170. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [21]

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170. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [21]

We headed to the reception desk, and quietly waited for Clown-san.

About five minutes later,

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.」

For some reason, Clown-san appeared dressed in a new outfit.

Perhaps due to having finished his work, he had a completely refreshed expression.

「H-How surprising… I didn’t think he would really come.」

「Aa, Allen was right.」

Ria and Rose, who had previously insisted that he wouldn’t show up, seemed surprised by the unexpected outcome.

「Come on now, Ria-san, Rose-san… Of course I’ll keep my promise.」Clown-san said, waving his right hand.

「Well then, shall we go to the Orest Dungeon?」

「Yes, please.」

Then, Clown-san guided us to the dungeon.

We went straight through a long corridor and turned left at the end.

After that, we turned left and right through very narrow passages.

(It’s like a maze…)

When I thought of that,

「Man, I’m sorry that I keep turning left and right. It’s kind of a measure against prison break, so I hope you’ll understand.」

He gave a little explanation.

「I see, so that was the reason.」

This complex structure seems to be constructed with a security aspect in mind.

As we walked for a while, we came upon a huge, black, solemn door.

On both sides of the door stood two jailers. They saluted quietly.

「Please wait a minute.」Clown-san said, and unlocked the doors.

A padlock, a latch, a numbered cylinder lock, and a very ordinary lock; when all the locks were unlocked, the door opened slowly, with an eerie sound.

「And that’s that… It’s a little dark inside, so be careful where you step.」

He gave a word of caution and went down the spiral staircase behind the door.

We followed after him.

(…It’s certainly dark.)

The lighting embedded in the wall gave off a faint light. The brightness was just enough to see where you’re walking.

Moreover, the width of the stairways was narrow. Only two people could walk at the same time.

While our footsteps echoed,

「Hey, Allen-san… Did you know? This is where they get out.」

Clown-san brought up a subject.

「”Get out”?」

「Yeah… This place being a dungeon, there are several suicides per year. Perhaps due to the despair of their long prison term.」he muttered, with a complex expression.「According to a famous spiritualist, the ghosts of the prisoners who committed suicide haunt this place. In fact, many guards have heard voices of, “I’ll kill you…,“ or, “Hey, let’s go to the other side together, shall we?” and such. Allen-san, if you hear a strange voice, you should never respond to it. You might be taken to the “other side”.」Clown-san said, making an eerie smile.

「I see. So there are those kinds of things as well. I’ll be careful.」

There are many things in the world that cannot be explained by science.

It won’t hurt to be cautious.

「…Oh my. You seem to be completely all right. By any chance, are you pretty good at listening to ghost stories?」

「Ahaha. I’m not particularly good at it, but it’s just not my weak point either. It’s just that…」

When I turned around to look back,


There was the figure of Ria and Rose, trembling in fear, and gripping onto my sleeves and arm.

「…Ria, Rose. If you’re scared, you can wait outside, you know?」

「I’m not particularly a-a-a-afraid! I-I-It’s just… my back feels a little cold…!」

「G-G-G-Ghosts don’t scare me… D-Don’t insult a swordsman…!」

The two of them said so in a resolute manner. However, their hands were still grabbed onto me.

It seems that the story just now scared them quite a bit.

「Okay, okay. I’m sorry.」

I apologized, with a wry smile, and went down the stairs.

「Ah, h-hey… Don’t walk so fast…!」

「Y-You can tell some cheerful stories too…」

After that, we proceeded forward following Clown-san.

「We’ve arrived. This is the Orest Dungeon.」

There was a『dungeon』exactly as one would imagine.

There was a straight passageway which seemed to continue forever, and cramped prison cells of about four tatami mats on either side.

Inside each was a simple toilet, a bed with a frame made of pipes, and a small wooden desk.

Instead of the iron bars, a transparent glass partition was installed.

It’s probably a kind of tempered glass.

And then,


Ria and Rose screamed at the same time.

At the end of their gazes, were the prisoners.

An old man with a very likeable smile on his face.

A middle-aged man who kept grumbling about something against the wall.

A young woman who just silently kept hitting the glass.

How do I put this… It was a very eerie atmosphere.

「Don’t make too much eye contact. You’ll get pulled in.」

Clown-san gave a single piece of advice, paying no heed to the prisoners’ existence, and just went straight down the passage.

Following his example, we tried not to look at the prisoners.

After walking for a while, Clown-san stopped in front of a certain cell.

「Well, we’re here.」

There was a man being held there.

He was probably in his late thirties.

With a giant frame of nearly two meters.

Swept back, short dark blue hair

He had a high brow, an intimidating eye and a large mouth – a scruffy beard on his beast-like wild face.

Wearing a black and white bordered prison uniform.

A damaged grey scarf was wrapped around his neck. It looked awkward because it didn’t fit his size.

「Nn… Oh!? It’s been a while hasn’t it, Allen Rodore?」

One of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle – Rain Glad was there.


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