228. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [25]

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228. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [25]

My and Ria’s sword fight was fierce.



Whenever〈Fafnir〉collided with〈Zeon〉, red-black sparks danced in the air.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

「High King Style – Consecutive Spears!」

In response to the eight slashes I fired, Ria replied with a consecutive thrusts of black flames.

But there was too much of a difference between our physical abilities.

「Wha, kyaa!?」

Pushed by the power of Yatagarasu, she was greatly blown back.

(The winning chance!)

I didn’t overlook this opportunity and closed the distance right away.

「D-Don’t come close… Draconic Roar!」

When Ria swung her sword, flames mixed with black and white were scattered extensively.

An irregular ranged attack. I once struggled against this technique, but now…

It is no longer a problem.


I didn’t care about the attack and ran straight through it.

(As I thought, an attack of this degree can be prevented by the dark robe!)

A number of flames hit my shoulders and chest, but I didn’t feel even the slightest heat.


She must have not thought that Draconic Roar would be broken so easily.

Ria’s eyes widened and she looked dumbfounded.

(Right there!)

As I stepped into the “certain kill distance”, I unleashed the ultimate fastest slash.

「Seventh Sword – Instant Flash」

Ria, who stood before the godspeed Iai-slash,


Clenched her teeth and closed her eyes.

As a result,〈Fafnir〉was cut in half like a dead tree, and the True Black Sword stopped a millimeter away from her neck.

「I… give up… It’s my loss…」

Ria slowly opened her eyes and went down to her knees on the spot.

In this way, I won a splendid victory over the fierce battle that staked Ria’s Valentine’s Chocolate.

「Fuu… I’m going to heal your wounds now. So don’t move, will you?」

The darkness released from my right hand clad her whole body, and the numerous cuts on her body were healed in an instant.

「T-Thank you… Allen is ridiculously strong after all.」

「Ahaha, I feel happy to hear that.」

After that little chat, I finally decided to enter the main subject.

「H-How do I say this… Can I have that now?」

It was a little embarrassing to say「I want Ria’s chocolate」directly. So, I said it in an ambiguous way.

「Y-Yeah. I promised you after all.」

She nodded as though having prepared her resolve. Her cheeks were dyed scarlet.

「H-Here you go…」

While shyly averting her gaze, she offered out the square parcel with a lovely animal design.

「T-Thank you!」

Ria’s handmade chocolate which I dreamed of.

It was in my hands at this moment.

「C-Can I eat it now?」

「Y-Yes, of course! I used plenty of the finest chocolate of Vesteria, so I’m sure it would be ridiculously delicious.」

「Oh, I’m looking forward to it!」

With anticipation swelling in my chest, I carefully peel off the packaging.

And when I slowly opened the lid,


There were three chocolates lined up in a very distorted shape.

(I-Is this… a heart-shaped chocolate?)

Perhaps, it melted due to the heat from〈Fafnir〉in the fight earlier.

Now it was just a black clump.


Ria said and took away the package panickingly.

「Eh, err…」

What should I say at these times?

And when I was greatly perplexed,

「Ah, man… I… am really stupid.」

She squeezed out her words with a face that seemed to burst out crying at any moment.

「I’m really sorry, Allen… I felt too embarrassed to give it to you directly. And you got a lot of chocolates as well, so I really wanted to make it something special that you can remember. And now it is…」

She was unable to finish her words, and started crying on the spot.

(I see… She tried to make it memorable and special by challenging me to a fight and making her handmade chocolate the prize huh…)

Certainly, if she gave it in that manner, I can’t forget it.

It will be clearly engraved in my memory.

(I am so happy.)

I was so happy that Ria thought of all this for me.

She looked so lovely and adorable that I had the urge to hug her tightly and dearly right there and then.

(But it’s still too early…)

We haven’t advanced to that stage yet.

So I restrained the passion in my heart with pure willpower, and spoke to her in a gentle voice to reassure her.

「Hey, Ria.」


She looked up at me with her moist eyes and tilted her head slightly.

「I am saying this as a man. I want the chocolate that you made. So, if you don’t mind… Will you give me that handmade chocolate?」


I discarded my feelings of shame and directly said,「I want Ria’s chocolate.」

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