224. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [21]

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224. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [21]

Idol Luxmaria.

Azure pupils which almost seemed transparent.

Long, beautiful, pure white hair that was half-up.

Noble facial features as though sculpted. Snow white skin.

Blue accent on white fabric – she was dressed in the White Lily Academy uniform, giving off a vibe of『dignity』.

「Why are you here…?」I asked.

「I wanted to give this to you.」

Idol took out a lovely parcel from the bag on her left shoulder.

「And this is?」

「Valentine’s chocolate. I made it.」

「Err… for me?」

「Yes. Is it an inconvenience?」

She tilted her head with a sad expression.

「No, that’s not the case at all. Of course, I’m really happy. It’s just that, I didn’t think I’d get it from you. I was just a little surprised.」

「That’s good then. Nee, Allen. I worked hard to make this, so I’d be happy if you could tell me what you think of it.」

Idol said and offered the chocolates.

It seems that she wants me to eat here now.

(T-This is a problem…)

I’ve been swinging for a while now, so my throat was already dry.

(To be honest, chocolate would be tough on my dry mouth, but…)

It’s her homemade obligatory chocolate. No, this is more of a “friend chocolate” I suppose.

Anyway, she came all the way to Thousand Blade Academy to give me these homemade chocolates.

(It’s too heartless to refuse Idol’s request for a trivial reason as “my throat is dry” …)

I decided as such, and…

「Aa, of course. Thank you, I appreciate it.」

I nodded cheerfully to reassure her, and gently opened the lovely parcel.

「Oh, it’s a beautiful shape!」

There were beautiful spherical chocolates, which were arranged in bite size.

「Fufu, it’s my prided work.」

「Well, I’m looking forward to it. Itadakimasu!」

Then, the moment I took a bite of the spherical chocolate,


A mega shock that I have never experienced before ran through my body.

(T-This is terrible…)

Unpleasant slimy sensation running on the tip of the tongue, intense odour that slips through the nasal cavity, and the indescribable bitterness that spreads in my mouth; this is way worse than simply mistaking salt for sugar.

(This slightly fragrant lemon smell is a…. dishwashing detergent!?)

I have a lot of things to say about it, but… There is one thing I can declare clearly.

This is not something that can be called “food”.

Calling it “hazardous substance” would be an understatement. The best way to truly describe it would be, “poison”.

(Does Idol have a grudge against me?)

As I raised my face slowly with such doubts,

「…What do you think? Is it delicious?」

She stared at me with a mixture of expectation and anxiety.

There was not even a slight amount of malice in her eyes.

(Aa, that’s what it is…)

I understood immediately.

Idol made this chocolate with all her heart.

However, she is horribly poor at cooking.

(No matter how bad it is, even if it tastes like a waste product… If it was made with all her heart, then I have to be grateful.)

Gratitude for the food and its creator. I think this is very important.

So, I…

「A-Aa… It’s delicious, it’s very delicious!」

I ignored the warning sounds from my stomach, mobilized all my facial muscles and desperately put on a smile.

「Really?! I’m happy.」

She clapped her hands together, and a flower-like smile bloomed across her face.

(I-I did it. I survived! I survived it!)

The moment I breathed a sigh of relief, feeling a sense of accomplishment I had never experienced before,

「I am really glad. It’s good that I made more!」


Idol uttered something unbelievable and took out five additional parcels.

(I-Impossible… I didn’t think the concept of more than one valentine’s chocolate existed.)

I became speechless due to the shock of it.

「I heard that boys eat well. That’s why I made a lot of them. Don’t be shy!」

She showed me an innocent, child-like smile. A cruel smile.

「…Thank you, I’m happy.」

After going so far as to say,「It’s very delicious」, there’s no way I can refuse now.

I just silently threw her chocolates in my mouth.


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