205. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [2]

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205. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [2]

Tenshi of Ringard, Wendy Ringard.

She is fifteen years old, the same as us.

Beautiful, pale pink hair that stretches to the back.

The height is almost the same as Ria, around 165 cm.

She has an angelic look and a perfect shape.

She was wearing a pure white dress with her shoulders exposed, the same as when I met her at the Keishinkai before.

(Why on earth is the sovereign of this country in the director’s office of Thousand Blade Academy?)

Behind her was Rodis-san in an inconspicuous outfit, and Leia-sensei, who wore her usual black suit.

「…It’s been a while, Tenshi-sama.」

I bow in a formal way while being strongly cautious of her.

Ria and Rose followed suit. An oppressive atmosphere hung over the director’s room.

(…Tenshi-sama is the person who sold the president to the Empire. I can’t let my guard down around her anymore.)

And when the three of us kept silent with our guards up,

「…Coming here was the correct answer, after all.」

「Yes, it would seem so.」

Tenshi-sama muttered with a sad expression, and Rodis-san replied in an unsurprised manner.

「Director Leia. I am sorry, but could you take on the role of mediator?」

「Yes, of course.」

Sensei readily agreed to Tenshi-sama’s request and stood in front of us.

「Well then, I don’t know where to start, but… Anyway, you did really well yesterday. Thanks to you, we were able to postpone the collapse of the Imperial Kingdom. Thank you.」

She said something that doesn’t make much sense and expressed her gratitude.

「Well, due to a number of reasons, I was chosen as the mediator, but… As you know, I’m not very good at the art of discussion. So don’t expect me to make it easy to understand, okay?」

「Yes, it’s fine.」

「Yeah, I know.」

「I’m aware of that. Because everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, after all.」

It was during April last year, following soon after the Big Five Holy Festival. There was an urgent meeting between the Directors of the Five Academy’s.

At the place where punishment was being decided for Sid-san and I, sensei got riled up by the provocation from the other presidents and went on a rampage.

As a result of that, not only me and Sid-san, but also Ria and Rose were suspended for a month.

(She is a very reliable sensei, but…)

Unfortunately, the art of discussion is beyond her.

This was the common understanding between me, Ria and Rose.

「Immediate answer, huh… Ha, hahaha… I can feel the confidence in you…」

Sensei smiled a little sadly.

「…We don’t have much time, so let’s move on.」

With a discouraged look, she cleared her throat.

「It’s regarding the political marriage of Sie Arcstria, which you splendidly stopped yesterday. The execution of this top secret plan – Tenshi-sama『opposed』to it until the very end.」


We were taken aback for a moment by the unexpected statement.

「This is a confidential matter, but… This country is now in a very unstable situation. The『Royal Faction』led by Rodis-san and Tenshi-sama and the『Noble Faction』led by the great nobles – these two factions are engaged in fierce political strife.」

Sensei said, and went on explaining.

「I’d like to briefly explain the difference between the two. The royal faction puts the national interest first and wants the development of Ringuard Imperial Kingdom and the rest of the world. On the other hand, the noble faction wants to sell the Imperial Kingdom to the Holy Ronelia Empire and eventually fulfil world domination.」


We raised our voices involuntarily at the shocking remark.

「W-Why is the noble faction pushing to join the Empire!?」

If the superpower of evil which leads the Black Organization were to control this world… It will be Hell on Earth

「The guys from the noble faction are connected to the nobles of the Empire behind the scenes.『The rich hang out with the rich』kind of thing… They were apparently promised the ranks of nobles in the Empire in return for selling the Imperial Kingdom.」

Sensei shook her head with a sour face

「…But why does the noble faction have so much power? There are many different factions in Vesteria too, but none of them have the power to go against father.」

Ria asked curiously, while tilting her head.

「About that… The noble faction has one of the seven strongest swordsmen of mankind, the pride of the Holy Knights Association – one of the Seven Holy Swords in their hand. They use that overwhelming『military might』as their backing, and grow increasingly impudent every year.」

When sensei said that, Rose, who had been silent up until now, spoke.

「The existence of the Seven Holy Swords is certainly astounding, but… This side has『Black Fist』Leia Lasnode, right?」

「I’m happy you evaluate my military might as such, but… Unfortunately, I have to say that the current situation is quite bad. The Directors of the Five Academy’s except me and Ferris, and the Five Wealthy Merchants except Rize Dorahain – all of them support the Noble Faction.」

Sensei exhaled loudly, and continued to explain.

「Rize, who insists on staying neutral, is as easy going as ever. I never know what she’s thinking. And on the other hand, Chemy Festa of White Lily Academy, is also a neutral party, but… we’re talking about the『woman of eternal debt』here. As soon as money is thrown, she will start wagging her tail for the noble faction. In other words, the royal faction is in a precarious situation.」


When we heard the Imperial Kingdom’s overly-suffering situation, we were simply speechless.

「In the end, what I want to say is… It is unquestionable that Tenshi-sama is the one who made the final decision in this case. But that was the result of pressure from the noble faction, and that she was rather strongly opposed to it.」

Sensei said, summarizing the current story in a short way.

When I casually turned my eyes towards Rodis-san, he nodded with a serious expression.

It seems that the story now is all true.

When the director’s office fell completely silent, Tenshi-sama spoke.

「My power is not going to be enough, and the Imperial Kingdom is in a more perilous situation than ever before. However, there is a『reverse card』that can turn this whole situation upside down.」

As she looked straight into my eyes, a ray of hope was reflected in her eyes.

「A reverse card…?」

I wonder if there really is such a convenient thing.

「Yes, that’s right… Have you still not realised it yet?」

「Umm, what is it?」

「The reverse card that can turn everything upside down – is you. The『singularity』known as Allen Rodore.」


I couldn’t comprehend what Tenshi-sama was trying to say at all, and replied with a stupid sound without thinking.

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