19. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [2] – part 2


Translator: Saitama-sensei Editor:Ryunakama

19. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [2] – part 2

Their faces were already bright red before they were agitated, thus I was immediately aware that they were drunk.

「A-Another trouble…」

「Perhaps this association… has a little too many of them.」

「『A little』means, other associations have troubles too…?」

As we whispered to each other,

「Oo! Fight, fight!」

「That’s it. way to go!」

「Stomach! The stomach is open!」

The magic swordsmen around them didn’t seem to stop the fight, but rather enjoyed it as an appetizer for their sake.

And then,

「…Tch, so noisy.」

Bons-san, who clicked his tongue loudly, peeked from the back.

It seems that the work was over, and two plates were held in his hand.

「Bo-Bons-san, all of a sudden a fight started…!」

As Ria said so, I nodded in agreement.

「Aa, I know. Wait a little.」

Then, he quickly strode to the two people who were fighting.

Apparently, as the branch manager here, he will mediate between the two.

However, the two who were in a heated fist fight, were not aware of Bons-san’s approach.

「Oraaah! Drop Deaaad!」

「Hey, where the hell are you aiming! You dimwit!」

「-Bastards, whose association do you think you’re rampaging on?」

Bons-san’s intimidating low voice resonated.


The heat of the battle of the drunken duo, seems to have receded in an instant.

「Bo-Bons-san… S-Sorr… Buhee!?」

A powerful straight right from Bons-san accurately caught the face of the magic swordsman.


「So strong…」

It was a blow that made Ria and Rose, involuntarily shut an eye.

I confirmed after looking at it..


From the feet to waist. From waist to chest. From chest to arm.

Perfect weight transfer without any wasted movements.

Without even the slightest wavering , the straight right, which was released in a perfect straight trajectory – was an ultimate punch reminiscent of art.

The other man who clearly saw that punch of terror,

「S-Sorry…! B-But he called me excessive baggage…!」

While apologizing, he made excuses desperately to escape the blow of sanctions.

「You know that, don’t you? The rule here is – in a quarrel both parties are to blame! 」

「N-No, No…Guheh!?」

Another punch.

Exactly the same as before, the man accepted the beautiful blow with his face.

Then, after successfully ending their quarrel, Bons-san shouted loudly, which echoed throughout the association.

「You idiots…! Sake is a drink, not something you get swallowed in! Is that clear!?」

After hearing responses from various places, the inside of the association calmed down.

Then, Bons-san, who had just taken care of his work, came back here.

「…Good grief, sorry about that. We have a lot of hot-blooded drunkards in our place. These things happen several times a day…」

「「「Is that so…?」」」

It sounds like a tough job.

Bons-san then returned to the previous topic,

「-Here, this is the plate to prove the identity of a Magic Swordsman. Don’t lose them.」

「「Y-Yes! Thank you very much!」」

The plate I received had a little red sticking to it..

Perhaps it is blood that got on it when Bons-san punched the two magic swordsman.


But after witnessing that powerful straight right, I didn’t feel like complaining about it at all.

「So what are you going to do now? Do you want to accept some requests?」

「Yes, by all means」

「Alright, ……But please tell me a little before that? Why are you guys volunteering?」

Come to think of it, he didn’t get the full story from Leia-sensei.

「Well, that’s because…」

Then I briefly explained the situation.

At the Big Five Holy Festival, I fought a literal『Death Match』with my opponent.

As a result, I was suspended from the academy for one month, and the same punishment was sentenced to Ria and Rose as a joint responsibility.

I can’t receive the soul dress class, but Leia-sensei gave me『a certain punishment』so that my sword arm would not get dulled at the very least.

Thus, we became a volunteer magic swordsman and take on requests for free.

Bons-san listened quietly while sitting on the chair.

「I see, so that’s how it is…」

As soon as he was convinced, he nodded.

「Well, if that’s the case, I’d recommend the extermination of monsters.」

「『Monsters』…? Instead of beasts?」

Beast extermination is subjugation of wild bears, wolves and such – subjugation of animals that are not proactively aggressive but could attempt to harm humans.

Monster extermination is above that – It is the subjugation of dangerous animals that attack humans proactively, such as chimera and ogre.

「Of course! Even if you did beast extermination for an entire month, you wouldn’t achieve any significant growth! A real man should hunt monsters!」

Having said that, he arranged three requests on the desk.

It’s the killing of goblins, ogres, and chimeras, respectively.

He seems to be encouraging us to take these three.

「But then Leia-sensei had recommended beast extermination…?」

「Oh… then you don’t have to worry. Because Leia-ojouchan, still can’t distinguish between the two …Even though, I’ve taught her many times in the past」

Bons-san had a nostalgic look on his face.

(What kind of relationship do the two of them have…?)

I was a little interested but, I didn’t want to spoil his mood by asking something weird, so I kept silent.

「What should we do, Allen…? I have hunted goblins before in Vesteria…」

「Chimera is strong, but perhaps we can manage with three people…」

The two expressed their opinions, and looked at me silently.

Apparently I have to decide.

(Goblin, ogre and chimera…)

Unfortunately, I’ve never fought any of them, so I really can’t say anything.

However, Ria seems to have been able to subdue goblins in Vesteria…

There is also Rose’s opinion that chimera are a strong enemy but three people can manage it.

(…Let’s give it a try )

In addition, Bons-san had been eagerly waiting for us to nod yes.

This is not the atmosphere where I can refuse these three requests anymore.

「For now, I think we should try it.」

「Yoshi! Well, this time, I’ll entrust these three requests to you!」

Saying that, he loudly stamped the three pieces of written request with a seal.

Thus, we successfully registered as magic swordsman, and decided to receive the request for monster extermination.



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