185. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [36]

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185. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [36]

The door of the cathedral opened slowly, and the bride and groom entered.

Numero walked in the lead, and Sie followed three steps back, like an attendant.

Breaths of admiration leaked from the guests who saw the bride’s appearance.

「Oh, is that『Number 10』!」

「Amazing! Worthy of being called a『world class beauty』!」

「Dear me. It’s really beautiful. I am almost jealous!」

Touched by Sie’s beauty, they raised voices of praise.

However, at the same time, there was common parlance here and there.

「Kuku… Numero-dono has a pretty『unique taste』. Imagine that beautiful face distorted in pain. It will be most irresistible!」

「Yes, exactly. I wonder how much humiliation she can bear!」

「And Number 10 is the daughter of that House Arcstria! To degrade a high-class woman like that… Fuhihi, I can’t help but to get excited whenever I see it!」

When Numero and Sie were in place in front of the altar, a young priest who was offering prayers to God at the back of the cathedral, slowly stood up.

With an extremely friendly smile, he moved straight to the front of the altar and cleared his throat.

「Today we are going to conduct the wedding of Numero Dolan and Sie Arcstria. First of all, I’d like to open the ceremony with a few words–」

「Nufufu, long greetings are unnecessary! Let’s start with the ceremony!」

The short-tempered and impatient Numero interrupted the priest’s words and gave orders.

「Is that so… Then, let me add just one word as a priest. God says, today will be a holy day.」

After shortly summarizing his opening statement, he started the『vow ceremony』.

「Groom Numero Dolan. Do you swear to accept the love of bride Sie Arcstria with thy merciful heart, and to handle her with care as much as your heart would allow?」

「Nufufu. Of course, I swear!」

「Bride Sie Arcstria. Do you swear to offer all of your body and heart to groom Numero Dolan, and pledge eternal servitude as his possession in health and in sickness?」

「…Yes, I swear.」

Once the terrible one-sided vow was concluded, the priest smiled with satisfaction.

「God! The lost lambs huddled together here have pledged their vows! Please bestow thy blessings upon them by thy merciful will! Groom Numero Dolan, bride Sie Arcstria – Now is the time to seal your vows with a kiss!」

Their eyes met and they each took a step forward.

Numero quietly closed his eyes and waited for Sie’s service.

She exhaled with a tense look on her face – and resolved herself.

(The troublesome guards are far behind. Now is the time to do it!)

The next moment, Sie pulled out a dagger that had been concealed in her dress at an indiscernible speed.

「Numero Dolan, prepare yourself!」

She lunged straight towards his heart.


The ceremony hall became uproarious, and Numero opened his eyes due to the sudden roar.

At the same time, the guards who were on alert near the entrance ran towards the altar with their faces turning pale.

The blessing mood of the ceremony hall crumbled down and broke into chaos.

「Nu, oh…」

A sharp dagger was thrust deep into Numero’s chest, and he fell to his knee on the spot.

(I-I did it…)

Sie, who succeeded in the assassination of Numero Dolan, the great noble of the Empire,


Involuntarily became speechless at the inexplicable scenario unfolding before her eyes.

The dagger that stuck deep into his chest – had no blade.

To be more precise, it was melting as if it had been burned by scorching flames.

The coward Numero fainted in shock, but he was still unhurt.

(This is… the ability of soul dress!?)

When Sie stared at the dagger without its blade dumbfoundedly,

「Kusu kusu kusu…」

An eerie laughter echoed throughout the ceremony hall.

「My My…! The vow to God cannot be altered, you know?」

The priest, who now had a heinous smile on his face – a complete 180 turn around from his friendly smile – flung off his vestment.

Underneath the vestmen was a black coat engraved with a『certain crest』, which was allowed to be worn only by the top executives of the Black Organization.

「…Just when I thought I got through Numero’s guards.」

From the sudden change of outfit and expression, Sie instantly saw through the true identity of the priest.

「Gregor Ash, one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle. I didn’t think such a big shot would be assigned as a guard.」

Having failed to assassinate Numero, color began to drain from Sie’s face in front of an unexpected formidable enemy.


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