176. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [27]

Translator: Saitama-sensei Editor:Ryunakama

176. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [27]

Zack Bomber.

Short crimson hair.

Trained muscular body of about 2 meters.

Age probably in the mid thirties.

Deep masculine features.

Low and deep voice emitted a strong confident vibe.

He is a super-dangerous man who once kidnapped Ria. A first-rate swordsman with incredible power.

(Shit, this is the worst.)

To think we’d come across such a strong enemy all of a sudden… Luck is not with us today.

The moment we pulled out our swords quickly,

「Stop being so noisy this early in the morning, you big oaf! What time do you think it is right now?」

The room door shook violently, and I heard a familiar angry voice from outside.

If I remember correctly, this voice belongs to Thor Sammons, who works in a pair with Zack.

(This is getting worse and worse.)

Although it was for a brief moment, Thor managed to stop Leia-sensei.

(Zack and Thor – fighting the two of them at the same time will cause a commotion.)

We are already in the Holy Ronelia Empire.

If such a commotion occurs, the members of Black Organization and Thirteen Knights of the Oracle will rush at us in large numbers.

Which obviously would mean we can’t rescue the president.

(Damn, what should we do?)

A temporary retreat? No.

If we do that, we will never be able to use that spot again.

If that’s the case, should I take them out of the fight in a single blow?

No. Impossible.

Those two are not such easy opponents.

Aa I was biting my lips, frustrated at our bad luck,

「Zahaha, sorry, sorry! My constipation was quite bad. So I just inadvertently screamed!」Zack said, not reporting us for some reason.

「Tch, what a nasty guy. If you make a noise again, I’ll kill you!」

Thor left after cursing at Zack.

After making sure her footsteps were far away,

「…All right, she seems to have left.」Zack whispered.

「You… What are you playing at?」

Why did he cover for us?

Isn’t this a betrayal to the organization?

What on earth is he thinking?

I couldn’t grasp his intentions at all.

「Zahaha, we’re reuniting after a long time! If she came in, it would’ve been ruined!」

Zack gave a reply that didn’t answer my question, and took out a brown sake bottle from the refrigerator.

「Let’s cheer for our reunion. Come, you guys should drink too!」

「…I’m still a minor.」

「Nn? Was that so… You look like a tough guy though!」

I don’t know what was so fun, but he gulped down the sake in a very pleasant mood.

「Puhaa… Drinking sake with a dazzling『sparkly』has its own special taste!」Zack exhaled. His breath smelling of sake, as he stared at me.

As usual… He keeps saying sparkly and whatnot which doesn’t make sense.

(Haa… I’m feeling exhausted already.)

Looking at his unserious attitude, it felt weird being the only one on edge.

「Zack, where are we?」

As I took a look around calmy, we seemed to be in a room of about six tatami mats.

A bed, a clothes rack, a refrigerator, an electric fan, open bottles of sake, and underwear flung around; a normal live-in room.

「Nothing special, just my room.」

「…Your room? It seemed that Thor is here too. Are you two perhaps living together?」

「Zahaha, well, I guess you could say we are living together! After all, this is the tenth floor of『Belios Castle』- the living quarters of us normal members!」he said, and drained the sake bottle.

「I see, so that’s what it is.」

It seems that the spot was connected to the inner circle of the enemy territory.

(This is convenient.)

According to Rain’s information, Numero Dolan’s residence is in the immediate vicinity of Belios Castle.

(In that case… The question now is how to escape from this castle.)

Zack mentioned this room is located on the tenth floor.

Given the fact that there would be a lot of members of the Black Organization in the castle, it will be quite difficult to escape from here.

(So close to the president, yet so far. Now, what shall we do?)

And when I was thinking about that,

「Zahaha, you have a serious look on your face. Tell me what’s going on. I might be of help, ya know?」

Zack, who was in a state of drunkenness, offered to cooperate all of a sudden.

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