186. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [37]

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186. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [37]

Gregor Ash.

A genius swordsman who climbed up to the ranks of Thirteen Knights of the Oracle at the tender age of 20.

He is about 170 centimeters tall.

Straight ashen hair.

A ferocious smile with the corners of his lips curled up. And well-formed facial features.

A black cloak is worn over a white noble suit, and a『certain crest』in grey is engraved on it.

He believed in the existence of God from the bottom of his heart. Several crosses dangled on his cloak.

「As expected of “Arcstria”. You pretended to be obedient, and vigilantly waited for an opportunity to assassinate him. Your approach of doing whatever it takes is genuinely applaudable.」

Gregor sent dry applause her way, while glaring at her with hostility.

「However, there is just one thing I can’t forgive. What were you thinking?! Breaking the vow towards God!?」

As Gregor unleashed intense bloodlust towards Sie, the guests raised their voices.

「That’s right! Kisama,『Number Ten』! What the hell were you thinking raising your hand against Numero-dono!?」

「A tool baring its fangs at its owner is something that can never be forgiven!」

「A person of the Imperial Kingdom attempting assasination on Numero-dono… This will develop into a major international problem! Do you not understand that!?」

In response to the violent jeers, Sie retorted with a nonchalant look.

「I’ve already discarded my Ringard nationality. I don’t belong to any country now. Just Sie Arcstria. Is there a problem?」

If Arcstria, the leading authority of the Imperial Kingdom, raised their hand against the Empire’s great noble, it would certainly develop into an international major problem.

But she doesn’t belong to any country now. The responsibility falls entirely on her.

「Nuu… Trying to act clever!」

Nobles placed great importance on this logic and formality, so they had no choice but to just grit their teeth.

When Sie silenced the nobles, Gregor heaved a sigh loudly.

「Appearances and saving face, logic and formality – those useless things don’t matter! This woman broke her vow to God! That’s the problem here!!」

He pulled out the sword fastened to his waist and pointed the tip at Sie.

「…As rumored, he’s a crazy believer of God.」

What crossed Sie’s mind was the『Gregor Massacre』which occurred ten years ago.

This was a tragedy in a small island country called Rosas, located at the tip of Polyesta Federation.

Gregor Ash, a quiet boy who was ten years old at the time, suddenly said,『God says, slaughter everything that lives on this island』and massacred 30,000 islanders.

The Black Organization, which zeroed in on his brutality and powerful soul dress, soon sent an agent to Gregor, and he then went on to become one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle.

(In the current situation where I failed to assassinate Numero… There’s only one thing I can do.)

Sie calmly used her brain and decided on her next move.

(I will kill the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle, Gregor Ash, and decrease the power of the Empire!)

In order to fulfill the duty of『Arcstria』, she thrust her right hand into the empty space.

「Imitate -〈Aqua Queen〉!」

At that moment, a beautiful sword appeared, as though tearing through space – a sword which was as blue as the sky and as transparent as the sea.

Its ability is the manipulation of all kinds of water.

A soul dress with excellent situational adaptability and abundant means of attack.

「Hou, as expected of Arcstria, the number one spear of the Imperial Kingdom. That’s quite an output.」

Gregor cooed and assumed his stance.

「Aren’t you going to bring yours out? Don’t tell me you haven’t manifested your soul dress.」

Gregor shrugged his shoulders at the provocative remark.

「If I use it, I’ll kill you in no time. God wants blood and scream. That’s why I can’t finish it right away.」

He said, stroking his ashen blade.

「…I see. Hope that that carelessness doesn’t cost you your life.」

Sie quietly dropped her center of gravity, while on maximum guard.

(To produce enough heat to melt the dagger without deploying his soul dress… He must have managed to tame his spirit core quite a bit.)

A swordsman accustomed to handling the spirit core can exercise a certain amount of its ability without bringing out the soul dress.

(Gregor’s ability is probably a type that manipulates fire or heat. In terms of compatibility, he’s not a bad match for me!)

When she concluded so, she moved her center of gravity slightly to the front.

「Well then, let’s get started. The Apostle of God will pass unilateral divine punishment upon you!」

Gregor roared and ran in a straight line.

「Let me hear your scream!!!」


At the same time, the two unleashed a diagonal slash containing their body weight.

And at that moment when both swords collided,


Gregor’s sword went through Sie’s sword.

Her eyes widened and she jumped back at an instant’s judgement.



There was no way to completely avoid that attack in that posture, and a red line ran across her chest.

Fresh blood dyed the pure white dress red, and Sie’s expression turned into one of anguish.

「Oh? I thought it would be decided by that single blow, but you have good reaction speed.」

Gregor, who slashed her chest, sent dry applause.

「…That slash just now. The blade seemed like it disappeared. What kind of ability is it?」

「Fuhaha! Oi Oi, are you seriously asking your enemy that…!?」

He said, and laughed happily.

