18. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [1] – part 1


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18. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [1] – part 1

After that, I underwent various tests『just in case』. The results were all normal – my body had completely recovered. I finally got out of hospital and immediately went to see Ria and Rose. They were very happy with my discharge.

And now I was heading to the president’s office with Ria and Rose.

On behalf of us three, when I knocked on the black solemn door,


The administrative voice of Leia-sensei, returned.

I think women’s vocal cords are amazing, because sensei can speak administratively, when in truth, she wasn’t actually doing any work.

「Excuse me.」

We were allowed to enter the room, and when I opened the door slowly,

「Oh, it’s you guys…」

Sensei, who just finished reading this week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Yaiba, was stretching greatly.

「Good morning, Leia-sensei.」

「Aa, morning. Allen, has your body recovered?」

「Yes, I’ve had a lot of tests since then, but there was no problem anywhere.」

「That’s wonderful. – All right, I’m going to have you engage in volunteer activities as punishment for breaking the rules of the Big Five Holy Festival.」

Then, sensei stood up.

Of course, we came here today for that purpose. But before that, there is something I need to ask.

「Sensei, before that… Could you tell me the continuation of that story that ended midway?」

The day I regained consciousness.

Sensei was unusually busy with work, and the important talk ended midway.

「Oops, sorry. Now that you mention it…」

Sensei seemed to have completely forgotten, and clapped her hands together.

「……In the end, what was it that took over my body? 」

「In conclusion, it was your『spirit core』. -Ria, since you’ve already already mastered soul dress, you should have some idea right?」

When sensei turned to Ria, she nodded.

「Spirit Core…?」

As I tilted my head to the word I had never heard of, sensei explained it in detail.

「Spirit Core – it is a『mass of power』 that is said to dwell in the human soul. There are various types of spirits, phantom beasts, ancestral spirits, etc., and the『soul dress』 you aim to master is a concrete representation of a part of this spirit core.」

Finally, sensei closed the talk after prefaced,「This is my guess」.

「You were in a state of being ruled by your own spirit core. This is the most logical hypothesis.」

「……So if other swordsmen are overwhelmed by their spirit core, will they become like that too?」

「In theory, that’s true …That said, a spirit core usually doesn’t have that strong of an ego. You can think of yours as being pretty special.」

「A spirit core with an ego…」

There is a presence in me who has an ego other than my own. It was a very strange feeling which I couldn’t describe with words.

「Well, you don’t have to worry for the time being. It controlled your body for such a long time. There is no doubt that it was exhausted.」

「Is that so……」

According to sensei’s tone, it seems quite difficult for the spirit core to take over my body.

「Now, let’s end this story here – let’s talk about the future.」

Sensei clapped her hands to change the atmosphere.

「First of all, you should go to the Magic Swordsman Association. I’ve already let them know about it, so things should go smoothly.」

「Thank you.」

「So, the way to the Magic Swordsman Association… Rose, can I leave it up to you? 」

「Yeah, sure.」

I wonder why she left it up to Rose?

Then, Rose took out an iron plate out of her bosom.

「I am already a Magic Swordsman.」

The plate had the name Rose-Valencia and the registration number. Certainly, I remember that this was the proof of identity for Magic Swordsmen.

「Eh, Rose was a magic swordsman!?」

As Ria was surprised unexpectedly,

「Un, a little while back.」

Rose nodded.

「Well, that’s why. As a magic swordsman, Rose is your senior. If you have any doubts, you can ask her..」

「Leave it to me.」

Rose puffed her chest.

「Alright then, we’ll leave now.」

「Umu, I hope this will be a good experience for you guys.」

Then we left the Thousand Blade Academy, with Rose at the lead.

Immediately after Allen, Ria, and Rose left the president’s office.


Leia muttered.

「Yes! What is it, Leia-sama?」

He, who was working silently in the corner of the room, stopped his hand and raised his head for the first time.

「You are going to be Allen’s bodyguard.」

「Bodyguard, is it… Understood!」

As soon as he guessed Leia’s intentions, he bowed his head respectfully.

「There were two directors who strongly demanded Allen’s expulsion… According to Ferris, they had even given bribes.」

「My goodness…」

No.18, who heard of the bribe for the first time, raised the alertness of this case.

「There’s a good chance that they might send assassins. If a suspicious guy approaches Allen, crush him immediately. Yours is a little dangerous, but… this time, I’ll allow the use of your soul dress.」


As he was ordered with a new task, he asked something that concerned him.

「…But, will it be alright?」

「Will what be alright?」

「If I leave here, it will impede the current work…」

「……I will specially allow for the documents to be taken out. Carry on with work whilst keeping an eye on Allen.」


No.18 was imposed with the challenge of shouldering the director’s duties alongside Allen’s bodyguard duty, but reluctantly accepted it.

「By the way, Leia-sama, can I ask something?」


「If I escort Allen-dono, I will inevitably have to stick with Ria-jou and Rose-jou as well.」

「That would be so.」

「Well obviously」- even when Leia thought that, she waited for him to continue.

「They are too attractive, and so… How do I say… it’s very difficult to express it…」

Unusually, No.18, was slurring his words.

「What is it, say it clearly.」

Leia frustratedly rushed him to answer.

「That is… if there is an opportunity, can I peek?」

「Are you stupid? Obviously you can’t, refrain yourself!」

「Kuh… U-Understood…」

Thus, No. 18 decided to tackle the three challenges of bodyguard, miscellaneous duties, and abstinence simultaneously.



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