154. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [5]

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154. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [5]

Ria and I were guided by Chemy-san to the Ringard National Laboratory.

A five minute walk northeast of the palace, and we arrived at a large white building.

「We’ve arrived. This is Ringard National Laboratory!」

Chemy-san said, and inserted something which looked like a card into a machine installed in front of the gate.

Immediately after that, a mechanical sound beeped『PiPiPi』, and the double door gate began to open slowly.

「Wow, it’s kind of very modern.」

「It looks a little cool, like a secret base.」

When I and Ria expressed that,

「Fufu, of course! After all, this is the best research facility in this country!」she proudly said, and quickly entered the huge cube of a white building.

「Let’s go in.」


Then we entered the Ringard National Laboratory, and were guided by Chemy-san to the second floor.


In the laboratory, a great number of people in white coats were moving around busily.

A person with a dark eye bags under their eyes.

A person with half-cracked spectacles

A person with dishevelled hair who was talking to themself.

(Somehow, their『world』feels different…)

Just as how a swordsman has the world of swordsmen, researchers seem to have a world of researchers.

Chemy-san casually walked through such an oppressive atmosphere, and stopped in front of a certain room.

「This time, we will conduct the research on curses in this『Laboratory No.3』.」

She typed something like a PIN into the LCD panel attached to the middle of the door.

Then, the heavy door began to move by itself, and the light of the room turned on automatically.

「Now, please come on in.」


「Excuse me.」

Then, I and Ria stepped into Laboratory No.3 after Chemy-san.

(Another room with oppressive pressure again…)

The size was about the same as a classroom of Thousand Blade Academy.

In the middle of the room was a blue, bed-like examination table, surrounded by a number of imposing machines.

From my point of view, as someone who is not very familiar with the machine, it was a pretty bizarre room.

「Well then, I’m going to quickly finish setting up the preparations!」

Chemy-san rolled up the sleeves of her oversized white coat and began to operate the machine in front of her.

「For now, let me briefly explain the flow of the research.」

She cleared her throat while tinkering with the machine adeptly.

「Well, let’s see… From now on, a number of people who were cast with curse will be brought to this room. Allen-kun, please treat them thoroughly. In the meantime, sensei will analyze how the darkness dispels the curse using these machines!」

「Yes, I understand.」

Apparently, I just have to just keep dispelling the curse.

To be honest, it was a simple task where I didn’t have to use my head, so I was a little relieved.

And then,

「Well, uh… Is there anything I can do to help…?」

Ria, who had nothing to do, asked with a slightly troubled expression.

「As for Ria-san… Let’s see. Please heal Allen-kun from his side.」


「Yes. This research will probably be a long stretch. Allen-kun,who continuously consumes spiritual power will be under tremendous stress for almost the entirety of this research. That’s why I want Ria-san to relieve the mental stress from his side.」

It is an established theory that the mental state has a strong effect on spiritual power.

When you are mentally weak or under great stress, it is said that the soul dress is affected by it and cannot manifest its usual power.

Ria, who received the explanation from Chemy-san,

「Yes, I understand! Allen, I’ll heal you firmly, so don’t worry.」Ria replied reassuringly.

「Aa, I’m counting on you.」

「…Eh? But what do I do to『heal』…?」

As usual, Ria was a little scatterbrained.

「Fufu, I wonder…」

Honestly speaking, my heart calms down when she is around. It’s enough for her to simply be by my side.

「By the way Chemy-san, how long does『long stretch』mean? According to Tenshi-sama, the people of Polyesta Federation and Republic of Ronzo only have a few days left.」

The number of people who were cursed in those two countries seems to be as many as 100,000 people.

It may be difficult, but I want to find a cure within a few days no matter what.

「Don’t worry. Even though I called it a long stretch, I will『absolutely』end it within three days! Because if not… My house will be seized!」

…It seems that Chemy-san is also in a perilous position.

「I am more worried about Allen-kun’s body. You will have to continuously consume spiritual power. An endurance battle over the span of a few days, it’s going to be hard as hell, you know…?」she warned, with a more serious expression than ever before.

「I can’t say for certain, but… I think I will be okay. If it’s an endurance battle, then I have some self confidence.」

Yes. I’m confident enough, since I was able to single-mindedly swing the sword for over a billion years.

「Fufu, how reliable. Well then… We don’t have much time, so let’s get started!」


Thus, we started our research to find a『cure for curse』that no one has ever discovered before.

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