194. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [45]

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194. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [45]

Ria and Rose, who took the lead with great force, released their spiritual power that they had suppressed so far.

「Get out of the way – Black Breath!」

「Dance, Sakura Blizzard!」

Wild black flame swept, and vivid sakura petals soared.

The members of the Organization, who were under intense attack by the two, fell down one by one.

「Damnit, the successor of the Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style and the host of Fafnir!」

「Those long-range attacks are annoying… We’ll bring down those two first!」

The moment they quickly reassembled their formation and aimed at Ria and Rose,

「I won’t let you do that, though…」

「Take this!」

Ferris-senpai sealed their movement with psychic thread, and Lilim-senpai swung her burst sword.


A large explosion broke out, and more than a hundred members fell to the ground.

We mowed down the enemies with unstoppable force, and moved forward without stopping.

A little later, when Belios Castle came within eye shot, Numero’s residence behind me was suddenly engulfed in a huge flame.


When I looked back at the explosion,


There was the figure of Gregor who gripped an extremely unstable soul dress.

「That guy is still able to move?」

「I won’t let you escape… *cough**cough*…… !? Haa, Haa…. Taking『three』really messes up the body, after all…」

Perhaps he took a reckless amount of spirit pill to recover from those life threatening injuries.

His body was『assimilated』with his soul dress, and he floated in the air, like『ash』.

(Damn, this is bad…)

From the front, members of the Organization were constantly rushing in.

From the rear, Gregor Ash, one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle.

This is the worst pincer move we could’ve got caught up in.

(Ria and the rest are tied up with opening up a path, and the president is not ready to fight yet… Which means I have to take care of this…)

When I tried to squeeze out darkness by concentrating my somewhat slightly restored spiritual power,

「…Can’t be helped. I will stop Gregor.」

Sebas-san pulled his hood down more deeply and took the position of rearguard.

Then, the president cuts in from the side, as if she had expected it already.

「If it’s you, I’m sure you will be fine, but be careful. Gregor’s sword is an ash sword – a mysterious insubstantial soul dress.」

When she gave a slight advice,

「P-President… Exerting yourself to care about my wellbeing… I am extremely and humbly delighted!」

Sebas-san, overcome with emotion, bowed his head deeply.

…Despite such a tense situation, he is a person who really has a lot of love for the president.

When I was thinking about that,

「Stop! Embers Sword!」

Gregor swung his left hand vigorously and shot more than a hundred ash swords.

「…How sloppy.」

Sebas-san whispered, and shook his sword lightly, as if brushing off a bug.

As a result, all the approaching ash swords turned into fine particles in an instant.


As I strained my eyes and observed, he had already unleashed more than 10『Consecutive Side Sweep.』

(No way, to unleash that many slashes with zero motion…)

Sebas-san is no ordinary man, after all.

His ability from whence he defeated the General of White Lily Academy at the Sword King Festival was still going strong.

「Guh, you too, huh… Why the hell can all of you suddenly defend against my ash sword!?」

Gregor, while scratching his head messily, skillfully handled his ash-like body and instantly closed the distance from the air.

After that, while Sebas-san was dealing with Gregor, we pushed forward, but…

Our initial momentum has greatly reduced, and right now we were moving at a snail’s pace.

That’s because as we got closer to Belios Castle, the number of enemies shot up at once.

「Haa haa… these guys are so persistent!」

「Kuh, no matter how many times I cut, there is no end to them!」

Ria and Rose, who used the power of their soul dress extensively, were already running out of breath.

If the battle continues like this, their spiritual power will run out before long.

「A-As expected of the headquarters of the Black Organization, they won’t let us go so easily.」

「If it goes on like this, it’s going to get dangerous, though…」

Fatigue clearly appeared on the faces of Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai, as they seemed to be running out of stamina.

(Damn, what should we do?)

Sebas-san is holding back Gregor.

Ria and the others can’t keep this up forever.

And, of course, the president is still not in a state to fight.

(If this situation… I have no choice but to do it…)

The burden on my body will be enormous, but…

With all the spiritual power remaining, let’s unleash the sixth sword – Dark Roar.

If I do so, the enemy’s formation will collapse entirely, and a straight road to Belios Castle will open up.

(It will drain my spiritual power, but it’s much better than being annihilated in this place…)

I have confidence in my body’s robustness and fortitude.

Even if it reaches critical condition, until the moment when everyone returns to the Imperial Kingdom, it can continue to move on pure willpower.

(All right, let’s do it!)

The moment I solidified my resolve and created the pseudo-black sword,

「Zahahaha! I heard there was an enemy attack and rushed here!」

Zack Bomber, with his soul dress〈Blaze Cross〉in his hand, fell in front of us from high in the sky.


「Zahaha! It’s been a long time,『Special Class Force』Allen Rodore! I am going to take my revenge for the other day!」

The man, who was clad in raging scorching flame, turned the tip of his greatsword towards me with a heinous smile.

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