214. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [11]

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214. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [11]

Anxiety, fear, and fretfulness – the examinees eyes were mixed with such negative emotions.

(T-This is bad. I need to explain the situation right away, or else…)

From a bystander’s perspective, the man known as『Allen Rodore』would seem to be an emotionally unstable individual.

Just when he seemed like treating Lou’s hand, the next moment he strangled her neck.

A few seconds later, he releases and sincerely apologizes.

(This could be seen as psychopathic to a certain extent…)

It is very natural that the examinees who don’t not know anything would be scared.

I decided to explain the situation quickly to get rid of their fears.

「Everyone, please calm down and listen. The thing just now was, how do I say this… My spirit core seems to have gone a little wild. So, I’m sorry…」

I apologized sincerely without trying to make excuses, but…

「W-Went wild…?」

「N-No, no… Isn’t your emotional swings too violent?」

「The kind and gentle face on the『front』, but ferocious and violent face on the『back』… Perhaps the rumours were true after all…」

I don’t think it was very effective looking at their reactions.

(I guess it is no use if the person in question makes excuses… I have no choice but to seek the help of a third party…)

And as I looked to the vice-director to ask for help,


He was also unable to stand up due to Zeon’s bloodlust.

(This is… an emergency.)

I used the transceiver attached to my ear and hurriedly contacted Leia-sensei.

「This is Allen. I’m sorry, but Zeon took over my body for a moment…」

As I reported the problem concisely,


I heard a loud noise as though she had fallen from her work chair.

「W-What do you mean!? What the hell happened!?」

「Yes, actually-」

Then I briefly explained the trouble that had just occurred.

During the special exam, I crossed swords with a girl named Lou Lorenti.

She developed her soul dress〈Companion Partner〉, and it is presumed that her ability is to link herself to the target’s condition.

As a result of Lou thrusting the short sword into her hand, for some reason the effect befell Zeon and he suffered an almost insignificant cut.

That is why he flipped, took control of my left hand, and tried to break Lou’s neck.

She was all right in the end, but ran away somewhere. And now the students are scared and it’s difficult to continue the special exam.

「I see… However, the ability to link oneself and the target, huh… It’s an extremely rare ability that I’ve never heard of before.」

Sensei whispered with great interest.

「Okay, I’ve got a grasp on the situation for now. So, what about Zeon’s condition?」

「Let’s see… He seems to be very calm right now.」

As I concentrated my consciousness on the world of the soul, there was complete silence.

Perhaps he was sleeping on that rock with a crack running across its surface.

「Hmm… He’s probably already saved up a lot of spiritual power. Be more vigilant than ever before so that you don’t lose control of your body in any circumstances.」

「…I understand.」

We can’t let Zeon out into the outside world.

This is a common understanding between me and sensei.

「By the way… What should I do about the special exam?」

「All the students were afraid of Allen, weren’t they?」

「Yes, it feels so…」

When I looked at them, they all looked away at once.

My heart ached a bit…

「If that’s the case, there’s no choice. We’ll give up the special exam there and let the students take the general exam as usual.」

「Yes, I understand.」

After that, I interrupted the special exam and directed the examinees to the site of the general exam.

From there on, there was no big problem, and the exam was conducted normally.

Although there were various troubles along the way, this year’s Thousand Blade Academy’s entrance exam ended safely.

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