184. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [35]

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184. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [35]

Numero’s residence could be easily mistaken for a castle or a palace.

The marriage ceremony between Numero Dolan and Sie Arcstria will be held before long in the cathedral on the first floor.

「Those who have a written invitation, please come this way!」

「The ceremony is going to start soon! Please hurry up!」

Due to the schedule being brought forward by Numero selfishly, the ceremony hall was in a substantial state of confusion.

Sie Arcstria sighed loudly as she heard the clatter.

(Haa… What a selfish person. To speed up the wedding ceremony by three hours for his own convenience.)

She was now waiting in the bride’s room for Numero’s arrangements.

(I have always wanted to wear a wedding dress, but considering the marriage partner, it doesn’t bring me any happiness at all.)

Sie looked at herself in the wedding dress, which was reflected on the dresser, as though someone else was wearing it.

Both shoulders and back were exposed greatly, and the skirt was long. A gorgeous dress with a soft volume.

The so-called『Princess Line』.

(Ah… Where did things go wrong…)

She placed her index finger on her chin and glanced absentmindedly at the empty space.

Prince Charming will surely come to bring her away someday. Where she can forget her position, family standings, and responsibilities. And he will make her his only bride. That dream was shattered to pieces by the harsh, cruel reality.

(I wonder if this is the fate of being born of『Arcstria』.)

Live for the country and die for the country – that is the duty of Arcstria.

Sie, who had been taught that since childhood, always knew that her life would not be the way she wanted it.

She knew that she would be used as a tool for political marriage someday.

But somewhere in her heart, she held onto that dream.

Prince Charming who would appear gallantly, and cut away all her ties of obligation.

(But I can’t change my fate after all. No matter where I go, it will always be Sie ”Arcstria”. Live for the country and die for the country… No one can ever change that.)

When she sighed heavily thinking about that, a knock echoed in the waiting room. And the door opened slowly.

From there, an old gentleman wearing a black suit entered the room with an elegant bow.

「Sie Arcstria-sama. Numero-sama is calling for you.」

「…Yes, I understand.」

Sie prepared herself for the worst and slowly headed to the wedding hall.

The schedule was moved forward three hours ahead of schedule, but the cathedral, which was the ceremony hall, was full of people. All the seats were filled by invitees.

They were all nobles of the Holy Ronelia Empire.

Not a single person who received the invitation dared to be absent. In order to curry favor, to build a relationship in the future, not to incur his displeasure – for various such reasons, they all urgently rushed here.

And at the entrance of the cathedral, a man was peeking into the ceremony hall from the peephole of the door. The corners of his lips curled up with satisfaction.

「Nufu. As expected of the great me. Despite the sudden wedding, all the seats are fully occupied.」

Numero Dolan.

A relatively small stature of a hundred and sixty centimeters. Because of his fat body, the highest-grade frock coat he wore was almost bursting out. He was in his late thirties. Slick back styled gold hair. An ugly face with swollen, greedy eyes that instinctively causes disgust.

The swordsman who was assigned as his guard, nodded in agreement.

「Yes, as expected of Numero-sama. This is due to your personal virtue of excelling in all.」

「Nufufu… So you think so too?」

「Not only me, but everyone here feels the same way.」

「Nufufu! So it is my personal virtue after all!」

Receiving the cheap flattery by the guard swordsman, Numero laughed, shaking his shoulder in joy.

Then, Sie arrived, dressed in a wedding dress.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Numero-sama.」

「Nufufu! My, my… What a beautiful bride! That’s my『Number 10』!」

He, who calls all his wife by number, was taken in by the beauty of Number 10.

「…A tool like me is undeserving of such words. I am immensely happy.」

Sie bowed her head gracefully, speaking empty words.

Numero, who was pleased by her obedience, looked at her as though undressing her with his lustful eyes.

「Nufufufufu! I’m going to show you a lot of love tonight, so look forward to it!」

「…Yes, thank you very much.」

Then, the guard cleared his throat when the exchange ended

「Numero-sama. It’s about time.」

「What? It’s already time. All right, let’s go!」

This is how the wedding of Sie Arcstria and Numero Dolan began.


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