155. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [6]

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155. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [6]

Having readied the machine, Chemy-san spoke into the microphone in her hand.

「We’re going to start the『Anti-Curse Treatment Research』. Please carry in『No.1』.」

Immediately after that, the room door slowly opened and a duo of Holy Knights brought a patient in on a stretcher. They placed the patient on the examination table with the stretcher and immediately began to explain.

「This is Guin Arnold-san. 65 years of age. He is a patient who was cast with the『curse of erosion』which slowly deprives the use of his limbs. He takes a powerful painkiller every day because of the burning pain which assails his whole body. Recently, however, the effects of the painkiller has weakened, and we are told that tomorrow might be his last day.」

「The first symptoms appeared around the summer when he was 35 years of age. The cause was his right arm being bitten by a monster while working as a magic swordsman. After that, the usual dark red pattern spread from his right arm to the whole body. And now that thirty years have passed, he can’t even lift his head, let alone walk on his own.」

The Holy Knight, who explained Guin-san’s condition, took out a thick bundle of paper from his pocket and handed it to Chemy-san.

「More detailed information is in these records. If you don’t mind, please take a look at it.」

「Thank you very much.」

Chemy-san then scanned through the material at a frightening speed.

「I see, I see…『Curse of erosion』right from the start, huh… This is a tough one.」

With a difficult expression on her face, Chemy-san alternatingly looked through the materials and Guin-san.

The curse that was put on him seems to be considerably severe.

「Well then, Allen-kun. The preparations are already perfect, so please start the treatment. I will warn you just in case. As I said earlier, this research is an endurance battle. Please keep the amount of darkness used to the bare minimum, okay?」she said, and peered into a machine which looked like a giant microscope.

「Yes, I understand. Then, excuse me, Guin-san.」

I then put my hand on his clothes.

A dark red pattern usually emerges on the spot where the curse is cast.

I don’t really understand the logic behind it, but… If I coil the darkness around that spot, the curse can be dispelled in an instant.

When I rolled up his clothes, I became speechless.

「T-This is…」

The whole surface was covered with dark red patterns.

His right arm, which had been bitten by a monster, was dyed completely dark red.

Only the left foot and the left arm which was furthest from the bite mark barely retained the colour of skin.

(To think it was this severe…)

「H-Hey, doctor… W-Will I… really… be cured?」Guin-san asked, with repeated rough breathing, and hollow eyes.

As if to cling to hope, he extended his left hand, which has yet to be eroded by the curse.

I held his hand tightly.

「Please rest assured. I will definitely cure it.」

This darkness dispelled even the curse of a『Demon』.

If we are talking about the curse of a『monster』, which is a subspecies of demons, then darkness should be able to cure it, no matter how critical the conditions are.

「Then, we’ll get started.」

I focused my mind and coiled darkness around Guin-san’s whole body. Thinly, gently, as though devouring only the bad.

Then, the dark red discolored skin quickly returned to its original, beautiful skin.

「Ho, hou, hou…!」

Chemy-san, who was observing the process through the machine, let out a voice as thought it was extremely interesting

I looked at her with a sidelong glance, and called out to Guin-san.

「The curse was lifted safely… How are you feeling?」

And then,

「A, Aa… it, it works… It works!」

Still laying on the examination table, he moved his right arm.

(…So, he can’t stand up, after all?)

Because he was bedridden for many years, his muscles seem to be severely weak.

Now, all he has to do is rehabilitation and train his muscles.

「Su-Sugoi…! My arms, my fingers, my legs… my body… I can move it all!」

But even if he couldn’t stand up, it was clear to everyone that he was enveloped in tremendous joy.

「Hmmm, I see I see…」

Chemy-san took her eyes off the microscope-like machine and began to ponder about something.

「…How was it? Did you find anything?」

「No, I don’t understand anything yet. But I was able to see something very interesting.」


「Yes. The moment the curse was being lifted, the dark red pattern looked like it self-destructed itself, trying to avoid Allen-kun’s darkness.」

「Avoid my darkness…?」

「Yes, it was a very interesting reaction. Next, I will use a different machine to find out more about what kind of reactions are taking place on the surface cells of the skin.」

She called out to the duo of Holy Knights while operating another machine.

「Excuse me, please bring in『No.2』.」


They immediately started to move, and tried to carry Guin-san out while he was lying on the stretcher.

At that moment,

「P-Please wait a minute!」Guin-san suddenly raised a loud voice.

「What’s wrong? Do you still have any pain?」

「No, I’m all right! That’s not it. Doctor, could you please tell me your name?」

He asked for my name with great vigour.

「Eh, umm… Allen Rodore.」

「Allen Rodore-san, I see… I’ll never forget that name for the rest of my life. Thank you, you’re an amazing person. Thank you so much. Truly, truly, thank you!」

Guin-san, who has been suffering from that curse for many years, expressed his sincere gratitude.

「I’m really glad that you’re feeling well. Please do your best in rehabilitation.」

When I said that, he laughed happily.

「I will surely repay this huge favor someday. Please look forward to it!」

「Yes, I’m looking forward to that time.」

Guin-san, who became healthy, was carried out of the room.


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