191. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [42]

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191. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [42]

The situation immediately took a turn for the worse because the president was taken hostage.

「Gregor, you!」

「Ooh, scary scary… Don’t make such a scary face.」

I glared at Gregor, who conducted the worst of the worst acts as a swordsman. He just smiled with an uncaring attitude.

(Shit, what do I do?)

From here to Gregor, it’s about ten meters.

(I can cut him down in one second, but…)

The same is true for him.

In a second, he will surely be able to kill the president.

「…Let go of the president. This is a duel between me and you!」

「Hmm, aren’t you misunderstanding something? This is a battle where I,『one person』, took on Allen Rodore and Sie Arcstria,『two people』, right? One-vs-Two – It’s an unfair battle from the start, and it’s a standard tactic to aim for the weak one first.」

This is a one-vs-two match from the start, and this is by no means taking a hostage – Hiding behind sophistry, Gregor laughed with his ugliness spilling out.

「I see. Did God say,『Take a hostage』…?」

When I said that,

「S-Shut up… Shut up, shut up, shut up! Someone like you shouldn’t speak about God! This is my own arbitrary decision – God’s will is not involved at all! God, who is sacred and holy and pure and perfect… Will never direct such a cowardly means!」he screamed, pulling on his hair.

No matter how much sophism he brings up, even he understands that this is just taking a hostage.

「Haha… D-Don’t get me wrong, you idiot… I am in control of this situation!」

Gregor roared and pushed the tip of the broken ash sword towards the president’s neck.


As I took a step forward without thinking,

「D-Don’t move! Don’t you care about this woman’s life?」

He took a step back with a frightened expression, while threatening.


「…Yes, that’s right. Don’t move from there, you inhuman monster. If you move even one step without my permission… At that moment, I will kill this woman right away.」

While taking full advantage of the hostage, Gregor demanded, in an indifferent manner.

「First of all, throw away that black sword! While you’re at it, put away the evil darkness, too. I don’t wanna see even a little bit of that. If I see even a strange movement in your spiritual power, I’ll cut this woman’s neck right at that moment!」

「…Aa, I got it.」

And when I tried to let go of the Black Sword,


A sharp voice flew.


「…Allen-kun. Don’t care about me, just defeat Gregor.」


Gregor and I both widened our eyes at the thing the president uttered.

「W-What are you saying, president!?」

「Think this through calmly, okay? I broke Numero’s spirit and took down one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle. If I could do this with my own life, isn’t that enough of an achievement? And above all… I don’t want you to die.」she said. smiling.

「D-Don’t be silly! I’ll kill you, shitty woman!」

When Gregor swung his sword in a rage – blood slightly oozed out of the president’s white skin, trickling down her neck in a straight line.

「…Ara, are you not going to kill me? No, you can’t kill me, can you? The moment you stab me, you’ll be instantly killed by Allen-kun.」


She most likely hit the bullseye.

He stiffened, his bloodshot eyes filled with hatred.

「Allen-kun, this is my last selfish request. Defeat Gregor and return to the Ringard safely with everyone. Will you promise me?」

The president said, putting on her usual gentle and soft smile.

Looking closer, her hands were slightly trembling.

She suppressed the fear of death with her steel-like mental strength, barely putting on a brave front.

It’s all just to make sure I wouldn’t worry.

Truly… such a strong and kind person.

「…Understood. I promise.」

If she shows this much resolve, then I have no choice but to respond with an appropriate resolve of my own.

I exhaled loudly, and slowly let go of the Black Sword.

A clang sound resounded.

「Allen-kun, why…?」

「Fu, Fuha… That’s right, that’s right, that’s the correct decision!」

The two had contrasting reactions.

「It’s okay, president. I’ll definitely keep my promise.」

I laughed gently to reassure her.

I’ll beat Gregor and go home together with everyone.

Of course, the president is included in that『everyone』.

(The president’s last request… In order to grant it, I literally have to walk the line between life and death.)

I resolved myself for death and adjusted my breathing.

「Kukuku, Gyahaha…! The next attack will be the strongest slash with all my spiritual power! If a living person took it head on, not even ashes will remain! Are you prepared, Allen Rodore!?」

Convinced of victory, Gregor poured tremendous spiritual power into the broken ash sword.

(…This is going to be huge)

If a living person took it, it is definitely dangerous.

I exhaled loudly and concentrated my mind.


Who on earth was I fighting every single day?

That’s right.

The man I have acknowledged as the strongest – Zeon.

Until now, I’ve been showered with his『strongest slashes』to the point of getting tired of them.

That’s why – there’s no way I’ll be defeated by the attack from Gregor.

There’s no way I’m going to lose to such a cowardly guy who takes the president hostage.

This mind and body that has trained for over a billion years and endured Zeon’s slashes – can’t be broken so easily.

Resolve yourself.

Grit your teeth.

Live even if you die.

「This is the end – Embers Punish!」

As he swung his sword vigorously, a supermassive ash cross was unleashed with immense force.


The moment the president shrieked,

「Ka, ha…」

My whole body was assailed by an unprecedented shock.

The super-high temperature cross crushed me with its overwhelming mass, and in the end it caused a massive explosion.

「Ku, Kukuku! Gyahahahaha! You idiot, big idiot! You’re the biggest idiot in the world, Allen Rodore! You could’ve won easily if you were smarter!」


The massive mass broke my bones, the scorching heat wave burned my flesh, and the bomb blast struck my entire body.

Hellish pain engulfed my body, and my vision was stained with ashes and blood. Relying on Gregor’s vulgar laughter, I ran at him with all my power.

And then,

「Haa, haa… I got you now.!」

While being on the verge of death, I firmly grabbed his right hand.

「O-Oi, Oi…! T-That’s impossible! There should be a line where a human being just can’t survive, right?!!!」

「Can you hear what God is saying, Gregor? That it’s your defeat!」

I gripped the newly formed Black Sword and poured all my spiritual power into it.

「Sixth Sword – Dark Roar!」

In that split second, a torrent of dusky darkness raged.

「Ga, ha…!?」

A gigantic black slash swallowed Gregor whole.

Thus, I triumphed over the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle, Gregor Ash.

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