16. Thousand Blade Academy and the Big Five Holy Festival [6] – part 3


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16. Thousand Blade Academy and the Big Five Holy Festival [6] – part 3

Sid waited for the exhaustion of that『something』which controlled Allen’s body.


「Aa-… I’ve had enough.」

That strategy never came to fruition.

Suddenly, a black sword appeared in Allen’s right hand.

The blade and hilt – everything was black; it was the black of the abyss that makes you feel uneasy just by looking at it.

(What… the hell is that… Doesn’t that look way too dangerous…!?)

Sid’s instinct warned him to「get out of here right now」.

That black sword was so anomalous in nature, that it was hiding otherworldly powers.


(I? Running away …? Against that trash? No way…?!)

His pride did not allow him to escape. It was a heavier choice than death for him, who possessed innate natural talent, to run with his tail tucked between his legs against a swordsman he once looked down upon.

And then,

「Well then, goodbye.」

Allen said that carefreely as though parting with his friend – he projected the black sword forward and launched a『thrust』of explosive speed.

In front of a thrust that could possibly blast the human body into atoms, Sid pushed out〈Vanargand〉to the front and countered it with his ultimate defense technique.

「-Close the time of eternity〈Ice Wall〉!」

At that moment, a huge wall with 100 million layers of thin ice appeared between the two. Each layer was harder than iron, and there wasn’t a single swordsman who was able to break through this wall of absolute defense. However, Allen’s thrust does not stop. The black sword broke through the ice wall as if it were cutting through a piece of paper.

「Gu- again, Close the time〈Ice Wall〉!」

As a desperate measure, he developed a double – 200 million-layer wall. The mental power consumption is considerable, but if he doesn’t stop this blow, he will surely die. Sid was convinced he could stop it.

And after breaking through 100 million and tens of thousands of layers – Allen’s thrust finally stopped.

(…Shit! Just how powerful is that thrust…!)

Sid’s heart was relieved only for a brief moment.


Allen’s voice echoed throughout the venue. At that moment, the wall that protected Sid began to tear with a sound again. Allen slowly began to put his strength into it.


The speed at which the ice walls were destroyed increased with each count.


The referee, who understood the meaning of this count correctly, immediately jumped onto the stage.

「W-Wait! That’s enough!」

The referee declared the match to stop, but Allen did not stop.

「Get lost…!」

At that moment, the thrust that penetrated through 200million layers of ice wall, flew in a straight line towards Sid’s heart.


Sid managed to twist himself at a godly reaction speed and avoided a direct hit on his heart. However, the black sword pierced deep into Sid’s right shoulder, and he was blown to the wall of the venue by the impact.


All the air in his lungs was knocked out and he banged the back of his head – completely losing consciousness.

Right there,

「Fuun, fuunfufuun, fuun!」

Allen approached while humming – a second black sword was held in his hand.

「Well then, one more blow…」

Allen laughed innocently like a child in front of Sid, who didn’t even twitch.

Then, the moment he lifted up the black sword overhead joyfully,

「Stop it already, Allen…!」

Ria forced her way in between the two of them.


「This is overkill! A-Allen is not someone who does such a terrible thing!」

「…Who the hell are you?」

His ice-cold eyes tightened Ria’s heart.

Still, she spoke out firmly.

「I-I am Ria-Vesteria! ……Look, did you forget? It’s your slave Ria-Vesteria!」

「Haa? Don’t know… If you get in my way, I’ll kill you too.」Allen said, indifferently with cold eyes devoid of any emotions – and pointed the tip of the black sword at Ria.

「…A-Allen? Are you serious…?」

Her faint voice echoed throughout the venue. But there was only one place it didn’t resonate – Allen’s heart. Ria pleaded desperately with tears in her eyes. Not to Allen who is here now, but to the usual gentle Allen.

「Y-You remember right, Allen !? We ate Ramzac together and talked a lot together! Sometimes we have little fights ! But it was always so much fun…!」

As she recounted their memories, tears began to overflow from her eyes.

「Tch, such a noisy woman… That’s enough, die.」

Allen, looking frustrated, swung the overhead black sword off-handedly – down to Ria’s chest.

「Please… Return to your usual kind self… Allen!」

At that moment, his arm suddenly halted – the black sword fell from his hand.


Allen, with an agonized expression, dropped down to one knee with his left hand holding his chest.

「If you can take back control from me… Then… you should’ve given your best… from the start…」

Then he slowly collapsed on the spot.

His long white hair returned to his usual black hair, and the black pattern that was under his left eye disappeared.

「A-Allen…!? Are you alright…!?」

Ria ran up to Allen, who was panting heavily, and raised his head to her lap.

「R-Ria… sorry… for scaring you…」

Allen reached for Ria’s cheek with foggy consciousness.

「No, it’s alright… So don’t worry…」

She held his hand gently and never let go.

「Your voice, reached me… thank you…」

At the end of those words,

「…Allen? Nee, Allen…? Respond, Allen!」

He quietly lost consciousness.



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