20. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [3] – part 2


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20. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [3] – part 2

Then we went due west and found a beautiful stream before long.

We went upstream while being vigilant of the surroundings.

And then,

「O. O. Oー…」

「Uu Uu Uu…」


We discovered three ogres.

They were groaning and lumbering along the stream of water.

I’m sure they are looking for prey.

「Even so, they’re huge…」

Although I’ve heard the rumours, seeing them in real life, they seem much bigger.

(Just from looking at them, they seem to be around 3meters…)

All three are a similar size, with a large club in their right hand.

If we took a blow from that huge body… I’m sure we wouldn’t escape unscathed.

One wrong move, and it might even spell our deaths.

We were overwhelmed by their huge body, but began to discuss by whispering.

「So, should we attack from the front after all?」

「It’s a little scary, but since it’s for training… that’s the way to go.」

「It’ll be fine. Ogres are dumb. If you include a feint, they will scatter immediately.」

Apparently, Rose, who excels in technique, seemed confident in the ogre subjugation.

Certainly, her agile movements and the Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style are compatible when facing against ogres.

「I… want to compare strength with the ogres a little.」

「Fufu, Allen. I was thinking the same thing.」

Ria laughed happily saying that.

To be honest, saying「I’m not afraid」would be a lie.

Even so, I wanted to know how my physical strength compares to the ogres which boasts brute strength – As a swordsman, I was naturally curious.

「If you think you can’t win by force, strike back with your sword right away, ok?」

「I know, I won’t be rash.」

「I just want to test a little. Don’t worry.」

We readied ourselves and – I threw a pebble at one of the ogres.

And then,


The ogre which was hit on the back of the head, turned around, and the remaining two followed suite.

The ogres which noticed our presence, distorted their faces as though saying,「We’ve found our prey」.

「-Here they come!」


「I’m ready!」

As we each assumed our respective stance,




The ogres rushed towards us simultaneously.

Contrary to their huge bodies, their movements were quick.

That body is by no means fat, everything is made up of muscles.

「Let’s see who’s stronger… come!」

I maintained Seigan no Kamae and waited for him to step into my range.

And then,



The moment when my sword and the ogre’s club collided.


Due to the overwhelming strength difference – the ogre was blown away.


I stared wide-eyed at the ogre rolling far away.

After that,

「High King Style – Strong Strike!」

「Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style – Sakura Flash!」

Ria’s raw strength comparison with the ogre ended in a draw, so she pushed back the ogre with the natural strength of her soul dress.

On the other hand, Rose, with her fluent sword technique, finished off the ogre with a brilliant strike.

And after all the ogres were finished off, I called out to Ria and Rose.

「Good job you two.」

「Thanks… but, it’s kind of a mixed feeling.」

「Allen, when did you train that much?」

「No, I’ve been sleeping in the hospital for the past few days, so my body should be dull…」

I felt almost no resistance from that ogre.

Perhaps it was originally weak or was it the least powerful of the three? It has to be one of those.

Thus, the monster extermination advanced more smoothly than expected.

Certainly, as Bons-san said, it was correct to choose the monster extermination rather than the beast extermination.

Then we headed to the last of the three requests – the chimera subjugation.

Unlike the previous two requests, the Chimera’s nest was clearly written on the request form.

We carefully head to the chimera’s nest so that we don’t come into contact with other troublesome monsters and beasts.

We crossed the river, through a small pond, and followed down the monster’s trail – and found its nest.

「…It’s here」

There was a chimera in the middle of a slightly raised plateau.

A chimera is a monster consisting of three species: a lion, a goat, and a snake.

Its face is a lion, the back of its body has a big goat head, and the tail is a long snake.

In particular, the snake’s movement is agile, and its fangs have strong paralysis poison.

Because all three animals have independent mind, it is a very strong opponent.

The chimera in front of us was sleeping comfortably lying prone on a makeshift bed of tree branches and grass.

「It’s sleeping like that even though there is only one of it… Isn’t it too open? 」

「…No, look closely. The snake on the tail has one eye open.」

Rose pointed to the tail of the chimera.

As she said, looking closely, the purple snake was on the lookout for the surroundings with one eye open.

「Chimera is different from our opponents earlier. Don’t drop your guard.」

Rose urged us to be cautious.

「Have you fought one before, Rose?」

「Un, in the past.」

Then Rose told us about the experience at that time.

「It was a formidable enemy. The lion in front, the goat on the back, and the snake on the tail – each attack and defend at its own discretion. Anyway, there was no gap, and I couldn’t close the distance to attack.」

「That is certainly troublesome…」

「Yeah, but what was most troublesome was it’s outer skin. The outer skin of the chimera is very hard. If you don’t step in close enough, it can’t be cut」

「I see… To deal damage, you need to get close. However, it is difficult to close the distance because the three animals get in the way…」

Rose nodded immediately.

(It certainly is formidable…)

This monster is no fool.

It has a good grasp on the distance which would spell trouble for it.

In other words, if you try to close in more than a certain distance, the three animals – lion, goat, and snake will block you simultaneously. Certainly, just from listening to the story, I understand that it’s a formidable enough an enemy.

Then we discussed with each other and decided on a strategy.

First of all, me and Ria – the two people who can unleash heavy attacks in close combat, will suppress the lion and goat which holds raw power.

In the meantime, Rose will finish off the troublesome snake with the fast Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style.

After that, while maintaining the advantageous situation of three vs two, we will wear it down gradually with our attacks.

Don’t try to force a certain kill blow or hit a vital point – a solid strategy.

「Ria, are you ready?」

「Yeah, let’s go on the count of three. Rose, match that and quickly suppress the snake.」


Then, Ria slowly began to count.

「Three… Two… One…」

Tension ran through all three of us,


At that moment, we rushed out all at once.


However, before I noticed – I had already closed the distance to the chimera’s torso.

A defenseless torso in front of me.

Ria and Rose were still far behind.




The snake hissed violently, and the lion and goat jumped to their guard when they heard it.

「But, it’s too late.」

I was already stepping into their chest – right at the certain kill distance.

(…I can do it!)

At this distance, even without a certain kill technique, I can deal significant damage!

I swung down the sword I had already raised overhead – in one breath.

「Eighth Sword- Yatagarasu!」

At that moment, eight sharp slashes assailed the chimera.

Moreover, it was different from the previous Yatagarasu.

The attack branched into eight slashes as usual, but each one of them was terrifyingly sharp – each was like a stroke that was swung down by concentrating every nerve in the body.

And the eight slashes, as though cutting tofu – split the chimera into eight pieces in an instant.



「N-No way…」

From behind, looking at the eight pieces of chimera, Ria and Rose solidified while still holding their sword in hand.

Thus, the first three requests were completed almost by me solely.



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