164. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [15]

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164. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [15]

After leaving Rodis-san’s mansion, we returned to the student council room.


The air in the room was heavier than ever. The sound of the second hand of the clock was awfully loud.

In the midst of that atmosphere,


「This is too much, though…」

The faint whispers of Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai echoed in the student council room.

The three of them, including the president, did not meet for the first time at Thousand Blade Academy, it seems.

They seem to have been friends since childhood; the so-called childhood friends.

The length of time they’ve known each other weighed heavy in their hearts.

We surely can’t understand their pain.

(Damn, what are we supposed to do?)

I want to save the president, too.

I absolutely won’t accept not being able to see her ever again, without even saying goodbye.

(But also…)

Tenshi-sama’s motive.

The president’s will who went to the Holy Ronelia Empire alone.

Rodis-san’s resolve.

Various『emotions』are intertwined in this case.

If we make a poor move, that might only upset the situation.

(If only we can know the president’s will, her true feelings…)

Does she want us to help her, or does she want us to let things stay as is?

In this current situation, where we don’t know that, we can’t make any move.


When I shifted my gaze to her now, empty desk,


I noticed that a certain drawer was pulled out unnaturally.

It bothered me, so I pulled the handle. And there was a letter inside.

「…This is?」

When I flipped it around, “To everyone on the student council” was written in lovely cursive writing.

「A note left behind by the president!」I shouted involuntarily.



Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai rushed over to me in a hurry.

Following them, Ria and Rose ran up to me.

「Allen, quickly read it!」

「Aa, got it.」

Urged on by Ria, I started reading the letter.

「The fact that everyone is reading this letter means I am no longer at Thousand Blade Academy. I am sorry for quitting without saying anything. I had to leave this country right away due to unavoidable circumstances.」

Apparently, the president is not going to talk about the matter of political marriage.

「Lilim, Ferris, thank you for always putting up with my selfishness and always being with me. Thanks to you, I was able to have a very exciting student life. I would be happy if you never forget about me.」

「S, Sie…」

「There’s no way I can forget, though…」

Lilim-senpai started crying, and Ferris-senpai bit her lips.

「Ria-san, Rose-san. Thanks to you, the student council has become very lively. Thank you for always attending the regular meeting. Because you two are very dependable, I can leave with peace of mind. Lilim and Ferris… are a little helpless just like me, so I would be happy if you could support them.」



Ria had tears in the corner of her eyes, and Rose clenched her fist in frustration.

「And Allen-kun. I have no comment to you who is always mean to onee-chan… just kidding. Looking back, I have played a lot of games with Allen-kun. I was never able to win at the Club Budget War, Ikasama Poker, Thousand Blade Shadow Festival, nor Christmas. You are very strong, so please protect everyone from here on, okay? This is the last request from onee-chan to you.」

The president was concerned about everyone until the very end.

「I really enjoyed spending time in the student council with everyone. Well then, goodbye.」

The letter ended there.

Looking closely, the last letter『goodbye』was blurred due to a teardrop.


She is always so selfish.

So very selfish and unable to be honest with herself… an infinitely good-hearted soul.

(She is the one who is suffering the most, and yet, doesn’t ask for help.)

She didn’t ask for help until the very end so as not to bother us.

But… Even if she didn’t put it into words, there are some things you can understand without.

(I have properly grasped the president’s will, her true feelings now…)

This letter which was wet with her tears, as if it weren’t already enough, was so full of her feelings.

(That’s right… I promised the president on the day of Christmas.)

That -『If you call me, I’ll always come to help you.』

And mother and Paula-san always said the same thing.

『A swordsman must always keep his promise even in death.』

「I’ve decided. As for me… I’m going to rescue the president.」

The enemy, be it the Holy Ronelia Empire or the Black Organization… I don’t care about that anymore.

If I choose not to act, the『Swordsman Allen Rodore』will die.

(Instead of dying peacefully without keeping my promise, I’d much rather die following my convictions!)

This is how I decided to march into the Holy Ronelia Empire to rescue the president.


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