21. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [4] – part 2


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21. Magic Swordsman and Black Organization [4] – part 2

Then we went to our client’s grandmother, Sandy-san, and immediately left the city of Orest.

On the way from Orest to Drestia,

「Haee…?! You all are students of that Thousand Blade Academy?」

Sandy-san was amazed.

「Y-Yes, more or less.」

…In the middle of suspension though.

「If the students of Thousand Blade Academy are escorting me, then that’s very reassuring. But is it okay? This request is cheap, isn’t it? We are poor wheat farmers after all.」

She pointed to the large number of sacks on the wagon.

It was packed to overflowing with threshed wheat.

I took a look a little while ago, the color is good, and the richness of the skin is just right.

It’s a fine first-class wheat.

This will surely fetch a good price.

「Ahaha, money is not the purpose.」

This is purely volunteering, and not for the sake of wanting money.

In fact, we have not received any rewards for all the requests we have completed.

「However, the Thousand Blade Academy… Recently, people say that they’ve 『fallen』, but their image of being the『strongest』during our generation is still fresh in our memories」

Thus, Sandy-san began to reminisce about the past.

「Especially Black Fist Leia-Lasnode! I don’t know much about it, but I’m sure it was called『No-Sword Style』? Anyway, she was really cool… She battered every single one of her opponents! It was always a pleasure to watch that woman!」

Sandy-san showed her punch with her right hand.

「The only person that stood a chance against her was Ferris of Ice King Academy! But in the end, it seems Ferris never won.」

「Heee, is that so…」

She told us quite an interesting story.

While listening to the stories of Thousand Blade Academy from the old days, we arrived at Drestia in no time.

Fortunately, we never encountered any beast or monster throughout the journey.

「I’m glad that we were able to finish the task without any problems.」

「Thank you. I had a lot of fun telling those stories. Well, I’ll take my leave… ha!?」

Sandy-san suddenly hardened like a stone statue in the middle of the conversation.


「W-What happened!?」

「Are you alright?」

「Back… my back…!?」

She squeezed out those words forcefully.

Speaking of which … Bons-san said the client had a weak back.

「A-Anyway, let’s go to the hospital!」

When I was still a kid.

I still remember clearly that Bamboo geezer injured his back and laid in bed for a long time.

That energetic bamboo geezer was barely able to move for a whole week.

It seems that if you hurt your back, you can’t really move.

「No, no! It’s a contract to deliver the shipment by noon today…」

Apparently this wheat has a delivery time.

In addition to that, it’s noon today – there’s only an hour’s grace.

「U-Understood. Then I’ll take responsibility and deliver it!」

「I-Is it really alright?」

「Yes, leave it to me.」

「T-Then, I’ll rely on you…」

And then, Sandy-san took a piece of paper out of her pocket.

The delivery date of wheat, the delivery place, the purchase price, etc. were written on it.

It looks to be the contract.

「I’ve properly received it. Please take Sandy-san to the nearby hospital.」

「Y-Yes, that’s fine but…」

「Will you be fine alone, Allen?」

「Aa, leave the shipment to me… Oh yeah, once we’ve taken care of things on both our sides, let’s meet at that huge clock tower.」

I pointed to the clock tower that stood out just in front of us.

「Yeah, understood.」

「Be careful.」

「Thank you. Well then, take care of Sandy-san.」

Then I went to the delivery location by relying on the contract I received from Sandy-san – there was a map drawn on it.

「This should be the place.」

There was a shop called『Rocky Store』at the location shown on the map.

(It would be a nuisance to carry all this wheat into the store, let’s take only one sack)

I opened the sliding door with a rattle, and entered the store with a sack of wheat.

A little further in, I found a shopkeeper-like person in the back of the store.

「Oh. is it a customer?」

「No, a wheat farmer named Sandy-san injured her back, so I’m a magic swordsman who has carried it here on her behalf.」

「Ho… magic swordsman huh… In that case, can you show me the documents?」


Then I handed over the valuable contract that she had handed over to me.

As he took a look at it,


For some reason, instead of the wheat I had brought up here, he sized me up from head to toe.

