234. Cherin, the Country of Sakura and Seven Holy Swords [5]

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234. Cherin, the Country of Sakura and Seven Holy Swords [5]

We navigated through the city of Orest, and finally arrived at the Arcstria mansion.

(It’s a magnificent mansion, after all.)

A three-story wooden building with a vast garden.

There was even some other structure such as private jet hangars and etc. away from the residence.

Just how much money do you need to earn to build such a palatial mansion?

(Although this level would be impossible for me, someday I want my own house too.)

Ideally, there should be two living rooms of about six tatami mats.

If there was a garden where I could do practice-swings, it would be the best.

As I was thinking of a future like that,

「Allen-kun, over here!」

I heard a voice calling me from a little distance away.

Looking in the direction of the voice, I saw the president at the front door. She was waving her hand, while hopping slightly.

Next to her were Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai.

「Good morning, president, Lilim-senpai, Ferris-senpai.」

「Good morning, senpai.」


When we briefly said our morning greetings,

「Good morning, everyone. Let’s play as much as we can for the next one week!」

「Good morning! It’s our first training camp in about six months. I’m going to enjoy it to my heart’s content!」

「…………Good morning, though.」

The president, who was in high spirits for the trip after a long time.

Lilim-senpai who was as energetic as usual.

Ferris-senpai who seems to be dead sleepy from the look of it.

Each of the three replied with different reactions.

(If I remember correctly, Ferris-senpai is also a weak morning person.)

She was like this during summer camp too.

「Come to think of it, I can’t see Leia-sensei anywhere, though.」

When I asked, the president shook her head sideways.

「I am afraid sensei won’t be accompanying us this time. She has gone to attend a very important meeting at the headquarters of the Holy Knights Association.」

「A very important meeting?」

This is the first time I’m hearing of it.

「Yes, it’s a top secret meeting that is not known to the public. If I remember correctly, the agenda was “Response to the Holy Ronelia Empire”, I think? Moreover, it is a large-scale meeting where the leaders of each country, and four of the “Seven Holy Swords” will be present. From Ringard Imperial Kingdom, Tenshi-sama and my father are going to attend. “I requested Black Fist Leia Lasnode to be our bodyguard” is what my father told me…」

「I see, that’s how it is…」

Apparently, there are big movements “under the surface” as we speak.

(But the Seven Holy Swords huh…)

The Seven Holy Swords are the seven strongest swordsmen of mankind who are the pride of the Holy Knights Association, and also hold a strong heart of justice together with overwhelming power beyond the realms of man.

(I am sure they are all far superior swordsmen than me. I wonder just how strong they are.)

If I have the chance, I would love to cross swords with them once.

When I was thinking about that to myself,

「B-By the way… Allen-kun. W-What do you think?」

The president looked straight at me with a downcast look, and tilted her head slightly.

「Eh, umm…? …Ah, I see.」

I understood the intention of her look, and observed her from head to toe.

Pale blue skirt and black inner which emphasizes her curves.

On top of it, she was wearing a semi-transparent white haori.

A beautiful necklace gleamed on her chest. She was wearing a very well-dressed and attractive outfit.

「Yes, I think it suits you very well.」

「R-Really…? T-Thank you.」

When I and the president were talking about that,

「Un. Aren’t you glad to be complimented by Allen-kun, Sie?」

Lilim-senpai poked in from the side with a suggestive smile.

Her face and words seemed to hold some sort of “implication”. And the president became flustered.

「Li-Lilim…? W-What are you trying to say?」

「Hmm, nothing really… Just that, you dragged me all day long yesterday to “choose a pretty outfit”… So, I’m just glad you got the results.」

「Wha!? H-Hey… You promised to keep it a secret!」

The blushing president glared at Lilim-senpai.

「Oh no, you look really scary! If you do that, Allen-kun’s going to hate you.」

「Guh… M-Mou! Come, Allen-kun! Let’s ignore the stupid Lilim, and go quickly!」

「Eh, yes.」

Then we headed to the Arcstria’s private jet hangar.

It was the same airplane that we got on during summer camp.

As I climbed onto the entrance after the president,

「Oh, that’s right. For this training camp, I have prepared a “fun plan”, so look forward to it, okay?」

She said and went into the plane while humming unconcernedly.

(F-Fun plan?)

Is it a fun plan for the president, or is it a fun project for everyone?

(At the very least, I don’t think she’s going to be feeling down during the spring training camp.)

After getting on the plane, we took off for the Country of Sakura, Cherin.

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