156. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [7]

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156. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [7]

After Guin-san’s treatment, the speed of our research accelerated.

I quickly treated the patients who were carried in one after another with the minimum amount of darkness necessary.

During that time, Chemy-san used a variety of machines to analyze the darkness from all sorts of perspectives.

At the end of the day, I lifted the curses on more than a thousand people with an ultra high speed treatment rate of『one person per minute』.

The time it took was 18 hours, physically no problem at all, but I felt a little exhausted spiritual power wise.

However, with this consumption rate, it can last for about a week.

What we learned on the first day of research were two things:

My darkness never comes into contact with the curses at all.

The dark red skin infected with the curse automatically self-destructs when the distance from my darkness is within three centimeters.

The hypothesis that Chemy-san came up with was -『some sort of component』that makes up darkness has an absolute effect on the curse.

Then, on the second day–

A large number of patients flocked in from Polyesta Federation and Ronzo Republic.

The reason for this was that Tenshi-sama had issued a notice saying that,「Ringuard Empire has established a cure for the curse using its own technology.」

I continuously treated patients who flooded in, as Chemy-san observed the process in detail.

But… Unfortunately, there were no new findings on this day.

Even after analyzing the components of darkness all day long, we couldn’t understand anything.

Apparently, my darkness cannot be explained with today’s science and technology.

The research on the curse had hit a wall.

Then,『the study of the anti-curse treatment』finally approached the third day.

Today was the due date for Chemy-san’s debt repayment.

It is said that her house will be seized if even 0.1 second passed after midnight.

Well, that’s entirely on her, so it doesn’t matter, but….

(If we don’t find a cure soon, a lot of people will die.)

With unbearable impatience in my heart, I just continued to dispel the curse in front of me.

When the hand of the clock pointed at 8pm,

「Uuu-, No, no, no! This is not it at all@ That’s not it! Why can’t I find it?」Chemy-san screamed, as she scratched her head.

It seems that following yesterday, there will be no results today as well.

(…It’s still going to take some time it seems.)

Thinking of that, I waited for the next patient to enter.

A few seconds later, the door of the room opened, and the duo of Holy Knights brought in a new patient.

「This is Aulott Drasten-san, 71 years old. He was affected by the『curse of paralysis』, in which a part of his body became numb and could no longer move.」

「It developed around the fall of 71 years old. The cause is being bitten by a monster on the right palm while travelling from Orest to Drestia. At present, he can only move no more than one finger on his right hand.」

When I received the report about Aulott-san’s condition, I immediately started the treatment.

「The part where it was bitten is the palm of the right hand, yes? Then, excuse me for a moment.」I said, and took his right hand, which loosely hung down.

At that moment,

「Oh, oh! This is amazing! My right arm is moving!」


Aulott-san rotated his right arm casually, which didn’t even twitch until a while ago.

「Man, you’re a really great doctor! To lift the curse in an instant, you truly are the hope of mankind!」

「Eh, ah… No…」

I haven’t done anything yet.

I haven’t brought out the darkness for treatment.

And yet… The curse was lifted on its own.

「…Allen-kun. What did you just do…?」

As Chemy-san was observing the current situation, she asked with her eyes widened.

「N-No… I haven’t done anything. I really just touched his hand.」

The moment I said that, she started monologuing.

「I have had the『wrong idea』all this time. “Allen-kun’s darkness cures the curse,” that preconception was in the way. The approach itself was wrong. The subject of analysis is neither the curse nor darkness… It is Allen-kun’s body!」

When she came to some sort of conclusion, Chemy-san raised her head with vigour.

「Allen-kun! Don’t use darkness for the next treatment, please try touching the dark red pattern! By chance, this could be a major breakthrough!」


Soon after, the next patient entered the room.

「Excuse me.」

I reached my hand for the dark red pattern.

And the next moment,

「I-It disappeared…!?」

The dark red pattern, the symbol of the curse, quickly disappeared.

「C-Chemy-san… This is!?」

「Yes, no doubt! The curse didn’t dislike the darkness at all. It disliked the darkness which was in contact with Allen-kun, to be more precise, it disliked the existence known as Allen-kun!」

And then, she immediately stopped the machine that had been running till now.

「Now that we know, the rest is easy! Please wait a minute!」

Chemy-san rushed out of the room, then came back with beakers, test tubes, and a lot of chemicals in her hand.

「Come now, Allen-kun! That mysterious body… Let me examine it for a moment!」

「Yes, of course!」

After that, Chemy-san collected a sample of my cell and continued her research silently.

It seems that she was able to find a clue to lift the curse by complete accident.


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