151. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [2]

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151. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [2]

According to the Holy Knights here, I have apparently been summoned by Tenshi-sama.

Following yesterday’s Keishinkai, I don’t think I’ll be able to spend today peacefully either.

(Even so, a summon from Tenshi-sama, huh…)

I’m not really enthusiastic about it because she attacked me once. But that said, the other party is the ruler of this country. As a citizen of this country, I will not be able to refuse.

(I have no choice but to go…)

When I sighed a little,

「Allen, are you okay? W-What is this?」

Ria voiced her surprise, seeing more than a hundred Holy Knights kneeling at the doorstep.

「I’m not really sure, but it seems that Tenshi-sama has summoned me.」

「I-I see… Even so, this is a large number.」

「Ahaha, tell me about it.」

It is a waste of personnel to mobilize as many as one hundred Holy Knights to summon me alone.

From the point of view of someone like me, who is ingrained in poverty, it somewhat feels『wasteful』and makes me feel unsettled.

(Or rather, how long are these people going to be in this posture?)

The Holy Knights, still on their knees, kept silent, and gave off something like silent pressure.

「Well, uh… Anyway, could you all please stand normally?」

From a while ago, I could feel the eyes of the people in the surroundings poking me.

The dormitory of Thousand Blade Academy was quite busy. Students who were going out for New Year’s shrine visits, and the students going to their daily training, frequently passed by.

After they saw the kneeling Holy Knights and me, they quickly left with a『makes sense』expression on their faces.

Undoubtedly, it’s another bad misunderstanding

(My bad reputation has gone as far as it can, but…)

Still, I have to start somewhere. The bud of misunderstanding which was sprouting before me, must be nipped off.

(And little by little it will lead to the eradication of all bad rumors… or at least it should!)

When I was thinking about that,

「…I am sorry. Tenshi-sama has ordered me to treat you as “equivalent to a state guest”, so please forgive me.」the Holy Knight said apologetically, still kneeling.

「I, I see…」

If Tenshi-sama gave such an order, then they have to treat me as grandiose as such.

「Allen-sama. Please come to Ringard Palace with us!」

「「「Please! Allen-sama!」」」

More than a hundred voices echoed throughout Thousand Blade Academy. At the same time, a number of gazes pierced me.

「A-Allen is impressive, after all. Early into the new year, he has gotten the Holy Knights under his thumb.」

「According to rumors, he seems to be in cohorts with the demons. He deliberately attacked the Ringard Palace and proposed a deal to Tenshi-sama or something like that.」

「A-Are you serious? I heard that he is also connected to the『Bloody Fox』. I absolutely don’t want to get involved with him.」

…This is bad!

From all my past experiences, I understood immediately. Even at this very moment, a new bad reputation was coming to life.

「U-Understood. I will go meet Tenshi-sama with you, so please raise your head!」

「Oh, so you will come with us! Thank you very much!」

「「「Thank you very much!」」」

Thus, I decided to respond to Tenshi-sama’s summon and went to Ringard Palace.

Ten minutes later.

I was heading to Ringard Palace with Ria.

Thankfully, she said, “I will go, too!”

(Honestly, this is really helpful.)

If Ria, the princess of Vesteria Kingdom, is beside me, Tenshi-sama can’t do anything ridiculous.

In other words, the danger of being attacked like yesterday has completely disappeared.

(But… What does she want to talk about with me?)

Considering that she sent a unit of one hundred Holy Knights this early in the morning…

(It must be a very important topic with some pressing circumstances.)

While I was thinking about that, we navigated through the city of Orest. At last, we arrived at our destination after continuing to walk for a while.

And somehow, there stood a Ringard Palace where the first floor and the second floor had already been restored.

「T-This is…!?」

「Even though it looked just like an abandoned building until yesterday, it’s almost restored!?」

When Ria and I widened our eyes in surprise, a Holy Knight gave us an explanation from the side.

「The best construction company in the country was commissioned to rebuild it. All workers are excellent soul dress users. Thus, they are known for a fearsomely short construction period, and accurate and sturdy construction. According to the construction schedule, it is estimated to be completed at 6pm today.」

「T-That’s really amazing.」

When I looked up, there was the figure of brawny carpenters, gripping their soul dress, on the third floor of the building.

(…They have a good body build.)

Developed dorsal muscles, swelled pectoral muscles, and tight quadriceps. Their fine muscles, even when looking from a distance, had a considerable presence.

When I was looking up at their bodies,

「Allen-sama, Ria-sama. Please come in. Tenshi-sama is waiting for us on the second floor.」

A Holy Knight opened the door of Ringard Palace, and I and Ria walked straight to a room on the second floor.

The room was equipped with the bare minimum necessary furnishings.

Tenshi-sama was sitting on a grand chair at the very back of the room.

「Allen-sama, Ria-sama. Welcome.」

That’s how I came to meet with Tenshi-sama very soon after yesterday.

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