152. Allen Cell and Political Mariage [3]

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152. Allen Cell and Political Mariage [3]

Tenshi-sama stood up in an elegant manner and moved to a four seat table set in the middle of the room.

「Let’s not talk while standing. Please take a seat.」she said, and sat on an unadorned wooden chair.

Two muscular Holy Knights stood quietly behind her.

(I guess they are Tenshi-sama’s guards, but…)

For some reason, they were emitting strong hostility towards me.

Their center of gravity was placed on their toe, and they were ready to attack at any moment.

Even though they are Tenshi-sama’s guards… This vigilance is clearly abnormal.)

(D-Did I do something rude?)

When I was thinking about that,

「Ganso, Evans. That attitude is disrespectful towards our guest.」Tenshi-sama warned the two guards in a sharp tone.

「I-I apologize, Tenshi-sama.」

「…I am sorry. I seem to have been too on edge.」

The two guards, Ganso-san and Evans-san apologized, but…

They were still glaring at me.

「Haa… I am sorry, Allen-sama. It seems that both of them are a little tense due to “that incident.”」

「That incident? …Aa, I see.」

That incident is probably the time when Tenshi-sama attacked me.

Looking closely, Ganso-san and Evans-san were two of the people who were pierced through their abdomens by that guy’s rampaging darkness.

(From their point of view, the person who stabbed them and Tenshi-sama are having a talk together in a friendly manner, huh…)

Of course, they would feel uneasy.

This abnormal vigilance and hostility also makes sense.

「Nee, Allen. What’s going on…?」Ria, who did not know about that incident, tilted her head curiously.

「Aa, just a little something. It’s not a big deal, so don’t worry too much.」

「Is that right? Well, if Allen says so…」

And now that the matter of abnormal vigilance has been settled,

「「–Excuse me.」」

Ria and I sat down in the chair in front of us and got into the discussion.

And then,

「Allen-sama. I am very grateful that you agreed to visit the palace in spite of my sudden summon. Also, thank you for coming along, Ria-sama.」

Sitting across from us, Tenshi-sama bowed her head slightly.

「I would have wanted to set up a more decent place instead of this kind of guest room, but… Because we’re right on the heels of yesterday’s attack, the restoration work has not been completed yet. I hope you will forgive me for that.」

「No, don’t worry about it. Rather, I prefer to be in a normal room like this.」

「Fufu, thank you for that.」

Now that we’ve finished the simple greetings,

「I summoned Allen-sama today because I had something to discuss about the case of the Demon Zerey Grazario as soon as possible. First of all, I would like to share information about the current international situation.」

Tenshi-sama started talking slowly.

「You may have expected this from the broadcast of Emperor Burrell Ronelia yesterday, but… The five demons seems to have been sent to the Five Great Powers at the same time, after all.」

The Five Great Powers – Ringard Imperial Kingdom, Vesteria Kingdom, Polyesta Federation, Republic of Ronzo, Principality of Teresia, the general name for these five countries.

These countries have signed friendship treaties with each other and regard the Holy Ronelia Empire, the『evil superpower』, as a potential enemy.

(But things have taken a really bad turn…)

This incident seems to be a serious incident in which the Holy Ronelia Empire opposed all five of the Five Great Powers.

(If handled this poorly, we could end up with a war involving the Five Great Powers and the Holy Ronelia Empire; a great war involving the entire world.)

When I was greatly concerned about such a horrible future,

「…As a result, the Principality of Teresia has fallen.」Tenshi-sama said something unbelievable.


One of the Five Great Powers has fallen.

This incident is incomparable to when the small country, Sunny Land Dagrio, was taken over.

「Apparently, Emperor Burrell Ronelia’s real aim was the Principality of Teresia. In addition to the demon, three of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle were dispatched, plus the shadow user Dodriel Barton.」

「Three… Thirteen Knights of The Oracle?」

In addition to a demon which has fearsome power, three swordsmen of nation class fighting strength were dispatched. Plus Dodriel who has the troublesome ability of『shadow』.

It is a huge military strength which cannot be dealt with by Principality of Teresia which is said to be the most lacking in strength of the Five Great Powers.

「Dodriel was promoted to the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle due to that accomplishment. He was appointed as the replacement for Rain Glad, who is missing.」

「Is… that so?」

It was so shocking that I became speechless.

And then,

「W-What about Vesteria and the other countries?」Ria asked, the colour draining from her face.

Her father, His Majesty Gris Vesteria, is in Vesteria Kingdom.

For Ria, who lost her mother at an early age, His Majesty Gris is the only blood relative.

I’m sure her heart is filled with worry.

「Don’t worry, Ria-sama. Luckily, Vesteria Kingdom got through without any problems.」


While Ria sighed a breath of relief, she repeated the strange expression of『Luckily』.

「Yes. Apparently, it was not a very belligerent demon. According to the information that we received, there was no direct fighting, and the problem was solved through dialogue.」

Apparently, all demons can’t be lumped together as the same.

Some like Zerey, look down on humans as an『inferior race』and attack mercilessly, and there are some rational ones, like the demon who appeared at Vesteria Kingdom, apparently.

「I-Is that so…」Ria said, breathing a sigh of relief once again.

「I am glad for you, Ria.」

「Un. Thank you, Allen.」

After we confirmed the safety of Vesteria Kingdom, I decided to ask about the other countries.

「By the way, Tenshi-sama, what happened to the other Five Great Powers – Polyesta Federation and the Republic of Ronzo?」

「You can be reassured about them. Both countries were severely damaged, but… the『Seven Holy Swords』that rushed to the site seems to have annihilated the demons safely.」

「I see…」

Seven Holy Swords – The strongest seven swordsmen of humanity, and the pride of the Holy Knights.

Inhuman physical abilities.

Powerful soul dress specialized for combat.

Overwhelming strength.

And they also have a reputation for being an existence which even the Black Organization wouldn’t easily pick a fight with.

「At present, the demons siding with the Holy Ronelia Empire are Zerey Grazario, which Allen-sama repelled. The one that laid down arms through dialogue with Vesteria Kingdom. And the one which destroyed the Principality of Teresia. A total of three.」

Tenshi-sama, summarized the current plight as such, and…

「The damage in the Ringard Imperial Kingdom was very small thanks to Allen-sama. But the situation in the other two countries, Polyesta Federation and Republic of Ronzo… To be frank, it’s a catastrophic situation.」

She started talking about the damage situation.

「The demons used a terrible power called the “Curse Method” to cast curses on a large number of people. An unknown power which we still don’t know how to dispel. That’s why the people of Polyesta and Ronzo, no, we humans are forced into this predicament.」

After finishing the general story, Tenshi-sama looked straight into my eyes.

「So, I have a『request』for Allen-sama.」


「Yes. Would you please let us study your mysterious『darkness』that doesn’t let curses near you?」she requested, with a serious expression.


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