229. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [26]

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229. Entrance Exam and Valentines Day [26]

When I strongly asked for Ria’s handmade chocolate,

「Do you… r-really want this?」

She slowly looked up at me, her voice trembling.

「O-Of course. Because that chocolate contains Ria’s “love”, right?」

「W-Well t-that’s… H-How do I say it…」

She started blushing, her words became incoherent and eventually she nodded.

「I see. Then I still want that chocolate.」


It is true that the chocolate may have a slightly distorted shape.

But it contains Ria’s love, her heart which thought of me, and the time we both crossed our swords.

「Of course, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you, but… I want the chocolate you made for me.」

And when I expressed my true feelings,

「B-But… The shape is broken, and the color has changed a little…」

Ria said in a dispirited tone and dropped her gaze on the chocolate at hand.

「I don’t mind at all.」

In my hometown, the poor Goza village, there is only one criteria for evaluating food.

Whether it can be eaten or not.

From my viewpoint as someone who grew up there, the shape of chocolate is no problem at all.

「A-And… It was burned by the flames of〈Fafnir〉, so it might have a strange taste…」

「It was warmed by Ria’s flames. I’m sure it’s gotten even more delicious.」


「But what?」

「Uh, uh… Well, if you’re so insistent… Just one only, okay?」

She said and held out the square box of chocolates.

「Thank you. Itadakimasu.」

I brought the distorted heart-shaped chocolate into my mouth.

It was sweet and rich. A very gentle taste.

「H-How is it?」

Ria asked fearfully.

「Un, delicious! Of all the chocolates I’ve ever eaten, this is the best!」


「Aa, it’s true. Anyway… Can I eat the rest?」


After that, when I ate all the chocolate in no time,

「It wasn’t burnt?」

She asked me with an anxious expression.

「Yeah, it was all right.」

「It didn’t taste weird?」

「It tasted like my favorite sweet chocolate.」

「W-Was it really… Delicious?」

「No doubt. It was the best in the world.」

As I said so in a gentle voice to reassure Ria,

「I-I see… That’s good.」

She exhaled as though feeling relieved from the bottom of her heart.

「Thank you, Ria. This is the best Valentine’s Day.」

「Yes, thank you so much for accepting it too, Allen!」

Then we decided to go back to our dorm because it was late.

On the way back,

「But I was really happy.」

Ria, who was in a way better mood now, said so.

「About what?」

「Because you know. You fought so seriously, Allen. I haven’t seen you that serious in a long time. Nee, did you really want my chocolate that much?」

She looked up at me while bending forward slightly, and smiled like a mischievous child.

「Well, t-that…」

Of course, I wanted it.

I wanted it so badly.

But I feel a little embarrassed to say it again.

And when I was having trouble answering,

「I… am so happy right now.」

Ria said so and reached out her hand to the starry sky.

Standing under the moonlight with the darkness of the night spread all over, she looked like a princess who jumped straight out of a fairy tale.

「Haa… I wish this happiness would last forever and ever.」

She whispered towards the stars as though making a wish.

For some reason, a deep hint of sorrow was reflected in her eyes.

「Nee, Allen. This is just a what if, but… what if my “life” was set in stone by God, and I could never escape from that fate… What will you do?」

Ria tilted her head with a fleeting smile that showed a hint of having resigned herself to fate.

(As I expected, she seems to be shouldering a “serious problem”.)

It’s not the first time Ria has shown such a face.

(This is difficult.)

What kind of problem is it? Is it even okay for me to stick my nose into it in the first place?

Unless Ria tells me, I can’t understand.

So I decided to answer her question head-on.

「If there’s something that is binding you, something that is hurting you… I will cut it. May it be God, or Fate… I will come for you and cut it away with this sword.」

My “swordsmanship” is for the sake of protecting everyone. My family, my friends, and… my special someone.

「Fufu. If it were Allen, you might really just cut anything.」

「Aa, you can count on me.」

「Thank you… I am very, very happy.」

Ria said and hugged me.

In this way, the curtain quietly closed on the stormy “Valentine’s Day”.

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