220. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [17]

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220. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [17]

I received a shocking confession from Rose.

「This『affection』… It’s the affection between friends, isn’t it?」

While falling into a state of half-panic, I somehow managed to speak the words.

(C-Calm down and think calmly… In this place where all our classmates are, there is no way she would confess!)

As I wracked my brain more than ever before, and suppressed my worked up emotions,

「No, that’s not it. What I’m talking about is the affection between a man and a woman. The so-called love feeling.」

Rose asserted with straightforward eyes. Her cheeks dyed scarlet.

「I-Is that so…」

I had abdsolutely no experience of being favored by the opposite sex, so I didn’t know how to respond.

And then, Rose most likely noticed my perplexment, and–

「I’m not asking for a response here. I just wanted to convey my feelings.」

She explained that she gave the chocolates with genuine sentiments in her heart.

「I, I understand. Anyway, thank you.」

And when I thanked her again, Rose turned her eyes to my hand.

「Naa Allen, it’s fresh out of the oven. If you’d like, could you eat it now?」

「Well, that’s true, too.」

When I opened the beautiful package, which was decorated with sakura blossoms, there were eight heart-shaped lovely chocolate cookies.

「T-This looks really good.」

It’s like a cookie sold at a confectionery store.

「Fufu, of course. This is not ready-made goods after all. I’m the one who baked this especially for Allen.」

Rose said, with her voice full of happiness. And then, she put on a warm, soft smile.

「T-Thank you… Itadakimasu!」

I took a bite of the cookie while suppressing my throbbing heart.

Satisfying crispy texture.

Just the right sweetness.

Sprinkled in chocolate chips.

It’s a perfect cookie with nothing to complain about.

「W-What do you think?」

Rose asked for my impressions nervously.

「Umm yes, it’s delicious. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve eaten such delicious cookies!」

「I-Is that so… I’m very happy to hear that. It was worth practicing every day.」

A lovely, girlish smile bloomed across her face like a flower.


My heart skipped a beat looking at that cuteness.

「H-How very bold…」

「So cool… It’s very Rose-san like!」

「Damn you! I am burning with hatred towards you today… Allen.」

As the classroom got noisy, a chime rang to signal the start of the homeroom.

With that as our signal, we each take our seats.

Just a few seconds later, the door was opened vigorously, and the cheerful Leia-sensei walked in in high spirits.

「Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Today is Valentine’s Day which only comes once a year, but… Hmm, there seems to be pleasant vibes floating in the air.」

With a shady smile, her displeasure showed on her face. How very unusual for sensei.

(Nn? She looks to be in somewhat of a bad mood today.)

When I was vaguely thinking about that,

「Hey, did you know? Apparently, due to sensei being too tomboy-ish, she has never been popular with guys since her student days.」

「Aa, I heard it from a senior in the swordsmanship club. She has a very good face and an outstanding figure, but.. I guess love is quite difficult to find.」

「If I remember correctly, she’s entering her thirties this year, right? It’s about time she started looking into marriage prospects.」

「Speaking of… I noticed sensei dressed in a suspicious outfit a while ago entering a cooking class. Maybe she’s secretly training to be a bride.」

From here and there in the classroom, information that I didn’t want to know flew around wildly.

Those whispers must have reached sensei’s ear.

She had a complex expression of anger and sadness as she frowned.

「W-Well then, there are no announcements today. Let’s move right away to the first period class. I have prepared a『special menu』for today, so some of you should be prepared.」

Sensei said that with a trembling voice, and for some reason she glared at me.

(Haa… I don’t really understand, but this is going to be a hassle again.)

I know it because I’ve been through a lot of trouble over the last year.

In all probability, the next class will be rough.

「Okay then, everyone move to the schoolyard!」

Then, I moved to the schoolyard with the whole class, while heaving a sigh deeply.

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