195. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [46]

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195. Allen Cell and Political Marriage [46]

Zack, who suddenly appeared in front of us, had completely changed from before and unleashed tremendous hostility.

「Zack, you!」

「Zahaha! I found you at last!」

He held up his greatsword, which was as tall as him, and thrust it into the earth.

「Eat this, Blaze Circle!」

At that moment, a circular scorching flame, with Zack at the center, blazed.

「Wha!? GUAAAA!」

Due to the omnidirectional attack, screams came from all over the place.


I immediately stood in front of everyone and mustered the remaining spiritual power I had left and developed a shield of darkness.



The flame directed at us had no『heat』in it.

It was like a『superficial flame』merely for the sake of looking like a flame.

「Zahaha! That was quite flashy even for me!」

Zack, who disorganised his allies’ formation by burning the members of the Organization, laughed uncouthly.

「Why did you…?」

「Nothing much really. I just thought it would be a waste to lose sparkly in a place like this. Now, cut me down and go. Just don’t kill me, will you?」

Apparently, he’s just putting on an act to help us.

「…Thank you.」

「Zahaha, didn’t you say『I won’t say thank you』?」

「See you then.」I replied to Zack, with a light smile.

「Aa, we’ll meet again elsewhere,『Extraordinary Sparkly』!」

After bidding farewell, I pulled out the sword fastened at my waist and slashed his chest shallowly.


A shallow sword wound ran across his chest, and Zack slowly fell face first.

And then,

「Z-Zack… was done in with only one blow!?」

「Shit… Wasn’t Allen Rodore supposed to be extremely exhausted!?」

The members surrounding us at a distance were bewildered.

「Now is our chance, let’s go!」

We didn’t miss the opportunity that Zack created, and pushed forward greatly.

When the main entrance of Belios Castle came into sight,

「Emergency announcement. Invasion of enemy forces led by『Special Class Force』Allen Rodore has been confirmed. The location is in front of Belios Castle. All swordsmen living in the capital should immediately intercept him.」

An emergency broadcast rang with a loud warning sound.

At the same time, a tremendous number of swordsmen rushed out of the houses in the city.

「T-This is…!?」

They numbered several tens of thousands. Our entire field of view was filled with『people』and『swords』.

「A-Allen… What should we do!?」

「No matter what we do, it’s impossible to handle this number!」

In front of the overwhelming『violent numbers』, Ria and Rose turned pale.

「I-Is there anything we can do!?」

「It looks like this is the end, though…」

Lilim-senpai fell into a state of half-panic, and Ferris-senpai’s shoulders drooped, half giving up.


The president gripped the sleeves of my clothes with a mixture of hope and anxiousness.


I wracked my brain like never before, and tried to come up with an answer to overcome this difficult situation.

(From the rear, Gregor Ash, one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle. And tens of thousands of enemy forces surrounding us from all directions. In addition, we are all in a wounded and exhausted state.)

………It’s impossible.

If you look at the current situation, even a child could understand that.

This was already…『checkmate』.

(Shit, is it gonna end in a place like this?)

While everyone’s shoulders drooped, I still didn’t give up and desperately kept thinking about a way to survive.

At that moment,

「Allen-san, your『potential』should not end in a place like this. Repulse〈Lonely Crown〉.」

A colossal spiritual power that I had never felt before.

「What… is this?」

「M-My body is heavy… a gravity-type ability?」

Streets and houses over an extensive range were crushed by an『invisible force』, and tens of thousands of swordsmen were engulfed by that『wave of destruction』.

It was so overwhelming that it looked like an actual natural disaster. Such a sight that it took my breath away.

(There is no mistaking this power… It’s Clown-san’s『Repulsive Force』!)

I can’t see him, but he seems to be secretly lending a hand from somewhere.

「W-What a tremendous spiritual power! The output is on the same level as the Seven Holy Swords.」

「That shady-looking man… I never thought he’d be hiding this much power.」

Ria and Rose murmured so, astonished by Clown-san’s power.

Then we turned forward and just kept moving our feet.

「Allen, look over there!」

Ria pointed to the main entrance of Belios Castle, where three swordsmen were lying in wait.

(Are they possibly…!?)

Looking closely, their outfits were the same as those worn by Fu Rudras and Rain Glad; the highest executives of the Black Organization.

In other words, those three swordsmen are no doubt Thirteen Knights of the Oracle.

(Damn, we’re so close, and yet…)

That『so close』… was terribly far away.

「After coming this far, there’s no choice but to do it! Breakthrough right from the front!」

I created the pseudo-black sword and leaped to the forefront.

I am overwhelmingly outmatched, but there’s no other way but to move forward!


The moment I tried to attack,

「-Supreme Wind Blade!」


A tremendous gust of wind arose from our feet, and we soared high into the sky.

(This technique belongs to!)

When we landed on the rooftop of Belios Castle, there stood – the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle, Fu Rudras.

「Hmm… There’s a nice wind blowing today.」

Fu whispered unnaturally, and dropped his gaze to an old, thick book in his hand.

「I don’t know why you helped, but… you saved us!」

Thus, we who managed to break into Belios Castle started running for the『spot』on the tenth floor.


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