221. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [18]

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221. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [18]

When all the students of Class A moved to the schoolyard, Leia-sensei cleared her throat and got our attention.

「Well then, today we’re going to hold a special group exercise! A『real battle』where anything goes; soul dress, surprise attacks, one-vs-many! You can think of it as the same as『Thousand Blade Shadow Festival』that was held last September.」

After taking a breath, she continued with more details.

「The time limit is when the end of the first period chime rings and the area of activity is the whole schoolyard. I’ll say this just in case, attacks that could kill your opponent are prohibited. And one other thing would be, let’s see… If I were to give you a piece of advice, it’s that you should attack the guy you hate the most today.」

Sensei gave a strange advice at the end and finished the explanation of the group exercise.

(I see, it’s real battle type training.)

I put my guard up because she said『special menu』suggestively, but…

The『unpleasant premonition』that I felt a little while ago seems to have been my misunderstanding.

When I was thinking about that, my classmates developed each of their soul dress and prepared for battle.

「Okay, are you ready? Let’s start the group exercise!」

The moment sensei declared so,


Fourteen swordsmen – that is, all the boys in the Class A, rushed at me as if it was arranged beforehand.

A black flame burning in their eyes as they shot off extraordinary bloodlust.


I managed to defend against the approaching fourteen slashes and jumped back greatly.

「Oi Oi, this is just training!」

The current slashes were filled with tremendous hostility and murderous intent.

It’s not something you unleash during training, much less at your classmate.

And then,

「Shut up! I don’t care! You alone get to have all the fun!」

「In the first place, an inhuman like you will not die with this degree of slash! Just obediently get cut down today!」

「You already have Ria-san, but you also want to have your way with Rose-san… I Won’t Forgive YOU!!!」

They pointed the tip of their swords towards me, shouting things that didn’t make sense.

In this situation, there seems to be no room for dialogue.

「Haa… I don’t know anymore. -Dark Shadow」

The moment I whispered so, jet-black darkness blew violently.

It slowly encroached on the schoolyard and dyed the world『black』.

「I-It’s out… A foul play ability that has attack, defence, and recovery!」

「As usual, it’s ridiculous… Even casually released darkness has such an output.」

「D-Don’t falter! We are warriors of the light, so to speak! Destroy the『Great Demon King Allen』! 」

When they saw the darkness of the abyss, they took a forward-bent posture as the colour drained from their faces.

Then, a serious battle between me and fourteen male students began.

But, the battle became cruelly one-sided.

「W-Way too strong…」

「Damn it, the output is on a whole other level… The slashes won’t get through…」

「Isn’t that foul play… At the very least, prohibit the dark robe.」

Within five minutes , thirteen swordsmen fell down and the last one standing was, Tessa Burmond, the swordsman of Iron Cutting Style.

「Haa haa… You monster…」

「Naa Tessa, why don’t we stop it here?」

His whole body was engraved with a number of sword wounds.

On the other hand, I’ve not suffered a single hit.

The match was pretty much decided.

「He, hehe, don’t be so impatient… I’m just now starting to get into the mood. The real battle starts from here on out!」

Tessa shouted and thrust his hand into empty space.

「Cut〈Hurt Blade〉!」

At that moment, a sword appeared as though tearing through space.

(That’s Tessa’s soul dress huh. This is the first time I’m seeing it.)

A straight blade, a square guard, and a hilt that seems to be easy to grip.

At first glance, it appears to be an ordinary sword that you can find anywhere.

However, there was something remarkable about the spiritual power contained in it.

「My soul dress〈Hurt Blade〉, the more I get hurt, the more this guy’s output will rise! How’s that Allen… It’s cool, isn’t it?」

「As expected of you, Tessa!」

It is a soul dress that boasts such an output.

If I took a direct attack, I’ll most likely suffer a deep wound.

As I slowly assumed Seigan no Kamae, Tessa held up the sword high in the sky and stared at me.



One second, two seconds, three seconds – time passed silently, as only our gazes clashed.

(Tessa is a straightforward guy. Judging from that stance… In all probability, he will unleash a large overhead slash.)

(It’s frustrating, but Allen is the superior swordsman. Tricks won’t work on him, and it’s too much trouble to think about it. A real man only has to unleash the strongest and fastest attack, putting all his might into it!)

After a good few seconds of staring, we started running almost at the same time.



And the moment I stepped into Tessa’s『range』,

「Iron Cutting Style Secret Technique – Iron Execution!」

From overhead, a frighteningly straightforward slash came down.

It was an extremely beautiful slash filled with the true desire of the Iron Cutting Style -『Cut Iron』.

The match between swordsmen is a serious battle.

I must respond to his earnestness with my best.

「Fifth Sword – World Judgement!」

I responded with the ultimate swing which tears the world asunder.

As a result of our slashes clashing, Tessa’s soul dress was cut right in half, and a deep sword wound was engraved on his chest.

「Damn, you’re really strong… It’s my complete defeat.」

Tessa whispered, and collapsed slowly.

Thus, I achieved a splendid victory in the group exercise with 14 men of Class A.

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