「Maa… it’s going to be half price.」

「…Half price?」

「You’re a slow guy aren’t you… I’m saying I’ll buy it at half the price of the contract.」

「Wha! What do you mean!?」

「You see, this wheat… it’s pretty bad quality. I want you to be grateful that I’m even buying it for half price.」

He picked a pinch of wheat from the sack and evaluated as such.

「That’s not true. This is very good wheat!」

「Ha, what would a third-rate magic swordsman know about it? Huh?」

「You can understand it at a glance. In my village, agriculture is prosperous and I’ve seen a lot of wheat. I can assure you, there are no quality issues with this wheat. On the contrary, it’s a splendid first-class wheat!」

The shopkeeper, bluntly clicked his tongue.

「Tch… what a troublesome brat. – Excuse me, can you come in here now?」

Then, from the back of the store, a duo of tall guys with large body builds appeared.

「Oh my… Rocky-danna, is there a problem?」[1. TL Note: “danna” is “master of shop”. So the shopkeeper is the boss of Rocky store.]

「Nnー at a glance, he looks to be a magic swordsman but… isn’t he just a brat?」

「I’m sorry to bother you guys… This brat doesn’t seem to get the point.」

The duo exchanged glances and shrugged their shoulders simultaneously.

「Oi, Oi, small kid. Children should listen and do as adults say, you hear?」

「It’s still not too late, you know? Hurry up and apologize to Rocky-san.」

It looks like these two are bouncers at this store.


「Kukuku, what is it?」

「-It’s weird to reduce the price of this fine wheat by pointing quality as the reason. I’d like you to buy it for the right amount.」

When he heard my response, he heaved a sigh.

「Haa… This is why I dislike magic swordsman. They don’t have the basic intelligence……I’m sorry to bother the two of you, but please take care of this one here.」

「Fufu, it can’t be helped.」

「I can’t even call something like this as work.」

The pair of men drew closer to me in long strides, while cracking their shoulders and necks.

And then,

「Here… take this!」

One of the men pulled back his arm and unleashed a straight right.

(…What is this?)

Wasteful weight transfer.

Useless preparatory actions.

The fist grip is also loose.

It cannot be compared with Bons-san’s artistic straight right.


I quickly threw a back fist into the man’s solar plexus which was full openings.

「Hau… ga…!」

His face turned pale at the sudden shock and fainted as he collapsed on the spot.

「Wh-What did you do!?」

「…Eh? Did you not see it?」

To look away during a battle… It seems that this pair are amateurs who simply have big bodies.

「Don’t screw around!」

The remaining one, raised his right hand overhead in the same way, and tried to strike.

This is also a terrible attack same as the other man.


「Haga, ha…!?」

I threw a back fist at the same spot as the first man, and rendered the second man unconscious.

Now, we can finally talk in peace.

「Now then…」

When I got a step closer to Rocky-san,


He seemed to be a little scared, and he desperately retreated back with his butt on the floor.

「I have not made an unfair request. So, I’ll say this one more time. -Won’t you buy it for the right amount?」

「A-Aaaaa! U-Understood! O-Of course! I’m sorry, I swear not to do something like this ever again! S-So, please spare my life!」

I didn’t say a word about taking his life… well, it doesn’t matter.

「Thank you. I’ll bring in the rest of the wheat. Where should I place it?」

「J-Just leave all of it in front of the store! We’ll take care of the rest!」

「Oh, that’s would be helpful.」

After that, the moment I finished unloading all the wheat that was in the wagon in front of the store, he shoved out a small leather bag of cash.

「I-It’s the full amount as written in the contract. You can confirm it.」

Just in case, I checked it and it was filled with cash exactly as written in the contract.

「-I’ve confirmed the amount. Well then, excuse me.」

As a minimum courtesy, when I bowed lightly and tried to leave the place,

「…H-Hey, just who are you!?」

He asked me such a thing at the end.

「I’m no one important. As you said – just a third-rate magic swordsman.」

Thus, I managed to deliver the wheat safely, and went to the rendezvous point to meet with Ria and Rose.



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