19. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [2] – part 1


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19. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [2] – part 1

After ending the trouble with Dread-san before it developed into a bigger problem, we went straight to the back of the association.

As we went straight ahead, we soon found a place that read「Reception」in a large text.

(Q-Quite easy to spot…)

Even if you’re new to this place, you’ll know at a glance that this is the reception – it was a very friendly design.

However, one section was very unfriendly.

(Is that person… the receptionist…?)

It was a man with a frightening look who seemed to be the receptionist.

Clean shaven head. A well-proportioned mustache. Blacker than black sunglasses. A robust muscular body. He appears to be in his mid-forties.

His expression was『nothing』and he was just reading the newspaper silently.

(Is there any other receptionist besides this person…?)

I looked around, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any such person.

(I guess, this person is the only one…)

To be honest, he’s a little scary, but… Leia-sensei seems to have passed on the details, so I’m sure it’s okay… it has to be.

I swallowed my saliva and as soon as I took one step ahead -Ria and Rose pinched my clothes at the same time.

「N-No, Allen! No matter how you look at him, that person seems dangerous!」

「We shouldn’t get involved… that is definitely the face of someone who has killed several people.」

「No, but… that person seems to be the only receptionist…」

First and foremost, the『Magic Swordsman Association』is one of the public institutions.

The receptionist is personnel from the government, so they should be decent… I sincerely hope they are.

(It should be fine… right?)

I’m pretty anxious, but we can’t afford to stand still here.

「…Let’s go」


「…Understood, I’ve prepared myself」

Then, when we three stood in front of the reception with determined resolution,


He politely folded the newspaper he was reading and quietly stood up.


(Looks like a bear…!)


His height was about 2 meters… maybe about the same size as Paula-san.

(In terms of simple size, Paula-san whose width is broader wins… but)

This person was overly intimidating in appearance and body.

There was a different kind of scariness compared to her.

Still – I mustered my courage and spoke.


「-Oi, sonny. I saw what you did… you’re incredible for a guy so young.」

Saying that, he distorted his face.

He was probably laughing, but honestly… it’s insanely scary.


I don’t know what I’m being praised for, but I thanked him for the time being.

「It’s the first time I’m seeing your face, but… Are you the『volunteer』guy that Leia-ojouchan mentioned?」[1. TL Note: “ojouchan” is “Little Miss”]

「!! Y-Yes, that’s right!」

A ray of light was finally visible.

「Oh, so I was right! I’m glad I noticed you guys. I was called on the phone saying『If you see three unfamiliar people, please take them as volunteers』… That’s too little of an information… She cut it abruptly, and I couldn’t connect even if I tried again, so I was troubled about what to do.」

Saying that, he scratched his head.

「I-I apologize on behalf of our sensei…」

I truly was sorry about that matter.

「Haha, don’t worry. She has been like that since long ago. …Well then, it’s a little late, but let me introduce myself. I am Bons. Bons-Dalton. I am the branch manager of the『Magic Swordsman Association Orest Branch』. Nice to meet you guys.」

He held out his right hand and shook hands with each of us.

He looked scary, but he seems to be a good person with common sense.

Our tension reduced slightly, and we introduced ourselves one by one.

「I am Allen-Rodore. I’ll be in your care today.」

「I am Ria-Vesteria. Pleased to meet you.」

「Rose-Valencia. Nice to meet you.」

「Allen, Ria, and『Bounty Hunter』Rose… -Yoshi, I’ve remembered your names.」

Bons-san said that whilst nodding, and matched our faces and names.

「Well, first of all, let’s start with the registration as magic swordsman. The only ones who need to register, are Allen and Ria, right?」


「All right, then, both of you write your full name, age and address here.」

Saying that, he took out two pieces of printed paper that read「Request for Registration」.

Ria and I, fill in the necessary information.

「I’ve finished writing.」

「I’m done too.」

Surprisingly, there were few entries to fill, and it seemed to register only the bare minimum amount of personal information necessary.

「Yoshi, let me see.」

Then he took off the black sunglasses and put on reading glasses.

His eyes that I saw at that time were unexpectedly round and cute, and very kind.

「All right, there are no omitted entries.」

After checking the two pieces of paper, he took off the reading glasses and put on his cool sunglasses again.

「Now then, I’m going to make the plates, so wait a minute」

「Yes, please.」

Saying that, Bons-san walked to the back of the reception.

As soon as he was out of sight, the three of us took a big breath.

The tension had subsided.

「Haa… I’m so glad. He looked scary on the outside, but on the inside, he’s a really nice person.」

「Un, he eyes were cute.」」

「Aa…so glad that he was a normal person」

『People don’t match appearance』 – we were reminded of such a natural thing.

While waiting for Bons-san to make the plates – another trouble brewed.

「-The hell, you bastard! Say that one more time!」

「Oo, I’ll say it however many times you want! The reason we failed the last request was entirely your fault!」

The duo, who seemed to be a party, suddenly started fighting each other.



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