150. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [1]

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150. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [1]

January 2nd.

After successfully overcoming the turbulent Keishinkai, I was able to wake up refreshed for the first time in a long time.


Looking at the clock, the time was seven o’clock in the morning.

Just the right time to wake up.

When I got out of bed and stretched my body,

「Good morning, Allen.」

Ria, who had already finished her morning preparations, walked in from the kitchen.

Dressed in a white apron, she was as pretty as ever.

「Fuwaa… Good morning, Ria.」

「Fufu, are you still sleepy?」

「Ahaha, a little.」

I used a fair amount of darkness yesterday. Because I consumed so much spiritual power, my body still feels a little heavy.

「What do you want to do? Shall we delay breakfast a little?」

She tilted her neck, shaking the frying pan in her hand lightly.

Apparently, she was right about to make breakfast.

「No, it’s okay. It would be helpful if you could make breakfast.」

I didn’t want to throw off the rhythm of my daily routine too much, so I gently refused Ria’s kind suggestion.

「I see. Well then, wait a little while.」

「Aa, thank you as always.」

After that, I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and changed into my usual uniform.

Thousand Blade Academy is on winter holiday period, so we don’t have to wear a uniform. However, students of Five Academy are encouraged to go out in uniform. Above all, this outfit is designed for combat and has excellent elasticity, blade resistance, and durability.

These days, things have been so unsettled in the world, so I don’t know when or where we’re going to get involved in a fight. That’s why I try to wear this uniform almost every day, unless there are special circumstances.

(Now I’m done…)

And now that I’ve finished morning preparations,

「Allen, I’ve made breakfast!」

I heard Ria’s voice from the kitchen.

「Aa, I’m coming.」

I replied and went to her.

The table was lined with miso soup, grilled fish, boiled vegetables in bonito flavoured soy sauce, white rice and a variety of other dishes.

「Oh, it looks delicious today as well!」

「Fufu, let’s eat quickly.」

We sat facing each other and gently put our hands together.


I first reached for the miso soup nearby.

「…Aa, it’s quite warm.」

Health conscious, moderately salted dashi. (1. TL Note: “dashi” is “japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp”.)

Diced tofu and seaweed.

It’s an irresistible bowl in the cold winter.

As I was enjoying the grilled fish, vegetables, and the variety of dishes cooked by Ria,

「How do you like it? Delicious?」she asked, with a smile.

「Aa, it’s so delicious.」

「Fufu, I’m glad.」

And we had a peaceful breakfast as usual.


After saying thanks for the meal, I carried our plates to the sink.

Washing dishes after every meal is my job.

Ria always says, “Just let me do it,” but…

She makes such delicious meals for me everyday, so I’d like to at least help clean it up.

And when I was washing,

「Speaking of… Yesterday’s incident appeared in the newspaper.」Ria said, as she sat down on a chair.

「Oh, what does it say?」

「Umm…『Demons Assault Ringard Palace! The swordsmen at the scene repelled the demon, and there is no injury to Tenshi-sama!』and such.」

「Hmm, it’s pretty vague information.」

「Perhaps the government is regulating the information. There’s no mention of Zerey’s name, the curse, or even Allen.」she said, flipping over the pages of the newspaper.

「Information regulation, huh… Well, I don’t really understand complicated things. I just want to spend some time with just the two of us.」

Early into the new year, a demon attacked the Keishinkai. It’s quite a way to start the New Year.

(Somehow… I feel like this year is going to be more full of ups and downs than last year.)

When I sighed a little,

「Oh right, Allen! Where are you going for New Year’s shrine visit this year?」

Ria began to talk about the New Year’s shrine visit.

「New Year’s shrine visit, huh… I’m not really familiar with the shrines around here. Do you have anywhere you want to visit, Ria?」

「You see… my recommendation would be–」

When she began to talk happily, there came a knock on the door.

「Who is it… this early in the morning?」

「Um… Maybe Rose, or Claude… otherwise Leia?」

Rose is a weak morning person, so the possibilities are quite low.

Claude-san… she doesn’t want to go anywhere near my and Ria’s dorm in the first place. She seems to have a strange misunderstanding, which I am a little troubled by.

And Leia-sensei… Eh?

(Speaking of which… Where is she right now?)

Thinking back, I didn’t see her at the Keishinkai.

(The fact that she didn’t show up even when things got that bad…)

Perhaps she is out of Orest due to work or something else.

「…I don’t know who it is, but I’ll go check it out.」

「Okay. Be careful just in case.」

「Aa, I know.」

I fastened the sword to my waist just in case and went to the entrance.

「Who is it?」

When I slowly opened the door, there were more than a hundred Holy Knights kneeling.

「Eh, uh…?」

When I was puzzled by the sudden situation, one Holy Knight came up to the front.

「Allen-sama, would you please come with us to the Ringard Palace? Tenshi-sama is waiting for you.」

It would seem that… I won’t be able to spend my day peacefully today.


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