212. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [9]

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212. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [9]

Two hours after the start of the special exam. The hundredth opponent was just over.

「Haa, haa… Shit…」

「Are you all right?」

When I reach out to the examinee who was on his knees in front of me,

「Y-Yes… Thank you very much for the match!」

He said happily and bowed deeply.

Looking at this appearance, it seems that the healing of darkness is not necessary.

Unfortunately, there were still no successful applicants at this time.

Not one swordsman has been able to land a hit on me so far.

As I was thinking about what to do about it, I saw the remaining 200 students discussing amongst themselves.

「No, no, no. Isn’t he a little too strong?」

「『First-Year Strongest』is not just for show. It’s the same for simple swordsmanship, but above all, our physical abilities are levels apart.」

「And far from running out of breath, he has not even moved a step from there… C-Could we still change over to the general exam?」

They were secretly talking amongst themselves in whispers, while repeatedly glancing at me.

They’re most likely sharing my weaknesses and movement tendencies.

「Well then, the next one please.」

When I said that and encouraged the students, a female student stood in front of me.

「Exam number 2710, Lou Lorenti. Please go easy on me, Allen-senpai?」

「Aa, don’t worry.」

After a short greeting, I assumed Seigan no Kamae, and she pulled out two swords with a short blade.

(Is that a short sword? Even so, it’s rare to see a double-sword user.)

Lou Lorenti.

Light pink medium hair.

Lovely facial features full of charm.

She is a little short, about 155 centimeters tall.

Lean body figure, with young, healthy skin.

She is wearing a white uniform from some swordsmanship academy.

(…This girl is strong.)

She felt a little different from the rest of the examiness up to now.

I felt something like a unique『pressure』and『experience』.

「Then, here I come?」

「Aa, come.」

The moment I nodded, Lou’s small body leapt like a spring and closed the distance in one breath.


With enough acceleration, she thrusts out with her right short sword.

A merciless, wonderful blow aimed at my chest.

(…Her step in is really good.)

While having that impression in mind, I intercepted it with an upwards slash at an angle.

Our slashes collided, and a metallic sound echoed.

「Kuh… Right there!」

Having decided that she couldn’t win by force, she immediately spun her body and unleashed a diagonal slash with her left short sword.

(A perfect reaction for when the first attack is defended.)

I’m sure it’s a pattern she has practiced over and over again.

A fluid movement without any wasted steps. Shifting quickly from a thrust to a slash.

I took half a step back and avoided it with bare minimal movement.

「I’m going to kick you in the side.」


When Lou heard my warning, she instantly defended her abdomen with the double sword.

I threw a middle kick containing my body weight right there

「Guh, heavy!」

As she was blown away, she managed to reorganize her posture in mid-air and splendidly killed the impact.

(Reaction speed and defensive movement are good.)

Because of her small physique, her slashes are a little『light』, but…

It shouldn’t matter once her body grows.

When I was doing that analysis,

「As expected of Allen-senpai. I thought if it was just one hit, I could do it, but… It seems that my calculations were a little naive.」

Lou bites her lower lip, with a gloomy look.

(Things are looking grim at this rate. If I don’t enter Thousand Blade Academy and create a『relationship』with Allen-senpai, nothing will start…)

Then she exhaled loudly and let go of the two short swords.

「Haa… I didn’t expect that I would have to bring it out in this place.」

At that moment, the air surrounding Lou changed dramatically.

(I see, so she had manifested it after all…)

Such a talented individual.

I just thought that she “might have”, and it would seem that I was correct.

「Fall -〈Companion Partner〉!」

The next moment, as though tearing through the empty space, two red-brown short swords appeared.

(Sharpened swordsmanship, high physical ability, in addition to those, soul dress is already manifested.)

This will well meet the passing criteria.

When I was thinking about that,

「Nee, Allen-senpai. When this fight is over, the wounds will be cured properly, right?」

Lou suddenly asked, tilting her head.

「Aa, of course.」

「Is that so? Well then, I really don’t like pain, so please help me right away, okay?」

When she said that with a fleeting smile,

「Fuu… HA!」

All of a sudden, she thrust〈Companion Partner〉deep into her left palm.


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