which was almost similar to a ragged cloth.

(I absolutely won’t forgive you, Allen Rodore!)

Holding onto the hatred in his heart, he moved little by little, using the grudge as fuel.

(I have to survive at any cost and convey it to my brethren… The information I got on… Allen Rodore!)

As Zerey crawled across the ground, desperately trying to escape from Allen,

「Oh? I found him, Rize-san! I found a demon looking guy!」

A shady man in a suspicious clown costume – Clown Jester, appeared from the forest.

In addition,

「Hmm… Where? Araraa…. Seems like it got done in pretty badly…」

A woman dressed in a glamorous kimono, with fox slit eyes, Rize-Dorahain appeared.

「…Just an inferior race, huh.」

Zerey, who saw the unidentified humans, breathed in relief inwardly.

If it’s『just a human being』, he can kill them in an instant, as long as they’re not an exception like Allen.

「Right now, I don’t have time to be concerned about trash like you. Curse Method – Fire Oppression」

The moment the invisible curse flew,

「Dessicate -〈Withered Parasol〉」

Fire Oppression was erased by a mysterious power.

「You’re quite jumpy… Let’s talk for a little bit, shall we?」Rize said, cackling.

「What the…? Why doesn’t the curse method work? Don’t tell me you bastards are also!?」

All of a sudden, Zerey began to claw at his throat.

(C-Can’t breathe…!? This inferior race… Just what kind of ability…)

Due to severe lack of oxygen, Zerey lost consciousness.

「Capture complete. Now then, Clown. Before Allen-kun comes here, hurry up and carry him to my mansion.」

「Roger! Fufufu… The body of a demon, I’ve always wanted to play with it once!」

The moment Clown, with a smile of madness, carried Zerey under his arm,


Zerey, whom Clown was holding firmly, disappeared without a trace.

At the same time, the hoarse voice of an old man echoed.

「Hyohoho, I’m sorry, but I think I’ll take care of him instead.」

As Rize and Clown looked back at the same time, a short, old man stood there.

Hair, eyebrows, and eyelids were all pure white.

With one hand on a cane, and his hips clearly bent.

Zerey was lying at his feet.

(…That’s strange. When on earth did he snatch Zerey away from me?)

It was too strange of a phenomenon.

The moment he approached.

The moment he snatched.

The moment he left.

Clown, a world-class swordsman, was unable to sense any of it.

It was such a strange phenomenon that it almost felt like time itself had stopped.

(It would be reasonable to think that it was his soul dress ability…)

As Clown was thinking about that in circles,

「My my, another big shot makes his appearance… I have wanted to see you, hermit of time.」

Rize called out to the old man, with a friendly smile.

「Hyoho? To think such a beautiful woman would swoon over me at this age… Living so long has its perks, after all…」

As the hermit of time was smiling happily, Rize threw a question.

「What are you guys planning to do by catching Zerey?」

「Hyohoho… This thing is of no use. Well, if I were to say… It’s kind of like “information regulation”.」

「Information regulation, I see… Zeon and the Hermit of Time. What the hell are you two planning to do?」

「Hou… To think you even knew about that guy, I guess youngsters really do like to tread on thin ice…」

The hermit of time nodded several times in a state of admiration, and then…

「It is a promise from a very, very long time ago. Not something you youngsters can butt your noses into.」he said, with an unusually serious expression.

It was a clear refusal that he was not going to talk anymore.

The next moment, a radius of several meters of ground, centered on the hermit of time, sank in a split second.

The trees were flattened, the rocks were crushed, the earth was hollowed out, a total destruction.

「Hyohohoho! This is quite a powerful force!」

The hermit of time stood unscathed, laughing happily, despite the invisible attack Clown unleashed.

At his feet, Zerey was still lying in the same unconscious state before the attack.

「The rumored『transparency』, huh… What a convenient ability…」

When Clown tried to launch further attacks,


A sharp voice restrained him.

「It’s too bothersome to argue with that thing right now. Moreover… It’s about time for Allen to arrive.」

「…I understand. Haa… The experiment of a precious demon subject…」

He dropped his shoulders dejectedly and stopped attacking.

「Hey, hermit of time. How about a cup of tea some other time?」

「Hyohoho! If it’s an invitation from a beautiful woman like you, I’ll even fly there!」

「Fufu, how flattering. Well then, let’s meet again next time.」

Then, Rize and Clown quietly left the place.

「Fuu, to drop by here just for caution’s sake turned out to be the correct answer.」the hermit of time whispered, dropping his gaze on Zerey, who was still lying at his feet.

Then, he left a message in ancient letters so that only Zeon could read it.

「Well, I guess I’ll go back to fishing…」

And he disappeared into the forest, while dragging Zerey.


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