162. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [13]

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162. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [13]

After Leia-sensei left the room, we exchanged glances with each other.

An important document from Tenshi-sama, a slow lunch, and work desk – This is a message from sensei saying, “Look through my work desk while I’m away.”

(From the position of “Director of the Five Academy”, it seems that she can’t openly raise an objection to this matter, but she is not in approval of this. Sensei… Thank you very much.)

Then, we immediately started to look through the work desk.

A few minutes later, I found a complete mess of a drawer and a document printed with “confidential”.

「This is it!」

「Well done, Allen-kun!」

「I’d like to see the contents quickly, though…!」

I spread the document on the desk and everyone stared at it intently.

And on that document, a ridiculous thing was written.

「Political… Marriage?」

The planning of a political marriage between Sie Arcstria, the eldest daughter of House Arcstria, and Numero Dolan, a noble.

The purpose of the marriage is to temporarily improve relations with the Holy Ronelia Empire and delay the start of the war.

In a nutshell, just a little bit of『stalling』.

「Numero Dolan, I’ve heard this name before…」

「A rich guy from Ronelia who has been persistently asking for Sie’s hand in marriage for a few years now, though….」

When Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai said so with a grim look,

「『House Dolan』huh… We’ve caught the eye of another nasty opponent.」Ria whispered, with a bitter expression, oozing with disgust.

「Ria, do you know something?」

「Yeah… He is a noble who manages the mining industry in the Holy Ronelia Empire. He sells『Spirit Ore』and『Blood Diamond』at ridiculously high prices, amassing an enormous fortune.」

Then, she spoke as though recalling her memory.

「A few years ago, I saw him once in a conference between the Vesteria Kingdom and the Holy Ronelia Empire. He was a fat pig that was filled with greed in his eye. I later heard that he treats women like playthings. The worst of the worst!」

「「「「…… 」」」」

The information added at the end, turned the atmosphere in the room heavy.

「…In other words, the president was sold to Ronelia to buy a small amount of time.」Rose said, briefly summarizing the story.

And then,

「Hey, this is absolutely weird! There’s no way that『doting father』will allow Sie’s marriage!」

「I’d like to go over to Rodis-san’s place and ask him about the situation. though…!」

Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai shouted kind of angrily.

(…Certainly, it’s as they say.)

Rodis-san loves the president from the bottom of his heart.

There is no way he will do nothing and overlook a political marriage.

(Even though he can’t go against an order from the『top』as part of House Arcstria…)

I’m sure he’ll try to help the president by any means possible.

「It’s worth a try, let’s go.」

「Aa, let’s go!」

「Classes don’t matter in this situation, though…!」

So we went to meet the president’s father, Rodis Arcstria.

We slipped out of class for the third period and onwards, and headed to the president’s home.

(It’s been six months since the summer camp that I’ve been here.)

I never thought I’d be visiting again with such a dark feeling.

I knocked on an imposing door and waited a little on the spot. And Rodis-san opened the door.

Rodis Arcstria. Shortly trimmed black hair streaked with grey and well-groomed goatee. Probably about 180 centimeters tall. A dark green kimono and a black haori that suited quite well. A well-trained body can even be seen over his clothes. His left eye has an old scar that looks like a slash, and all-around has a tough look.

「Rodis-san, it’s been some time since the Keishinkai. Can I borrow some of your time?」

「Allen Rodore… and friends of Sie, huh.」

He glared at me as if staring at a sworn enemy, and then turned his eyes towards Ria and the others behind me.

「I’m sorry, but I don’t have time now. Come back another day.」

The moment Rodis-san said that and tried to close the door, Rose quickly inserted her foot between the door.

The ability to take instant action, as expected of Rose.

I immediately spoke of our business here, not wanting to waste the chance she has created.

「I have an important talk about the president – no, about Sie-san leaving Thousand Blade Academy.」

「Well, it’s… the thing called “family circumstances”. Sie decided to study abroad to learn swordsmanship. It’s not something you can interject into. Go home.」

A response which is the same as turning people away at the front door.

I judged that things will not progress as they were, so…

「-Political Marriage with Numero Dolan.」

At that moment, his eyebrows twitched.

「Kisama, why do you…」

Rodis-san looked furious.

As expected, he does not seem to consent to the political marriage at all

「Though slightly, I am aware of the situation. Rodis-san, could you please tell us a little more?」


He said and opened the door.


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