149. Invitation and Demonkind [13]

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149. Invitation and Demonkind [13]

Having lifted the curse on Tenshi-sama and everyone, I headed to the forest to capture Zerey.

The collapse of Ringard Palace completely plunged the city of Orest into panic; people who were trying to get away from the palace, people who were hurriedly closing up shop, people who stood paralyzed without knowing what to do.

I ran through a street which had fallen into a state of confusion and arrived at the forest where Zerey fell.

「Alright, he should be here.」

I pushed through the thick foliage and pressed forward quickly.

(I’m sure he fell around here….)

Zerey, who took a direct hit from Dark Roar, surely fell around here.

(With that wound he shouldn’t have gotten far, but…)

Demons have a fearsome recovery ability.

(It’s been around 10 minutes since then. I don’t have much time to waste.)

If his wings are healed, he would be free to escape through the air.

As I carefully went deeper into the forest, keeping a watchful eye for Zerey, I came upon an unbelievable view.

「T-This is…!?」

It was a tremendous『trace of destruction』that spread out through the forest; flattened trees, crushed rocks, and a huge crater on the ground.

The traces of destruction were strange, as though gravity had been increased a hundredfold in that particular space alone.

「Is this… Zerey’s doing?」

While thinking about various possibilities, I gently touched the deep crater on the ground with my fingers.

(…It’s damp. It hasn’t been too long yet.)

The fact that the surface is not dry yet means this terrible destruction just happened a little while ago.

(It’s either Zerey or a completely different enemy.)

I quietly pulled out my sword and looked around.


『―Oi, shitty brat.』

That guy’s voice echoed in my head.


『Under that tree… There’s something written there.』

「“Under that tree”?」

…Under which tree?

I looked at the base of a few trees… and found it.

「…What’s this?」

Underneath one of the trees, there were『strange lines』that I had never seen before.

「Is this an『alphabet』?」

There seems to be a pattern to these, but…

I’ve never seen alphabets like these before.

(Is it a writing used by demons? Or is it some kind of code?)

When I was thinking about that,

『…I see. Oi, that’s enough.』

He suddenly said, “that’s enough”.

「What do you mean?」

『Means you don’t have to worry about that demon anymore. I’m going back to sleep.』

「Hey! Explain it so I can understand too!」

After that, no matter how many times I called out to him, that guy didn’t respond.

「Seriously, what a selfish guy…」

Still, well… since he isn’t talking anymore, I’m sure it’s fine now.

(Honestly… I wish he would tell me the reason why I don’t have to worry anymore.)

Unfortunately, that guy is not that friendly.

「Haa… Can’t be helped. Guess I’ll go back.」

So, I decided to return to Ringard Palace without anything to show for.

With a slight feeling of dissatisfaction, I turned back the way I came from.

After a few minutes of walking, I arrived at the Ringard Palace – where the upper floors were completely blown off and it was only left with the first floor.

(Looking at it from here, it’s in a really tragic state…)

Tenshi-sama’s Imperial Palace looked almost like an abandoned building.

(Demons, huh…)

Looking back on it now, he was a really fearsome fellow.

The powerful effect of the Curse Method, the astounding physical ability, and above all, not even the slightest hesitation to kill. Because he looked down on us as an inferior race, he mercilessly attacked us with the intention to kill.

(If I remember correctly, the Holy Ronelia Empire is said to have concluded a friendship treaty with five demons.)

So, there are four other demons excluding Zerey, huh ….

Just thinking about it hurts my brain.

(And this incident is a clear『act of war』…)

The Holy Ronelia Empire shot an arrow at the Ringard Imperial Kingdom.

(I don’t know what decision Tenshi-sama will take to deal with this matter, but…)

I’m sure there will be a fierce clash between the Five Great Powers and the Holy Ronelia Empire.

An all out war on a global scale might occur.

(The situation looks quite grim…)

Thinking about that, I stepped into the Ringard Palace.

「Ah, Allen! Thank goodness, you were safe!」

Ria, who noticed me before the others, ran up to me with a relieved look.

「Aa, thank you. Tenshi-sama and everyone seems to be alright now.」

Looking around, there was the figure of Tenshi-sama with an improved complexion.

「Yes. Thanks to Allen’s help, everyone is feeling better.」

「I am very glad to hear that.」

As I and Ria were talking about that, Tenshi-sama slowly walked over to us.

「Allen-sama. I truly thank you for this occasion. Repelling the demon and dispelling the curse, it is a most glorious achievement deserving of a medal. On behalf of the whole nation, I would like to express my gratitude.」

Tenshi-sama, playing the hypocrite, smiled like an angel and complimented me.

「No, I simply did what was the right thing to do.」

When I replied as such, she approached closer and whispered into my ear.

「Your humility and honesty is what I love so much. Let’s play again some other time, okay, Allen?」

「A- Ahaha… At that time, please don’t be too hard on me.」

「Ufufu, I will think about it.」Tenshi-sama said, with a bewitching smile on her face, and returned to the senior Holy Knights.

(Haa… I’ve caught the eyes of yet another troublesome person.)

As I was sighing, I was patted on the shoulder from behind.

Turning back, there was the president’s father, Rodis Arcstria.

「…Allen Rodore, you have a backbone, at least.」

He said those few words and sank into silence, while continuing to stare at me.


「…If it’s just being friends, I’ll acknowledge it.」


「Hmmm, a guy who can’t catch on, huh… I’m talking about your relationship with Sie.」

「A-Ah, I see…」

Now that I think about it, there was such a thing going on.

Because of the attack from a demon, I had completely forgotten.

「Thanks to your actions, the downfall of the Ringard Imperial Kingdom has been averted. By that achievement, I will acknowledge you being one of Sie’s countless ordinary friends.」

「A- Ahaha… Thank you.」

You start from being a『friend』even after saving an entire country, huh…

(To go out with her, it would seem that one would need to conquer the world or something.)

When I was thinking about that, I saw a suspicious group gathering in a corner of the palace – shooting fleeting glances at me and whispering among themselves.

「W-What should we do…? Depending on how you think about it… This is a『big chance』!」

「Allen Rodore… Although there are many dark rumors surrounding him… His abilities seems to be the real thing.」

「But isn’t it dangerous? He also has a connection with the『Bloody Fox』and…」

「No, no! I’m going! No matter what kind of connection he has, he is an overwhelming『force』that can repel a demon on his own! There is no disadvantage in making connections with him! 」

「O, Oi… Wait! Don’t try to steal a march on us!」

The suspicious group started raising their voice, and suddenly ran up to me with great force.

「A-Allen-san… Man, you accomplished something huge this time! Ah, actually, I’m doing this…」

「No, no, Allen-sama! Not with that sort of useless moneylender, but with me instea–」

「What the hell! In the city of Orest, those in the know, know very well about Garvest Real Estate! It’s better to have a connection with me who is the manager–」

「No, no, no–」

「What the hell–」

With something like a business card in hand, they got heated up on their own and eventually started fighting amongst themselves for some reason.

「Eh, err…?」

When I was puzzled by the incomprehensible situation, Ria pulled on the sleeve of my clothes.

「Hey, Allen. Before you get involved in something troublesome again… Shall we just go home for today?」

「T-That’s true too…」

Then, I refused the suspicious group with a few words, and returned to the dormitory of Thousand Blade Academy with Ria.

At any rate, the Keishinkai, which was so full of upheaval, came to an end safely.


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