「Kuku… Normally, I wouldn’t tell you, but… God, who sucked your blood is extremely pleased! As a reward for offering that body, I can tell you a little bit.」

Gregor added,「Be grateful to the benevolence of God」and he held up the ashen sword before his chest.

「This『ash sword』has no substance. No matter what kind of swordsman you are, you can’t defend against my slash!」

「Undefendable slash, huh. It’s certainly a threat, but the fact that it doesn’t have any substance means you can’t defend my attacks either, right?」

「Of course, that’s right. But don’t mistake that the『position is equal』for the both of us. Otherwise, it will end in an instant!」

With a heinous smile, he closed the distance at a tremendous speed.

From that point onwards, the battle was terribly one-sided.

Each time Gregor unleashed a slash, wounds accumulated on Sie’s body one after another.

Sie who has always defended with her sword in every battle.

Gregor who has never once defended with his sword, and has always dodged attacks.

The difference between the『amount of experience』and『perception of distance』had brought him an overwhelming advantage.

(If it goes on like this, things will get bad.)

She decided so and tried to attack using water many times, but the water produced by〈Aqua Queen〉dissipated due to the mysterious power used by Gregor.

As a result,

「Haa, haa….」

In a blood-stained dress, Sie was cornered into a state where she had to use her soul dress as a cane to continue standing.

「What’s up? Yo, are you done already…?」


When the unscathed Gregor kicked〈Aqua Queen〉away, it rolled to the edge of the cathedral. And Sie, having lost her support, collapsed on the spot.

Then, voices of restraint rose from the nobles when the match was completely settled.

「W-Wait, Gregor!『Number Ten』is the property of Numero-dono!」

「If you kill her without his permission, I don’t know what will happen to you!」

Thirteen Knights of the Oracle and the Great Noble of the Empire – their power relationship is very difficult.

If you look only at simple『combat power』, Gregor can be declared the winner.

However, from the viewpoint of『financial power』, it is overwhelmingly Numero.

If Gregor kills Sie here, the deterioration of his relationship with Numero is inevitable.

Then, there will definitely be chaos within the Empire.

The nobles who were afraid of it simply tried to stop him for the good of the Empire.

However, the reply they were given was intense bloodlust which made every hair on their body stand on end.

「Shut up already. Perhaps you bastards can’t hear the voice of God? God is now asking for『blood』and『screams』. Which is more important, Numero or God? You don’t even have to answer that, right?!!」

Gregor is usually very gentle, but when it comes to God, his personality takes a complete 180.

The nobles who knew it full well had no choice but to shut their mouths.

「Haa… It’s good that you understand, it’s good. Of course, nothing takes priority over God. Yeah…」

He silenced the nobles with a glance, and lifted Sie’s face by her chin.

「If you listen carefully, you can hear it too, right? The words of God!」

「Sorry, but I’ve never believed in God before, you see.」Sir said, and bit Gregor’s thumb.

「…?! It hurts, you trash!」


Gregor kicked Sie in the abdomen, and she was blown far back.

「Tch, what a stubborn woman!」

Gregor walked in an irritated manner and stood in front of Sie as she slowly stood up.

「If you really can’t『hear』, I’ll personally convey it to you. God is saying… that you are fated to die here!」

He said, raising the ash sword high in the sky, and swung it down.

Sie, who was riddled with wounds, could do nothing but watch.

(Fate, huh…)

Her life’s memory flashed before her.

The ordinary daily life with her father and mother.

The encounter with Lilim and Ferris.

Picking up Sebas who was on the verge of death.

Enrolling into Thousand Blade Academy.

Fun routine in the student council.

And the last thing she remembered was – Christmas.

The battle with a cheeky junior that she has never been able to beat.

When she launched an attack which put herself in danger, he sighed and said,

【Please limit that sort of thing to today only, okay?】

【Eh… So you’re not going to save onee-chan anymore?】

【No, if you call me, I’ll always come to help you…】

That short line which can’t even be called a promise.

However, for Sie, who has endured strict training since childhood and has never received help from a swordsman of her age before, those words touched her heart deeply.

「Hahaha! Now let us hear a pleasant death wail!」

The ash sword approached right before her eyes.

Her body does not even twitch.

Inevitable death.

In such a hopeless situation, she whispered in a voice that almost couldn’t be heard.

「Nee, help me… Allen-kun…」

In that instant, a jet-black flash ran across the ceremony hall.

With a storm of evil darkness gushing forth, the Black Sword firmly stopped the insubstantial ash sword.

「President, you are as reckless as ever.」

「No way…」

Prince Charming, the knight in shining armor, is an existence who only exists in fairy-tales.

But the one who appeared in reality was – the Prince of Darkness, clad in jet-black armor.


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