18. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [1] – part 2


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18. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [1] – part 2

We navigated through the capital, Orest, with Rose leading the way.

After enough time had passed since we departed from Thousand Blade Academy – a certain building came into view.

「We’ve arrived.」

As expected, Rose stopped in front of the building.

「T-This is the Magic Swordsman Association…!」

「You’re kidding, right…!」

This three-story building has probably not been renovated for years. The brick exterior walls were exposed to the wind and rain, and flashy graffiti was seen here and there. It was obviously damaging the surrounding scenery…

(Is magic swordsman a profession that is full of barbarians…?)

Holy Knight is diligent and sincere.

Magic Swordsman is frivolous and insincere.

-This is the general public image.

(I thought this occupational image included a lot of traditional discrimination and prejudice, but…)

Looking at this building, I feel like the image fits correctly…

When Ria and I, shrank back at this eccentric exterior,

「What’s up? …Let’s enter」

Rose put her hand on the door as if she was returning home.

Surprisingly, she doesn’t seem to be bothered by this at all.

「E-Eh… are we really going in there? Or rather, is this really the Magic Swordsman Association?」

Ria, the『princess』of the neighboring country, demonstrated a clear rejection.

I feel exactly the same as her.

And then,

「Un, that’s right.」

With her hands still on the door, Rose nodded.

Ria and I exchanged glances, and nodded.

「F-For now, we have no other choice but to enter…」

「R-Right… Un, let’s enter for now…」

Perhaps only the exterior is terrible, and it might be unexpectedly decent inside.

My wishful-thinking was broken within 2 seconds of stepping inside the building.

「This is…?!」

「The smell is so strong…」

「Really? It smells like usual though…」

Immediately after opening the door – the thick smell of alcohol greeted us.

Apparently there seems to be a tavern inside the Magic Swordsman Association, and many people were drinking with each other even though it was still daytime.

(This is…)

Just like the image, no… it’s actually a tad worse.

Ria seemed to have the same impression, and her face was twitching blatantly.

As we stood stunned at the entrance,

「Hic… who… are you guys… unusual faces around here…?」

A man who looked like a drunken magic swordsman, approached us while calling out.

「…Ria, Rose, stand back.」

I said in a low voice and stood in front of them.

「Ooo… hic, lookin’ closely, you little ladies, look veeery pretty…! Why don’t you have a little drink with me?」

He came closer while staggering.

…This is dangerous.

I concluded so,

「-Sorry, but we have something to do.」

I stood in front of the two, and politely refused his offer.

And then,

「Tch…… Nobody – asked you!」

He swung down the bottle of sake in his hand to my head. It hit the top of my head and shattered, and I was covered in sake from my head.

「W-What do you think you’re doing! Are you alright, Allen!?」

「What are you doing…!?」

「Gyahahahaha! Such a wimp! You’re drenched!」

The drunk man laughed at me while holding his belly.


「You crossed the line…!」

Ria and Rose, widened their eyes in anger and tried to rush the man.

「-It’s alright, you two」

I advised against it. We are now, in the middle of suspension. If we make a fuss in a place like this, we’ll cause trouble for Leia-sensei again.

「Besides – it’s just sake.」

Yes. Getting angry over every minor thing, will only exhaust us.

「It’s only sake so…」

「Normally, it would cause a serious injury…」

「No, look… nothing happened.」

Then I showed them that I was not hurt, by brushing off the glass pieces on my head.

「No way…!?」

「There’s no injury…」

This time, I was really just drenched in sake.

(Maybe he held back the moment it was about to hit.)

Even though the bottle of sake hit directly, there was not a single cut on my head.

「Come, let’s go.」


「If Allen says so…」

Then we passed by him and walked towards the receptionist.

Then the other magic swordsmen who had been watching the whole scene unfold, began to laugh all at once.

「Kukuku… Oi Oi, Dread! You were not even considered as an opponent!」

「Gyahahahaha, so uncool! You were made a fool of by those damn brats!」

「So pathetic, Oi! You should just quit being a magic swordsman!」

The magic swordsman who received mockery from the group – Dread-san, was shaking in anger.

Seriously… These people do such unnecessary things.

「Oi, bastard…!」

His pride was hurt – without hesitation, he pulled out the sword fastened at his hips.

「Don’t think you’ll get away easy after making a fool out of me…!」

He swung his sword two to three times, and thrust it out at me – perhaps to intimidate.

(…Well, I can’t overlook it this time)

I looked him in the eye firmly and told him.

「The sword is not a tool for threatening. Are you… really sure about this?」

I confirmed with him.

I firmly confirmed the meaning of the act of a swordsman pulling out the sword.

Perhaps due to the sake, Dread-san fell back two steps.


(!? Is this Allen’s bloodlust…?!)

(So heavy, and so painful…?!)

And then,

「S-Sorry… My bad, I was a little too drunk… I’ve snapped out of it now… As you can see, please forgive me…」

He immediately sheathed his sword, and bowed deeply.

「…Understood. Please be careful of drinking too much.」

I accepted his apology.

Everyone makes mistakes.

I’ve made countless mistakes so far, and most of all, there’s no harm done here. Only my body and clothes smell of sake.

If he kindly apologize, then that’s fine.

「A-Aa…! S-Sorry! Next time, I’ll treat you to it…!」

Saying that, he quickly left the Magic Swordsman Association.

I’m happy about his offer, but… I’m still a minor, so I can’t drink.

And then,


Ria called my name with a slightly faint voice.

Perhaps because she was suddenly entangled with a magic swordsman, her eyes were a little frightened.

Maybe she, who is a princess, doesn’t have this kind of experience. No wonder.

「Are you alright, Ria? Shall we rest somewhere?」

「U-Uun, I’m fine. Just a little surprised.」

「That’s fine, but… If you don’t feel well, don’t push yourself, and let me know.」

「U-Un…! Thank you, Allen! (Thank goodness… It’s the usual, kind and gentle Allen…!)」

Then, we went to the back of the Magic Swordsman Association which had become dead silent for some reason, and went to the reception desk.



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