163. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [14]

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163. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [14]

We visited Rodis-san’s mansion, and followed him through a long corridor.

(As expected, the House Arcstria is very rich, after all.)

The floor was covered with a red carpet that looks very high class, and the walls were hung with paintings that give off a masterpiece vibe.

(But it’s strange…)

Even though it’s such a large mansion, there’s no sign of people at all.

(It wouldn’t be weird to have one or two servants around, but…)

When I was thinking of that,

「Here.」Rodis-san said, opening the door to a room.

It looked very simple like a reception room.

There were only two large black sofas and one elegant long wooden desk in between.

A simple room that only functions as a『place of discussion』.

「Take a seat.」

He said and flumped on the sofa in the back.

We said, ”Excuse me,” and sat across from him.

「Well then, Allen Rodore. Where did you learn about the『political marriage』? This is a『state secret.』」

He turned a sharp gaze towards me and asked as though questioning.

「I can’t talk regarding my sources.」

If I carelessly gave away Leia-sensei’s name, she might be forced out of the position of director.

「Well, whatever. So why did you come?」

「Yes. Actually, it’s regarding Sie-san’s–」

When I started speaking,

「Oi, Rodis-san! At this rate, Sie is going to be taken by a suspicious guy called Numero! Is that really all right with you?!」

Lilim-senpai yelled, as though not being able to stand the thought of it.

The next moment,


Rodis-san shouted and swung his fist down on the desk.

His roar echoed, and the desk broke in two.

「I will not give my dear daughter… to such a low-life! I’m going to go and destroy the wedding ceremony!」he said, breathing heavily.

It seems that he was only pretending to be composed all this while.

As the atmosphere in the reception room calmed down, I asked a question.

「Even if you say you’re going in person, how do you plan to go to the Holy Ronelia Empire? As I’m sure you know, you can’t use airplanes or ships, can you?」

The Empire is one of this country’s designated travel bans.

It is not possible to use either the air routes or the waterways.

「It’s no problem. I’m going to use Dodriel Barton’s『Shadow Crossing.』」


As the unexpected name popped up, I, Ria and Rose, reflexively widened our eyes.

「It’s not commonly known, but there are many『spots』scattered by Dodriel all over the world. This is an excellent way to move between two points in an instant using the『shadow』made across ground and sea.」

…It seems that Dodriel is secretly operating behind the scenes in a lot of places I am not aware of.

「The direct spot to the Empire has already been pinned down. So that problem has already been solved.」

「…I see.」

It looks like Rodis-san is going to sneak into the Empire using that spot and return in the same way after he rescues the president.

「But where on earth did you get that kind of information?」

「From a specialist. It’s pretty obvious where one would get such illegal information from.」

「Is it perhaps… Rize-san?」

Rodis-san nodded.

「I went through a lot to get a face-to-face meeting with the『Bloody Fox』. That woman really does know everything. 70% of all my property was taken in return for information, but thanks to that, my preparations are done.」

He made a fist, and said so with fighting spirit flaring in his eyes.

Then, Ria and Rose, who were listening to the story silently so far, continued to ask more questions.

「But marching into the middle of the enemy’s camp… Isn’t it too reckless?」

「And if the『Lord of House Arcstria』perpetrated such an attack, wouldn’t the Empire bare its fangs at us?」

「I am fully aware it’s reckless. Don’t worry about that. There will be no evidence that I’m the one who attacked the Empire. After all, on that day, I’m going to wrap that around my belly」

Where his gaze lay, there was a large number of bombs connected in a circle.


「If Sie’s rescue fails, I’m going to blow myself up immediately. I will be blown to pieces, making it impossible to identify me. And if I succeed, then there’s no problem. For nobles,『face』is more important than life. “A single intruder snatching away the bride” – such a disgraceful matter would be buried in darkness by any means. So, one way or another, the relationship between the Ringard and the Empire will remain friendly on the surface. It’s a plan that doesn’t cause trouble for Tenshi-sama.」

Rodis-san said so with terrifyingly calm eyes, which were resolved for『death』.

「W-Why… Why are you devoted to Tenshi-sama so much!?」

I couldn’t understand.

There may have been complicated circumstances such as politics and diplomacy, but ultimately… Tenshi-sama sold the president to the Empire.

From Rodis-san’s point of view, his beloved daughter was sold.

And yet… the reason why he would cover for Tenshi-sama, is something I can’t comprehend at all.

And then,

「It’s『tradition』. For hundreds of years, House Arcstria has protected Tenshi-sama from generation to generation. That long-standing『significance of time』… I can’t afford to turn that all to dust.」

With his eyes closed, Rodis-san explained in a heavy tone.

(…Hundreds of years, huh.)

From my point of view, of swinging the sword for over a billion years… It’s a very short time.

But in a normal sense, it would be a tremendously long time.

That’s exactly what binds Rodis-san.

「I-If that’s the case, then I’ll join too! Whether it’s the Empire or whoever, I’ll even go to the ends of hell!」

「Sie has been my precious friend since childhood. Of course, I’m going too, though!」

Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai stood up vigorously and offered to help Rodis-san.


「No. This is the problem of House Arcstria. I can’t involve outsiders.」

He refused bluntly and opened the door of the reception room.

「Now then, the discussion is over. I need to prepare my spiritual power for the decisive battle. If you really care about Sie, pray for the success of the operation and just go home quietly.」


『If you really care about Sie』- Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai who were told so, grit their teeth and nodded.

「…Let’s go home, everyone.」

「…I don’t think we will be of help, though.」

The visibly depressed two, left the reception room feebly.

「Ah, wait senpai.」

I, Ria, and Rose followed after them in a hurry.

From there, we passed through the hallway with heavy air surrounding us, and stepped out of the mansion.

And just before the imposing door closed,

「Thank you. Sie is really fortunate to have good friends like you.」

Rodis-san said that line at the end, and smiled ever so slightly.


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