222. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [19]

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222. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [19]

I exhaled loudly after successfully completing the group training.

(Fuu, I’m a little tired…)

I never dreamed that I would have to fight all the men in Class A.

(But it was a “good experience”…)

A swordsman is someone who goes through battles every single day.

Magic swordsman fights against wild animals and monsters, and the Holy Knight fights criminals and criminal organizations such as the Black Organization.

And a lot of those combats occur suddenly due to some irregularity.

The experience of overcoming an unexpected group battle like just now will surely be of use in the future.

As I slowly stretched out while thinking about that,

「Wow, he is strong after all…」

「There’s no way they could’ve beaten Allen-kun, who is a “national strength class”. Boys are so stupid.」

「Even so, to think such a kind face can produce that evil darkness… The disparity is ridiculous.」

The girls who were divided into three groups and underwent their own group training, repeatedly glanced at me and whispered among themselves.

(The girls aren’t going to attack too… are they?)

It would be really hard to fight all the girls right after crossing swords with all the boys.

Above all, if I take on the extraordinarily talented genius swordsmen, Ria and Rose, at the same time, it will be a hard battle.

(Give me a break… I don’t want to do this right in the first period where my body hasn’t completely woken up yet.)

And when I was making a sour face,

「Tch, even if I make such a disadvantageous situation, he does not bear a single wound.」

Leia-sensei said so while clicking her tongue.

(How strange…)

Just like the male students, sensei too… for some reason, they are all very hard on me on this day specifically.

(I haven’t done anything that would make everyone feel a grudge against me… have I?)

When I was worrying about that, sensei cleared her throat.

「It was a great fight, Allen.」

「…Thank you.」

What kind of meaning does her tongue clicking hold?

(To be honest, it’s bothering me quite a bit, but…)

Not wanting to stir the hornet’s nest, I kept silent.

「I’m sorry to ask this right away, but please heal their wounds. In such a state, they will not be able to participate in the class after this.」

She said and looked over at Tessa and the others, who lay sprawled on the ground.

「Well, uh… I’m tired, too.」

I am human too.

I have just completed a very unfavorable battle, so I want a little break.

「What are you saying after growing to this point… Your stamina and spiritual power are far beyond the boundaries of man. Cutting down and healing 14 soul dress users is no big deal, right?」

Sensei said, and smiled as though implying it’s a piece of cake.

It would be a waste of time and strength to argue with her.

「Haa, I understand…」

Then, I healed everyone’s wounds while feeling a little dissatisfied.

After that, the strength training conducted in the second period ended safely without any problems. And finally it was lunch break.

I, Ria, and Rose, went to the student council room with our own lunch boxes to attend the regular meeting.

When I knocked on the door as usual,

「Come in.」

「Please come in though.」

The stiff voice of Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai replied.

(That’s rare. The president is the one who usually replies… What’s going on?)

The moment I opened the door slowly, feeling a little uncomfortable,

「Allen-kun, I’ve always liked you since long ago!」

「I’d like you to accept my genuine chocolate though…!」

The two people, whose faces were flushed, offered a lovely parcel each.

(…It’s a fake.)

I was immediately convinced of that.

(The possibility that this is genuine chocolate – is zero.)

It is impossible even if heaven and the earth were turned over, for the mischievous Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai to do this.

There is no doubt that there is an ulterior motive.

When I judged that, I quickly looked around the entire student council room.

Then, at the edge of the room…

I found an unfamiliar “box” on the desk that used to belong to Sebas-san.

It’s an elegant, small, white box.

It looks like a music box, but also like a small jewelry box.

But if my memory serves, it didn’t exist in this student council room until yesterday.

(…How suspicious)

I thought it was suspicious and looked carefully. The box had a small hole the size of a grain of rice, and there was something which seemed to reflect light inside. Something almost like a lens.

(I see, that’s what it is.)

I saw through the “trap” that Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai had set-up within a split second, and…

「Ah, thank you very much.」

I bowed slightly and accepted their “genuine chocolate” as though it was a trifling matter.

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