230. Cherin, the Land of Sakura, and Seven Holy Sword [1]

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230. Cherin, the Land of Sakura, and Seven Holy Sword [1]

Today is the day after the very fulfilling Valentine’s Day. “Student Council Executives Election” will be held on this day.

The current time is 15:25.

After completing the morning and afternoon classes, all the members of the student council, including myself, were standing on the stage in the gymnasium.

There was the figure of about 540 students before us, and their gazes pierced my whole body relentlessly.

(I do feel nervous after all.)

I exhaled loudly to calm myself down.

When I looked to my sides, Ria and Rose stood straight in beautiful postures, giving off a dignified air.

They had a sense of confidence and elegance, and looked like “adult women”.

(Now that I think about it, I think this has happened before.)

That’s right. If I remember correctly, it was during the time of the entrance ceremony.

I, Ria, and Rose, the so-called “Recommendation Group”, were made to introduce ourselves briefly in this place where all the students watched.

After the princess of Vesteria and the bounty-hunter of Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style finished their self-introduction, the baton was passed to me, a self-taught swordsman. Being exposed to the freezing gazes of all the students, I started crying internally.

(It was really hard at that time…)

I faced severe bullying at Gran Swordsmanship Academy, and all I wanted was an “ordinary” student life.

I wanted to learn a lot, train well, make friends, and have fun with my classmates once in a while. A normal student life that you can find anywhere.

(Even so, the favorability of all students towards me became negative on the very first day of admission…)

Now I have a lot of fun everyday, but…

At that time, I really thought it was all over.

When I remembered back to those days, Leia-sensei, who stood in the middle of the stage, coughed and attracted everyone’s attention.

「Yoshi. Right now, we’re going to hold a student council executives election!」

As she proudly declared so, a loud applause broke out in the gym.

「I think you have all heard from your homeroom teachers, but I will repeat it just in case. Because there were no new candidates this time, a regular election will not be held. Instead, we will hold a “vote of confidence” ceremony to question the confidence and non-confidence in the student council staff of the previous year! Everyone, please ready the “ballot paper” distributed to each of you during your homeroom!」

All the students began to move at the same time and took out a white ballot out of their pockets.

「Then, please cast a ”clean vote” in the ballot box that is placed in front of the stage. We’ll start in order from Year 1 Class A!」

All students from Year 1 Class A to Year 3 Class F voted in order while maintaining discipline.

After that, ten election board members opened the ballot box, and the tally ended within 10 minutes.

As a result, student council president Sie Arcstria, Secretary Lilim Tsuorine, and Accountant Ferris Magdalot, were decided to hold their positions.

By the way, the position of “general affairs” is not eligible for a vote of confidence because the student council president can freely nominate students for it.

In other words, I, Ria, and Rose were originally determined to continue to serve as general affairs.

(Fuu, at any rate, I’m relieved…)

There is an exception called Sebas-san, but…

This is the same line up of members as the entirety of last year.

The president, Lilim-senpai, and Ferris-senpai – I don’t want any of them to be missing.

Right when I thought that the vote of confidence had ended safely, the president suddenly started walking towards sensei.

They talk about something in whispers and smile refreshingly almost at the same time.

At that moment.


An indescribable, unpleasant feeling ran down my spine.

(What the? What was that spine chilling sensation!?)

I immediately found out about it a few seconds later.

After the secret conversation with sensei, the president uttered something incredible to the whole academy.

「Hello, I am the student council president Sie Arcstria. I have borrowed this opportunity to propose something to everyone. We don’t have much time, so I will get straight to the point. I would like to recommend Allen Rodore, the current student council general affairs officer, for the vacant seat of “vice president”.」

At that moment, the whole gymnasium began to buzz all at once.

(I thought she had become slightly more mature lately, but this girl…)

I clenched my fist tightly and heaved a sigh loudly.

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