179. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [30]

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179. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [30]

Zack traced the outer circumference of Belios Castle on the sketch in circles with the pen.

「This castle is a little special. There are no windows whatsoever. To prevent enemies from sneaking in. In other words, the method to get out of here is inevitably limited to three; Use a spot, exit through the front entrance on the first floor, or jump off the roof.」

「I see…」

When I nodded, he began to explain each of the three ways, putting up his fingers one by one.

「First. To escape using a spot, but that’s unrealistic. Leaving aside the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle… General members like me don’t even know where it is. It would be impossible to find the right spot in this huge Belios Castle.」

「That’s true.」

There’s only a couple of hours remaining before the wedding starts.

We can’t afford to slowly look for the spot.

「Second. To exit out of the front entrance on the first floor, but… I have to say that this is also difficult. At the main entrance, there is a castle post which manages the members who enter and exit. If six unfamiliar faces try to exit at the same time, it would certainly raise suspicions. Even if one person exits at a time, if one of you is found out, the entire plan will fall apart.」


Escape from Belios Castle seems to be a major challenge.

「The last one. To escape from the roof. This is the most realistic and safest method.」Zack said, hitting the rooftop part of the sketch.

「The higher you go up in Belios Castle, the less guarded it is. There is no post built there to manage exit and entering, and nobody even goes there just for the fun of it. You guys are swordsmen who managed to sneak into the Holy Ronelia Empire. You aren’t fragile enough to break from jumping off the 20th floor, right?」

「Aa, of course.」

I have darkness, and Ria and Rose have the ability to strengthen their body.

Lilim-senpai’s ability is making detonated clay, so it may be a little tough, but she can make do with Ferris-senpai’s manipulation-type ability.

Sebas-san is the only one whom I’m not sure of, but… well, he should be alright even in his base form.

When I was thinking about that,

「… But isn’t that a little dangerous?」

「Yeah, as Ria says. Emperor Barrel Ronelia should be at the top floor, right?」

When Ria and Rose asked as such, Zack shook his head.

「You don’t have to worry about that. The Emperor is not on the『top floor』but deep in the『underground』of this castle.」

「「Deep underground…?」」

The two tilted their heads to the unexpected response.

「Yes. Rumor has it that they are using the captured phantom spirits and their hosts to perform『rituals』. They don’t want to『incur the wrath of god』even by mistake, is what I heard.」

I’m a little worried about what kind of rituals are being performed, but the president’s rescue is top priority at the moment.

And when the course of action was decided, Zack whispered, with a difficult expression.

「But… Depending on how you look at it, you might be lucky that the political marriage was decided to be held at this time.」

「…What do you mean?」

「Right now, most of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle are working outside the country to secure the phantom spirits. Especially the absence of the『Emperor’s Four Knights』, you can even call that a godsend.」

「Is that so?」

If this information is correct, this might be a once in a lifetime chance.

「I’m sure you don’t have much time. Go now!」

Zack said, ”I pray you get a good result!” and gave a thumbs up.

「…I am not going to thank you though.」

「Zahaha, we’re enemies! Of course, gratitude is unnecessary! But I sometimes think, Allen… that someday we will swing our swords side by side.」

「I’m sorry, but that’s impossible.」

Even if Heaven and Earth were turned upside down, it is unthinkable for me to swing my sword with the Black Organization.

「Zahaha, you never know how life will turn out! Not even in my wildest dream did I think I’d join the Black Organization from being a Holy Knight!」Zack said, laughing happily.

「…Later then. You were a lot of help.」

「Aa, I’ll see you some other time -『Sparkly Gem』!」

After that, we parted with Zack, put on the black cloak, and aimed for the roof of Belios Castle.

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