190. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [41]

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190. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [41]

With the True Black Sword in my hand, I started running in a straight line to close the distance with Gregor.

「Shit… Don’t come near me! Embers Forest!」

He judged that close-range battle is disadvantageous and jumped back while creating ash trees.

「You’re not escaping!」

I cut down the trees that blocked my course, making a beeline towards him.

「You monster… Stop cutting my『ash』like it’s some kind of tofu!」

Gaining enough acceleration, I stepped into the certain kill distance and unleashed a downslash with that momentum.


「Tch, don’t underestimate me – Embers Shield!」

When Gregor thrust the ash sword forward, a gigantic ash shield appeared in front of him.

The Black Sword collided with the roundish, bulky shield, and a high-pitched sound rang out.

(…It’s hard.)

Despite the considerable force behind my cut, the ash shield did not crack.

Perhaps he was pouring in a considerable amount of spiritual power.

However, no matter how much spiritual power is poured in, it has no meaning before the slash which tears the world asunder.

「Fifth Sword – World Judgement!」

A single flash that cuts anything and everything, cleaved the bulky ash shield right in two.

When Gregor appeared in my sight again, in between the cut shield, his mouth distorted greatly.

「I knew you’d cut it for sure… Inhuman-san yo! Embers Maiden!」

At that moment, the bulky ash shield, which was cut in two, suddenly attacked from both sides.

Looking closely, the cut cross-section of the shield was lined with sharp thorns.

If you get caught between something like that, your body will be skewered with holes and die instantly.

「Here, take this extra! Embers Sword!」

As though just to be doubly sure, he shot more than a hundred ash swords from the front.

Shield with thorns from the left and right, and a rain of ash swords from the front – simultaneous attacks from three directions.

It’s the kind of attack that used to be my weakness… However, I already have a countermeasure against these.

「Dark Shadow.」

When I whispered that, as though a monster opening its mouth, the dusky darkness swallowed all the ash swords.

「What the bloody hell is that bullshit『darkness』!? A strengthening-type acting like a manipulation-type is just plain broken!!!」

Gregor, obviously irritated, screamed while pulling on his hair with his left hand.

Not missing that slight opening, I zeroed the distance in one step.

「Seventh Sword – Instant Flash!」

Godspeed Iai slash cuts through the sound barrier, and cleaved the soul dress in his hand in half.


I spun around on the spot without killing the momentum, and threw a roundhouse kick using centrifugal force.

「Ka, ha…!?」

At the same time as the sensation of my kick landing on the core of his body was transmitted through my right foot, Gregor was blown away like a ball.

He crashed into the walls of the cathedral. A huge cloud of dust rolled up.

「T-Too strong…」

Just when the president’s astonished whisper sounded, Gregor, gasping for breath, slowly emerged from the cloud of dust.

「Haha… Aa, I understand now… I understand clearly that you are devilishly strong… Just like what Fu and Zack said, you are a great talent that is closer to the Emperor’s Four Knights and the Holy Knights Association’s Seven Holy Swords. Damn bastard…」

He walked towards me with unsteady steps and a ghastly expression, while grumbling something.

「It’s frustrating, but it’s my complete defeat, I can’t even walk properly… If it is a one-on-one showdown, I will be killed no matter how many hundreds of millions of times I challenge you… But you see, at this moment alone… I still have the chance to win! -〈Ember Powder〉!」

Gregor shouted with bloodshot eyes and scattered a tremendous amount of ash.

It covered the entire cathedral, and my field of view was dyed gray.

(Using a smoke screen at this point? Is he trying to escape?)

Thinking about that, I swung my sword horizontally with a flash and cleared the ash powder with the sword pressure.

The next moment,


The president’s scream came from behind.


When I looked back in a hurry,

「Kukuku… Oi, Oi, what are you gonna do now? Things have escalated now… Allen Rodore!」

「…Allen-kun, I’m sorry.」

Gregor, who was pointing the broken ash sword towards the president’s nape, had a triumphant smile.


  1. he shouldn’t have done that.

  2. Oh, nice to see that things are escalating. Btw, this arc has been running for a bit too long. When will it end? Anyway, thanks for the chapter sensei~

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