226. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [23]

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226. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [23]

When I opened the door to the rooftop, there was the figure of the president dressed in winter uniform.

With one elbow on the railing, she gazed at the horizon with a melancholic expression.

The figure illuminated by the sunset was so beautiful like a painting.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, president.」

As I said so with the letter in my hand,

「Ara, you’re early. Good evening, Allen-kun.」

She smiled softly and walked straight towards me.

If it isn’t my imagination, there was strong “resolve” reflected in her eyes.

There was none of the anxiety and fear seen for the past month or so.

It looks like she has completely overcome it.

「As written in the letter, I came alone, but… What can I do for you?」

「Fufu, about that… Here, take this.」

The president held out a small box that she was holding in her right hand with great care.

It was a small, white box with a pretty ribbon wrapped around it.

「This is…?」

「Valentine’s chocolate. A present from onee-san.」

「I see, thank you very much.」

It seems that she was waiting under this cold sky to give this.

「This is a chocolate cake I made wholeheartedly. I am sure you would find it delicious enough to want more.」

「Ahaha, I look forward to it.」

「Can you tell me what you think of it next time?」

「Yes, of course.」

In this way, the curtain closed on Valentine’s Day between the president and I.

After that,



Without anything else to talk about, we fell silent.

From the schoolyard, you can hear the happy voices of the students who have finished club activities.

The cold winter breeze stimulated my ears, and at the same time the afterglow of the sunset shone on my body.

We were both silent, but it didn’t feel strange or unpleasant.

It was a pleasant silence that the two of us simply enjoyed the “taste of winter” together.

After a few more minutes passed since then,

「…Nee, Allen-kun.」

The president called my name in a charming voice.

It was a very attractive whisper that seemed to enter straight into the depths of my heart.

「Y-Yes. What can I do for you?」

While feeling my heart beating faster, I answer calmly so that my voice does not break.

「That chocolate… Do you think it is obligatory or genuine?」

The president whispered so, looking me straight in the eye with her clear eyes.


From an objective perspective, this is definitely “obligatory.”

The other party is Sie Arcstria. The eldest daughter of “House Arcstria”, which is the authority of the Ringard Imperial Kingdom.

A dropout swordsman from Goza village like me could never match up to her.

So, in common sense, the possibility that this chocolate is genuine is zero.

(But the fact that she went out of her way to ask me that… No, no, it can’t be true, right?)

And when I reached the height of confusion,

「You haven’t figured it out yet? Well then, I will tell you now.」

The president, her cheeks flushed, slowly approached me.


The moment her slender fingers touched my shoulders and she approached close enough to feel each other’s breath,

「The answer is…… s-e-c-r-e-t.」

The president said, and poked me on the cheek with her index finger.

「Nee, is your heart pounding?」

「W-Well… Just a little…」

She is a peerless beauty no matter how you look at her.

If she does something like that all of a sudden, your heart will jump out no matter who it is.

「Fufu, then, does that mean onee-san wins this time?」

The president, with her index finger on her chin, smiled like a mischievous child.

I can’t help but admire that charming figure.

「By the way, I’ll tell you this… By tradition, you have to give back “triple” on White Day.」

「S-Sorry… I’m ashamed to say that I can’t afford to spend too much money.」

As I said in a roundabout way that something expensive would be difficult,

「Nn, let’s see… Well, could you take me somewhere next time? We can go anywhere, whether it’s a coffee shop or a general store. However, the condition is “just the two of us”, okay?」

After pondering a little, she immediately added a small request at the end.

「If that’s alright with you, I’ll always go out with you.」

And as I accepted the offer,

「Un」the president nodded, and quickly stuck her pinky finger forward.

「…? Oh, a pinky promise?」

I quickly understood what it meant, and entangled my pinky finger with her thin, soft, slender finger.

And then,

「I love the promises I make with you. Because I can believe it the most in the world.」

The president had the most reassured expression she has ever had.

(…That makes me happy.)

I was indescribably happy that my precious friend thought of me that way.

So in return, I

「I also love your kindness, president.」

Expressed my honest feelings.


「Yes, it’s true.」

「Hmm, hmm… F-For example, which part..?」

The president glanced around, and asked me, while playing with her beautiful black hair with her finger.

「Let’s see… After a small joke, you always worry about whether the other person felt hurt by it or not. At regular meetings, you always bring up conversations where everyone can have fun participating. You always pay attention to the people around you and call out to people who are not energetic to cheer them up. And besides that, you also–」

As I counted her kindness on my fingers,


Said the president, whose face has now turned red.

「W-What’s wrong?」

「F-For today, we’ll settle it as a draw…」

「A draw…?」

She was red even to her ears, and said something that didn’t make sense.

「A-Anyway, see you tomorrow!」

She went back to the main academy building as though escaping.


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