232. Cherin, the Land of Sakura and Seven Holy Swords [3]

Translator: Saitama-sensei Editor:Ryunakama

232. Cherin, the Land of Sakura and Seven Holy Sword [3]

I was able to enjoy peaceful days following the end of the student council election.

During the day, I went for classes, and after that, concentrated on practice-swing club activities.

I went out with Ria on my occasional holidays. And I was able to take the end-of-semester exam together with my classmates. Unlike the turbulent days of the past, I had very fulfilling days.

After overcoming the end-of-semester exam, it was finally February 28th.

The graduation ceremony for the third years students will be held today. The entire academy was present.

Seniors, including Jean Bael, the head of the Swordsmanship Club, graduate and will proceed on their chosen path from here on.

Among them was of course the seniors who swung the sword together with me in the practice-swing club.

(It’s a happy day, but I still feel a little lonely.)

I celebrated their departure with such feelings.

After that, I sat in the “last homeroom” of Year 1 Class A..

As usual, Leia-sensei, dressed in a black suit, spoke with a serious expression.

「Ladies and Gentlemen. First of all, you’ve endured relentless classes this year. To tell the truth, the classes that I conducted this school year were much stricter than the average classes. Nevertheless, every single one of you followed through contrary to my expectation. To be honest, this is a very happy miscalculation. I can proudly declare, you are all fine swordsmen who can walk with your heads held high!」

As she declared powerfully, the atmosphere in the classroom became heated.

「Well, I’m not going to bore you all with a long speech. So I’ll just give you one last important point to take note of.」

She cleared her throat, and started talking in a calmer tone.

「As you all know, the international situation in recent years has been more unstable than ever. The Holy Ronelia Empire, the Black Organization, the Demons – you never know when and where these Axis of Evil will attack you. So keep your guard up at all times, and be careful when you go on trips. Then, I hope to see your cheerful faces again in a month from now. Disperse!」

Thus, the last homeroom of our first year ended. After that, we worked hard in the activities of the practice-swing club as usual.

On our way back home.

「The first year is already over… It went by in the blink of an eye…」

「It feels long and short at the same time… A strange feeling that I can’t really describe.」

Ria and Rose, who were illuminated by the afterglow of sunset, whispered softly.

「That’s right… A lot of things have happened, but it feels like just yesterday when everything started.」

So many things happened in the last one year.

It all started with the “100 Million-Years Button”.

(That over a billion years of hell changed my life drastically.)

I received a recommendation admission from Thousand Blade Academy, one of the Five Academy’s, and crossed swords with Sid-san at the Big Five Holy Festival.

After that, I worked as a magic swordsman, and clashed with the Black Organization at the Daido Commercial Festival.

During summer vacation, we held a joint summer camp with Ice King Academy, and I gained an audience with His Majesty Gris in Vesteria Kingdom.

Shortly after the start of the new semester, I rescued Ria, who was kidnapped by Zack and Thor.

At the Sword King Festival, I defeated Idol. And when the Thousand Blade Festival was over, I repelled Fu and Dodriel, who launched an assault on the academy.

(Come to think of it… I also took classes at White Lily Academy as a transfer student.)

Then, I headed to Dagrio, the sunny country, as a Senior Holy Knight trainee, where I cut down one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle, Rain Glad.

At the Keishinkai held on New Year’s Day, I met Tenshi-sama for the first time and repelled the demon, Zerey Grazario, who attacked the imperial palace all of a sudden.

After that, I collaborated with Chemy Fasta, the president of White Lily Academy and the world’s best medical doctor, and discovered “Allen Cell”, the first cure for curse in human history.

And just the other day… I infiltrated the Holy Ronelia Empire to stop the president’s political marriage.

(…Looking back, it’s been a really ridiculous year.)

Each one of them was a mega incident.

They were all on the scale where an ordinary swordsman might have never faced even once in the entirety of his life.

(And all of that occurred within the span of a year. Life has really been eventful.)

As I sighed a little,

(…Come to think of it, even this has become quite the habit too.)

Perhaps because I was plunged into trouble after trouble non-stop, the number of times I sighed has increased over the past year.

As I vaguely looked back on the past year,

「Allen, let’s get along in the second year too, okay?」

「I feel most fulfilled when I swing my sword with you. Yoroshiku for the second-year too.」

Ria and Rose said so and put on a warm smile.

(…Aa, this has been a really good year.)

It was certainly hard.

There were a lot of tiresome things, and there were even times when I thought that it was all over.

Still, I can declare that this is the best year I’ve ever had in my life.

(After all… I am no longer alone.)

The lone Allen Rodore who was bullied at Gran Swordsmanship Academy is no more.

Ria, Rose, Tessa, and everyone from Class A.

President, Lilim-senpai, Ferris-senpai.

From other academies, Sid-san and Idol.

In addition, Leia-sensei, Rize-san, and Clown-san.

(There are so many important people around me.)

As Leia-sensei said, the international situation in recent years has been chaotic.

I’m sure there will be more hardships ahead.

However, I feel that I can overcome any hardships together with everyone.

From the depths of my heart, from my soul, mysterious power sprang forth.

「Ria, Rose. Let’s get along from now on too.」

Then we went back to our respective dormitories.

Thus, all the courses of the first year students of Thousand Blade Academy were completed safely.


  1. gochisousama deshita.

    I wonder what felt longer to him? The billion years of doing nothing but swinging his sword? Or this past year full of “trouble”.

    • Ever wonder why going to somewhere feels longer than to your home (even regularly like work or school)? Cause we perceive it as a ‘new’ memory.

      It’s like that, as we age, the years exponentially feels shorter, because we don’t receive as much new information which would be more likely to be remembered (like first time you could stabilize yourself when riding a bike).

      1 billion would be nothing if you just do several things (eating, swinging just several moves), and his brain would counter it by making him forget most of it, or else he would go crazy (like what happened to most of the transcended).

      Well anyway, thanks for the chapter and I wish you all well.

      • But I felt like the last one-and-half years have been pretty long tho…. and I did nothing except eating, sleeping and studying.

      • I don’t know if you’ll read this Blood Rogue, but eh I’ll answer it anyway.

        Studying, it indicates that you’re still teenager. I’ve explained it before, more and more years feel shorter because your brain is accostumed to many things.

        Here, let me give you a visual example.
        Draw a rectangular box, make it quite long. We’ll name it 5.
        Then draw half as long rectangular box, name it the number after (n+4. in this case 2). Continue until you reach 60.

        What you’ll see is the visual representation of your life, you’ll find out that the middle of your life will be at late teen to early twenties. Which is why, it’ll feel the most longest of your life. You’re maturing, means you learn many things; when you’re maturing you could think clearly, not like you’re still a child which your brain won’t really flag new things as important or process it (you really think about it) unless it’s something really important or affecting to you. If you’re still not sure, go make the visual representation yourself and think about human changes throughout their life.

        Hope this’ll help you, and I wish you well.

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