192. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [43]

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192. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [43]

After triumphing over Gregor, I fell to my knees on the spot, while breathing heavily.

「Haa, haa…」

This time, I really thought I was going to die…

I took a direct hit from the strongest attack of one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle, who are also known as a national force.

It is a miracle to still have all my limbs attached.


While adjusting my breathing, I heal my injuries with the healing effect of the darkness.

(…The healing is quite slow.)

The wounds are quite deep, but…

Dark Roar, which I unleashed at the end, probably took most of my spiritual power with it

As I temporarily performed emergency treatment for the time being,


The president, who was released from Gregor’s clutch, rushed up to me.

「Those wounds… Are you okay?」

「Yes, I seem to be safe somehow.」

I forced a smile so as not to worry her unnecessarily.

「T-Thank goodness…」

She breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on the spot.

「I mean, that’s not it! Why did you take on that attack without the dark robe!? There should be a limit to your recklessness! If things went south, you might have really died!」

The president came close to my face with an angry look. She seemed like she might burst out crying at any moment.

When her sweet scent filled my nostrils, my heart started to beat faster.

「Ahahah, I’m sorry… But you know, I made a promise, after all.」

「The promise is for you to defeat Gregor and return safely to the Imperial Kingdom with everyone, right? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it have been better if you didn’t do that crazy thing and just cut down Gregor?」

「No, I can’t do that.」


「Because for me,『everyone』includes you as well.」


When I said that, her cheeks flushed red and she looked down.

「I-I see…」

「Yes. So at that time, no matter how reckless it was, I had no choice but to do that.」

As I said that, I healed the cut on the president’s neck with what remaining darkness I had left.

「T-Thank you…」

「Yes. You’re welcome.」

When the conversation was over, I took off my uniform jacket and checked its condition.

(…All right, it looks okay.)

Even though it is considerably torn up, the uniform is woven with ultra-reinforced fiber that the Imperial Kingdom is proud of. Thus it retained the original form of a jacket even after Gregor’s attack.

「President, please take this.」

I handed her the jacket.

「Hmm, why…?」

As I thought, the president still hadn’t noticed, and she tilted her head in a cute manner.

「How do I say this… Umm, I don’t know where to look, so it would be helpful if you could wear this.」

There must have been a fierce fight between the president and Gregor before I came here.

Her wedding dress was torn all over. She was in a severely exposed state.

(It barely functions as a dress, but…)

When she slouches in that state, her bountiful breasts are emphasized too much, and I am troubled as to where to look.

「Don’t know where to look…!? A-Allen-kun you pervert!」

The president, who understood my meaning, hurriedly put her hands through the sleeves of the jacket. Her face flushing red to her ears.

「A-Ahaha… that’s harsh.」

After that slight joke, we stood up slowly.

「President. Can I say something?」

I looked straight into her eyes, in a serious tone.

「Y-Yes. What is it?」

She replied with a tense look on her face.

「In the future, if you get involved in something like this again, instead of trying to shoulder everything by yourself, would you please discuss it with me? I might be a little unreliable, but still… I might be able to help you. Will you promise me?」

And when I held out my pinky finger,

「…Okay. I’ll definitely do that next time.」

She whispered with a tone of happiness and thrust her pinky finger to the front.

My boorish pinky finger and her soft, warm pinky fingers overlapped, and we sealed the promise.


I laughed without thinking.

「W-What are you laughing at…?」

She puffed her cheeks slightly and put on a sullen expression.

「No. I just thought you are more like an『imouto』than an『onee-san』.」

「M-Mou… Allen-kun is always so cheeky!」

「I’m sorry, ahaha.」.

We exchanged conversation in a usual manner.

「Let’s go. Ria and everyone from the student council is waiting for us.」

「Yes, let’s go.」

Having succeeded in rescuing the president safely, I left the half-destroyed cathedral and headed towards Ria and the others.

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